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 [NastyShoes] Scout Herondale

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Nothing is Free...

Name: Scout Herondale

Age: 322

Gender: Female

Woodland Elf

Allegiance to House:
House Frey

Role to House:

Scout is a quiet being but very witty. She doesn't talk much due to that fact that she doesn't particularly like the company of others. She does in fact speak, but only when necessary. Scout is a very intelligent and relatively strong Elf however, not a lot of people take her seriously because of her lack of speech. She's very independent and does not take lightly to immature, reckless beings. Regardless of these facts, Scout manages to keep up with what's going on as she spends a lot of time on Earth. As much as she hates others, she is fascinated with the human race. She does what she can to blend in among the humans to obtain more knowledge on the species. Although, unless she's in battle, she becomes very clumsy and quirky.

Physical Description:

Her attire in this picture is her battle gear. When out and about she usually wears casual clothing to fit in with the humans. She has Emerald Green eyes and Light Golden Blonde hair. She's 130lbs, 5'6" tall and looks about 17years old. She has this tattoo on her thigh: . She was born with it and doesn't yet know what it means.

Powers and Abilities:
Teleportation (but only using the power of nature. She would have to be near a forests or woods of some sort for it to work effectively. If she were in the city, her power would be useless. And she has to say "Drego" to command this power.) and Speed (this makes her fighting ability must faster. Can be used anywhere, however, she does not use it unless in battle and only battle. She must say "Noro" for this power to work.)

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Strengths: Great with Distant attacks, but even better with close attacks. She's fast. And she a quick think under pressure.
Weaknesses: She can get caught off guard easily (however, it's difficult to figure out how, but when the opponent figures it out, they have a high chance of defeating her), She will NOT under any circumstances kill or have a child killed (she would rather die herself), and finally she will do anything to find out what happened to her family no matter what the cost.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
A Self bow and a Sica dagger. She also has an Elven Sword that used to be her brothers, that she brings with her to battle but like was said earlier, she doesn't use it.

Background History:
Scout had had her family taken away from her a long long time ago. She had spent most of her life taking care of herself wondering what had happened to her loved ones. She had only trusted one person in her life, and they had betrayed her and her family, thus, the reason as to why she is speechless more times then not. The only thing that she has left of her family is her Great White Lion named Leo. It belonged to her mother before they disappeared and Leo has protected her since. She had been fascinated by humans since she was a young elf, after hearing many interesting rumors and stories about them. Since then, she has focused on studying the human race by many different angles.

The Twins will take their tolls.

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[NastyShoes] Scout Herondale
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