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 [proud2bmodified] Tayvyn

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PostSubject: [proud2bmodified] Tayvyn   [proud2bmodified] Tayvyn Icon_minitimeSun Feb 10, 2013 1:06 am

Name: Tayvyn

Age: 257 (Looks 25)

Gender: Female

Species: Druid

Allegiance to House: House Stark

Role to house: Eventual protector/healer

Personality: Tayvyn is a cautious person most times, preferring to observe everything before doing anything, but when pushed far enough she can be a hot head. She tries to stay out of conflict as much as possible, yet won't hesitate to fight by the side of her friends and protected ones. Loyalty runs deep through her veins, and would choose death over betrayal every time. At first she comes off pretty stand-offish but once she allows you in she's very friendly and quite the goofy personality. Most times she's soft spoken, but has quite the wicked tongue and won't fail to rip you apart with it.

Physical Description: She's short in stature, just barely over 5 foot 6. Her nails are long and pointed. Blue and grey swirl together to create the color of her eyes and her blonde hair is long, reaching mid-back. Usually its swept up though, held there by feathers and/or flowers.

Powers and Abilities: She can manipulate nature and has the power to heal others, from minor wounds, to poisonous ones and more via incantations and potions. She can also communicate with animals, able to influence the jumpier animals into a hibernation type state.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
+She can harness the full fury of mother nature
+Her small, slim figure makes her a quick runner

-When separated from nature for a long time her powers lose some of its effectiveness
-Can't summon nature, can only control it

Weapons and Armour of Choice: Besides nature she carries a staff a little taller than her, wrapped in thin vines from the woods of Winterfell with pieces of emerald imbedded in the wood. She chooses to wear no armour.

Background History: Tayvyn was born in the woods of the Stark Kingdom, choosing to spend her life traversing the woods of Winterfell and living a solitary existence for most her life. Never making contact with the humans she shared the land with she simply observed them, growing attached to the families and the way they lived their life with loyalty. One family in particular gained her attention, the Lords of the land, the Stark family. Ruling their kingdom with a stern fist they were still fair and friendly, easily beloved by their subjects. It didn't take long for the generations of Starks to gain her complete loyalty, even if they had no idea. Now that the upcoming war is threatening the family she swore to protect she's decided to throw herself into the fray.
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[proud2bmodified] Tayvyn
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