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 [conduct_ofVIOLENCE] Lalinka Radhika

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[conduct_ofVIOLENCE] Lalinka Radhika Empty
PostSubject: [conduct_ofVIOLENCE] Lalinka Radhika   [conduct_ofVIOLENCE] Lalinka Radhika Icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2013 5:38 pm

Fire and Blood

Name: Lalinka Radhika

Age: 22 Born-278AL

Gender: Female

Species: Human , Ethnicity – Valyrian

Allegiance to House: Targaryn

Role to House: Spice merchant and occasional painter.

Personality: Lalinka is a talkative intrusive young woman who has a mind of her own; she is a critical thinker who likes to analyze situations from a distance rather than getting involved unless it would benefit her, The character isn’t cruel but can be at times too suspicious and paranoid about the intentions of the people around her but she tends to be slightly demanding. She is underestimated a lot but Lalinka rarely gets intimidated, she is also well read and educated.

Physical Description:
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She is of average height, Slim and fit since she helps lift sacks of spices onto her trading galleys to and fro her store in Braavos, Since she is from the Free Cities and such things that are considered luxuries in Westros are rather abundant so she dresses herself in Myrish lace , Coloured silks, and mother of pearls embroidered at every nook and cranny.
She has typical Valyrian facial features such as high cheek bones , violet doe eyes but hers has a hint of grey, straight silvery hair with slight waves at the bottom which reaches just below her breasts.

Powers and Abilities: A bit of sword fighting, excellent with a crossbow; has great stamina and speed but has an ability to talk to people out of situation rather than use actual force unless needed.

• Strengths and Weaknesses: Brains and wealth would be her biggest strengths but she is physically weak since she is only a spice merchant.

• Weapons and Armour of Choice: A Valyrian long sword with a sapphire incrusted hilt that she got as her winnings in a game of Cyvasse in a Dornish pub which she named Fluffy after the cat the opponent had along with him. Lalinka also uses a ordinary crossbow on horseback. She wears no Armour just her lacy Myrish dresses and silks.

• Background History: The Character has been dubbed as the silver bitch for her constant witty and sarcastic remarks, she grew up in Pentos as a daughter of a wealthy Pentoshi spice Merchant and a freed Lyseni concubine who died chocking on Dornish dragon peppers. Her father raised her in the Westrosi fashion having a maester from the Citadel educate her throughout her life; she speaks the Common Tongue fluently as well as her native Valyrian. Lalinka has visited Westros on several occasions with the crew of her ships even staying at Kings Landing on occasions. She has moved to Braavos 5 years ago because of the sea trading opportunities they’d have outside of Pentos. She has set shop at the Purple Harbor in which is a two story building made of white marble to attract the wealthy clientele wherein she lives alone except for three hand maids she calls Pink , Purple and Blue due to their dyed hair , she also keeps a White Lion called Annie as a faithful pet which she got from a client from Lannisport.
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Blood of my Blood

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[conduct_ofVIOLENCE] Lalinka Radhika
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