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 [Tsuchi_kun] Wraith

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PostSubject: [Tsuchi_kun] Wraith   [Tsuchi_kun] Wraith Icon_minitimeFri Mar 08, 2013 4:51 pm

Growing Strong

Name: Wraith


Gender: Female

Species: Warlock

Allegiance to House: House Of Tyrell

Role to House:Pheasant

Wraith is much like her mother, like her mother she is a cold woman. She honestly dose not care if others get hurt, and she dose not care who she kills or hurts. She has no filter, in words, thoughts, or actions. She is rash and quick to judge, and attack. She is a violent woman, but unlike her mother, she has no soft side. She loves no one, and is not willing to defend anyone. She is hard headed and stuborn, and will not listen to anyone. She will follow her goals, and she will complete them no matter the cost.

Physical Description:
Wraith is a tall woman, who stands at 5'9, and weights close to 165 pounds. Her skin is dark black, and she has long flowing white hair. Lips a soft pink, and think eyebrows as white as snow. Her eyes are dark black like her skin and she has long lashes. She has flawless skin.

Powers and Abilities:

Wraith controls the darker version of the earth elements, black fire and ice, poisoned water, and unrefined nature. She also possesses the ability of Telekinesis with other magical beings. She is also able to summon a demonic entity to accompany them as their minion. Her's happens to be a hell cat.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Wraith relies on the black magic stone which should be present at the top position of a wooden staff, or on a long leather strap around the neck, in the form of a crystal.

Wraith is extremely susceptible to the white magic stone, which is worn by the Sorcerer. Due to the fact that the warlock relies on the darkness to veil his/her dastardly deeds, the light is able to unveil the deeds of the warlock showing the species for what it really is. The eyes of the warlock are not able to handle great amounts of blinding white light, as well as the fact that the Sorcerer’s white magic is greatly upsetting to the evil nature of the warlock.

Another aspect that weakens both the warlock’s energy life force and power is the Phoenix stone, which drains both magic and life from the warlock, as it is an evil force that not even a warlock can master.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
She has no Armour on, as that slows her down.She though dose use her swords, or her long finger nails to attack others.Her teeth and her powers are another weapon that she uses.

Background History:

Wriath was born on the outskirts of the 7 kingdoms. Her mother, Rezzeal, gave birth to her, and killed her father. part of wraith resents her mother for that. But part of her thanks her mother for that. She only needed one person. Her mother, who taught her all that she needed to know.

Her mother taught her that being kind and sweet, that was not the way to go. She needed to use others, and to grow stronger, more vicious. Her mother trained her to fight. They spent years and years on the outskirt. Watching the kingdoms, and planning how they would enter, and which house they would choose. When the time came she entered with her mother. She though had plans, plans on going up in ranks in the house. Her mother, had lost sight of what they needed to do. She was weak, they both entered the house of Tyrell. With one plan in mind.

But he that dares not grasp the thorn Should never crave the rose.
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[Tsuchi_kun] Wraith
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