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 [SilverBones] Zhara Zhoe

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Fire and Blood

Name: Zhara Zhoe


Gender: Female

Species: Warlock

Allegiance to House: Targaryan

Role to House: Undying of Quarth

Personality: Zhara does not care about the life of humans. Really, she does not care for any life but her own. Zhara will do anything as long as she can ensure her own life and can gain more value for herself to use. Zhara was once a kind girl, she lusted for power but was still thoughtful of other people around her. Because of Zhara's longing she tasted shade of the evening and never strayed from drinking it at least three times a day, thus she became powerful enough to be an Undying of Quarth.

Physical Description: Zhara has hair as black as a raven and often wears clothing of the same color, though it is not the style of the people of Quarth. Her skin is a light blue color, as are her irises. Her lips and the whites of her eyes are a darker blue than that of her skin and irises. She often wears a necklace of silver and a head-dress of silver with a dangling blue pendent.

Powers and Abilities: She is able to wield the dark ice and fire that she can conjure at command. Zhara can see the future and past that is seen by the heart withing the House of the Undying.

Strengths and Weaknesses: As an Undying One Zhara believes she is invincible, though she is truly not. Through years of not using her powers Zhara's abilities have wavered. Zhara believes she is strong in the use of her magic, but can be taken down from the throne that she has placed herself upon.

Weapons and Armour of Choice: Zhara uses no weapons as she feels she can use whatever powers she possesses to protect herself.

Background History: Will come later.

Blood of my Blood

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[SilverBones] Zhara Zhoe
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