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 [Tsuchi_kun] Moegi

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PostSubject: [Tsuchi_kun] Moegi   [Tsuchi_kun] Moegi Icon_minitimeWed Feb 20, 2013 11:05 pm

Winter is Coming.

Name: Moegi

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Sorceress

Allegiance to House: House Of Stark

Role to House:Pheasant

Personality: Moegi comes off as a shy girl, hardly speak to anyone yet when she dose her words filled with wisdom. She pays attention to every thing that goes around, at times she comes off as being cold, ignoring others for her fear of losing friends. Yet when she makes friends with others she warms up to them, she becomes bubbly and happy, her mood always seems to be bright when with others. When alone she becomes depressed and moody. When protecting friends or family she becomes deadly and hateful, she sticks by them through the good and the bad. She is artistic and yet she is quick to anger, becoming emotional in the blink of a eye. She is filled with love which makes her a sucker to be hurt yet at the same time she is filled with anger about something that had happened that makes her aggressive at times.

Physical Description:
Moegi is a fair skinned young woman, with skin the color of snow. Long white hair that falls past her shoulders and are a bright white, almost silver. Her eyes cat shaped, with long lashes that frame her face. Heart shaped pink lips. She has a hour glass figure, well built. She always wears a white shirt, with a white veil that covers her face most of the time. Her eyes are bright blue.

Powers and Abilities:

Moegi is able to control the elements of the earth including water, fire, earth, air, and light. She also has a few others powers from that, she is able to help with healing the wounded, but have not yet able to master the major spells that would free the sick of their ailments, as well as bring the dead back to life. She is also to use Telekinesis with other magical beings, and may also levitate and summon objects to their current position.

Strengths and Weaknesses:


A sorcerer will gain his abilities from a magic stone that is often position within a wooden staff, or held around their neck in the form of a crystal attached to a long leather strap. Without this magic stone, a sorcerer’s powers will falter and fail, and won’t be as potent as what they usually would be.

There is also another flaw to this magical being; a magic stone that has been altered to perform the forces of evil will drain a sorcerer’s powers and energy life force; this stone is known as a Phoenix stone. The black magic stone is also something that combats the sorcerers’ forces of the light and good.

Her weakness is her personality.. At times not standing up for herself, begin too scared to do so. Or she will get angry and attack someone she should not have. She tends to avoid others, and come off as mean at times.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

She wears no Armour, as she will not often fight others, but she dose hold a knife in her pocket at all times.

Background History:
Moegi's mother was sick when she was born, and thus Moegi's mother died when she was born. Her father raised her with the help of the village. Each member spent time with the child, and watched as she grew. She though grew up distant and avoided others most of the time. She found joy in her father.

She remembered his lessons in fighting, and harnessing her powers, and she loved each moment of it. Never did she imagine him dying. But that time came. Enemies of his slipped into the house. But he knew and he hid his daughter in a secret chamber on the floor. She heard the fight, and heard him hit the ground. From the boards she saw his dead body, his eyes, and saw the blood. She knew if she screamed the same fate waited for her, so she bit her lip, and waited till they left.

She ran from the house, into the arms of one of the people who cared for her. She told her just what happened, and the woman, Amillia took her in, each day she worked with her, as the death of her father came as a shock. She helped the girl to talk about it, and when the young girl turned 16, she knew that it was time to let her go. The death may have hurt her, but she knew that it would not stop her.

Moegi went through her next years of life, helping others no matter what was wrong. She never got to close, but never avoided them like she used to. Her trip brought her to the Land of 7 kingdoms and she became a member of that Area.

When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.
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[Tsuchi_kun] Moegi
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