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 [AceGirl] William Benoit

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[Model Name: Joseph Morgan]

Name: William Benoit

AKA: Will

Age: 21



Allegiance to House:
House Arryn

Role to House:

William likes to keep to himself and certainly likes his privacy. When he wants company he will gladly sit with another in complete silence for hours. William feels that actions speak far louder than words ever could, because of this he only speaks when absolutely necessary. He's respectful of other people's wishes and desires. Not once would he ever consider taking anything or anyone for granted. William believes that you only achieve what you desire through hard work. He doesn't like seeing others hurt and does whatever he can to aide those who are. William stands up for those who are unable to stand up for themselves. He doesn't care what others may think of him or what they say about him. He knows the truth about himself and that is all that matters.

photo Klaus_zps4e9add84.jpgPhysical Description:
William has light blonde hair and lovely blue eyes. His hair is kept at medium length and never any longer or shorter than that. He has a relatively long, narrow face. His ears stick out just a bit at the tops, but since his hair covers the tops of his ears it's hardly noticeable. His eyes, mouth, and hands are the most expressive parts to him. William's hands ay be expressive but they are also rough and calloused from working with them for so many years.

Powers and Abilities:
William has no supernatural abilities given that he's a human. This does not mean that he's completely inept of doing anything. He's strong, speedy, and agile. (Not to a supernatural degree of course, or as agile/strong/fast as most.) He's skilled with the use of daggers, bow and arrow, and a little swordplay. William is quite the observer and at times notices things that others do not, he calls this looking beneath the surface of things.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

-Weaknesses: William is a human so of course he bares all the weaknesses a human would have. He heals at a slower pace compared to the other species, though he heals normally for a human. William has no supernatural abilities and it is easier to kill a human than the other species. Now for his personal weaknesses; William keeps many things to himself which prevents him from making actual connections with people. He's quite a loner which makes it hard to be in social settings. A big weakness for William is that if someone he does care about asks him to do something, he will do it. Another would be that William only speaks verbally when absolutely necessary.

-Strengths: Humans have their own set of strengths. Most humans value their lifespan than the other species, so the majority try to make the most out of the life they have on this earth. Also, most humans fight harder to keep their life. William is strong in his own ways as well. He's loyal, respectful, resourceful, and quite observant. He values the little things in life and doesn't take anything for granted.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
William wears no armor. He would much rather tend to the farmlands than stand at the front lines of a battlefield. Weapons are a different story. He's skilled with daggers (always carries one on him), bow and arrow, and dabbles in swordplay. William works with these weapons for fun as opposed to combat use.

Background History:
Must be a minimum of 8 lines in length.

William Benoit was born in the Vale and has always been loyal to house Arryn. Most don't believe this upon meeting him for they seem to have trouble believing that he is not a member of House Lannister. Those who travel through the Vale always come up with one story or another as to what William's true genealogy is. William does not let this bother him for if they have nothing better to do than spew lies of himself and his family then they are not worth anything. He knows who he is and where he comes from, that is all that matters to him. These tales that strangers would create perhaps have some influence on why he does not speak often. William feels that actions speak far louder than words for most words from most people are lies. At least in William's experience. Since he was a child he wouldn't speak but act. His parents always understood him, along with his friend Elizabeth, but others not so much. Others would think he was mute or cursed when the real reason was that William just did not want to speak. One cannot be called a liar when one does not speak. Sadly the year William turned nineteen was the year that his parents caught ill and passed away. That only left one person who understood him; Elizabeth Harmon.

William was a young teenager when Elizabeth Harmon and her father came to the Vale. In fact William was one of the first people to ever meet Elizabeth. They became friends of a sort growing up. Elizabeth never wished to speak about herself and William never asked any questions, it was a convenient friendship. William knew that her father wished that he and Elizabeth were something more, her father even went to William one day and spoke of the possibility of a union. William did not see Elizabeth in such a way and honestly never could. She was a good friend to him only, nothing even resembling a lover. Elizabeth's father was unhappy about this to say the least. That was the last conversation, or lack thereof, with Elizabeth's father for the next William knew, her father had left the Vale and never returned. To this day Elizabeth and William are friends, even though neither know as much about the other as one should given how long they have been a part of each others lives. This does not bother either of them for they each know that they would go through Hell and high water for the other.

William has changed professions a few times over the years. He was a farmhand growing up but it was not something he enjoyed. William tried working in the kitchen for a time as well but his employers did not like how he did not speak so they would all eventually fire him. What has lasted the longest was his carpentry. William honestly didn't realize he was good at it until one day an old man asked for his help to repair a horse's stall. That was the start of William's occupation in carpentry, hopefully this sticks. No one that he has come across has ever known anyone to change as many occupations as he has but once again he doesn't care. William will not allow himself to get caught in a profession for the rest of his life than he cannot stand. He is going to do what makes him happy no matter what anyone else thinks of him or his choices.

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[AceGirl] William Benoit
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