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 [AceGirl] Elizabeth Harmon

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Name: Elizabeth Harmon

AKA: Beth

Age: 19



Allegiance to House:
House Arryn

Role to House:
Kitchen Worker

Elizabeth is a feisty little thing, she speaks her mind no matter what or even who you are. She stands up for those who she feels is being mistreated and would gladly throw herself in the line of fire for someone else. Elizabeth is quite caring, especially towards children. It takes quite a bit to impress her, she doesn't impress easily in the least. When asked about herself she may talk a lot but doesn't really say anything. Elizabeth is a fan of her own privacy and there are some things that she will not talk about. Saying that she is trustworthy would be an understatement. If something is told to her in confidence then she will take it to the grave no matter what. Elizabeth will never betray anyone even though she herself has been betrayed in the past. One thing that Beth cannot stand and will not put up with is men that are too touchy. If a man tries to treat her like a piece of his property then he'll end up missing a piece of himself, or at least she'll threaten to do so. It all depends on the individual as to whether or not she will actually cut off a piece of him.


Physical Description:
Elizabeth has a very pale complexion with long dark brown, almost black, hair. She has a wide forehead, narrow nose, and prominent cheekbones. Elizabeth's eyes are large, widely spaced, and have a blue-grey color to them. Her lips are considered to be too full for her slim jawline. Her hands a bit calloused from working with them since she was a child. She has a scar on the palm of her left hand that was caused by a dagger trick gone wrong. Elizabeth may be young but has the eyes of an old soul.

Powers and Abilities:
Due to the fact that she is a human, she doesn't have any powers. That doesn't mean she doesn't have any skills. Elizabeth is quite skilled with knives/blades and has a killer right hook. She is quick and agile, granted not to a supernatural degree but her speed and agility has gotten her out of a jam now and again. Elizabeth is pretty good at reading people, call it woman's intuition or a feeling in her gut, but she can usually spot when she's being lied to. A skill she's picked up over the years is woodcarving, though she doesn't tell anyone she can do this.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Obviously since she's a human she has the human weaknesses of no powers, can die with more ease compared to other species, and has a slower healing time than the other species. These are not her only weaknesses, those are just her species weaknesses. Elizabeth has weaknesses that are all her own. Her selflessness is a weakness for her, she would willingly throw herself in the line of fire to protect someone else. Her loyalty can also be considered a weakness for she will be loyal to those who are loyal to her until the day she dies. Her ability to take secrets to the grave can also be considered a weakness for no matter is done to her she will not speak a word. How stubborn she can be can be considered a weakness for it can get her into trouble sometimes.

One of Elizabeth's strengths is that she's been working in the kitchen since she was a child; this has made her pretty skilled with knives. Her attributes that can be considered her weaknesses are also some of her greatest strengths. Her loyalty, her selflessness, her ability to keep a secret, and yes even her stubbornness are definite strength for Elizabeth. What makes it a strength or a weakness is determined by the situation.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Elizabeth doesn't wear any armor, she's not a fan of fighting. Don't misjudge her based on that fact for she will certainly defend herself if she must. This is why she carries a dagger on herself and a smaller blade in her bodice at all times.

Background History:

In all honesty there is not much known about the history of Elizabeth Harmon. What is known is something that she is not willing to share, partly because she isn't even certain if she remembers it all correctly. Elizabeth's earliest memory is walking with her mother and father up a mountain through the bitter cold. She remembers shivering and pleading with her father to find some place warm for she was so tired. Elizabeth was just a young child at this time. She remembers her father's voice telling her that it wouldn't be too much longer, he said this quite often and whatever their destination was it never seemed to grow any closer. Elizabeth's father went on ahead at one point and her mother stayed back with Beth. Elizabeth's mother couldn't bare to see her daughter shiver any longer so she gave Elizabeth her cloak to keep her warm. Beth's father was gone longer than planned and when he returned he found his wife and daughter asleep. Sadly only Elizabeth was sleeping, her mother was taken from this world by the elements. A part of Elizabeth's father grew to hate his daughter that day for if she never accepted the cloak from her mother then she would still be alive.

Beth didn't know how much longer they traveled but eventually they came to their destination. The people the came upon didn't seem to keen on welcoming her or her father, but once he explained himself and their situation they were reluctantly welcomed. Elizabeth seems to remember there being an exchange of gold but she can't be certain on that. Everything after her and her father new declaration to the allegiance of the House of Arryn, everything was a blur that she tries very hard not to remember. Sadly her blur of a life is far more clear than she wishes to be and the parts she wishes to remember more than anything, she can't.

Since her mother was lost on their journey, her father made her take on the duties of the house. Cooking, cleaning, and things of the sort. As the years passed she grew to look more and more like her mother which she was certain made her father hate her more and more. As the years passed the more strained their relationship became. Elizabeth was lucky to have a three word conversation with him a month, at least that is what it seemed. She tried many times to mend what was broken but she never succeeded. He blamed her for her mother's death, and she also blamed herself. Elizabeth couldn't bring her mother back so there was nothing she could do to fix things. All hope of having her loving back was lost long ago.

The year Elizabeth turned seventeen was the year that her father had the longest conversation with her. He asked if she had any suitors, and questions of the like. When she didn't reply with what he wanted to hear he told her that he was sorry to hear that. He then left their home and never returned. You see he wanted to hear that she had suitors, but she had none. Elizabeth hopes that he is still alive but doubts that he is. It's been two years since her father left with no word and no body found. He may appear in her life again one day, but she's starting to lose hope on that as well.

After her father left she had to make a living on her own. Being assigned the duties of the house at such a young age made her skilled with such work. She worked in the kitchens of anyone who was willing to hire her. Eventually her attitude would force her to move onto other employment.

Now about the battles of the houses, to be honest she couldn't care less. As long as she is not bothered with such things then she's happy. Elizabeth is not a fighter, but she is a defender. What lies ahead for this young woman is yet to be known, but in her gut she has a feeling an interesting tale that is about to unfold...


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[AceGirl] Elizabeth Harmon
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