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 [MOLE'S TOWN] Black Tavern

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[MOLE'S TOWN] Black Tavern Empty
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Black Tavern

Mole's Town is a village close to Castle Black. It lies along the Kingsroad, half a league south of the Wall. Mole's Town is bigger than it seems. Three-quarters of the town lies beneath ground in deep damp warm cellars connected by a warren of tunnels.

The Black Tavern is one of the few buildings visible above grown, standing at the edge of the forst. It appears like nothing more than an abandoned home, a place to stay for those who do not know better on their way to visit the wall. The Tavern itself is made out of a stone base and a wooden two story building which watches out onto the Kingsroad and the Wall. There are spare bedrooms throughout the house where people can rest on simple beds, welcomed only by the chill which seemed to ever linger within the tavern.

The stair case leading underground however, welcomes the visitors to a friendly, warm bar and the Cellars for private rooms, linked by tunnels to the other roads of Mole's Town.

Interior and Bar

Similarly to the house above the Tavern, the interior and the bar have been decorated and furnished out of wood. The bar itself had been carved deep below the ground, with a single column leading to the world above to allow the smoke from the fireplace to escape. The bar itself seems to be always a place of cheers an forgotten worries with an ever lingering scent of ale, mead and the thick scent of burnt tobacco. The interior of the Black Tavern is quite large, with enough chairs and tables to fit the entire Knight's Watch and still leave space for the merry drunken men who often fill the hall with their merry sining and stumbled dances.

The bar itself is located at the far end of the Tavern's entry, long enough to cover the entire length of the Tavern. The tall wooden bar acts as a barrier between the thirsty, exhausted men who search for an escape to their dull life and the lined bottles of liquor which fulfil their wishes. There is also a small kitchen behind the bar, on one of the ends, where the women cook a warm stew for all who desire to warm their bellies with more than just the drinks.

The Cellar

There are five cellars in the Black Tavern where one can request are more private seating. The rooms, unlike the interior of the Tavern, are lined with cold stones which help trap the travelling heat from the bar. Unlike the spacious public area, the Cellars are large enough to fit a single table which is capable of sitting six men. The walls are lined with small wine racks to hold the empty bottles of wine which the Tavern caretakers use to fill new made wine.

The air is often muggy with the cellar, dripping with the scents of fermenting grapes as wine is made in locked areas of the Tavern.

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[MOLE'S TOWN] Black Tavern
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