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 [Premade] Dmirr & Bmirr Garkaud

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[Premade] Dmirr & Bmirr Garkaud Empty
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Dmirr & Bmirr Garkaud

Grom & Grim (professional names)
Rock & Stone (personal nicknames)

Both 137 (11 seconds apart, Dmirr oldest)

Both Male


Allegiance to House:
House Frey

Role to House:
Master Builder

Dmirr or better known by his employers as Grom can be described in a single word regarding his personality: "Grumpy". In general he bottles up all his frustrations while cursing under his breath as he's often perceived as the brains in the family. With crude mathematics, physics and years of experience in the designing of architectural masterpieces, Dmirr has grown rather arrogant in his reputation. This reflects in his attitude towards others, including his brother as he looks upon these souls with a frown on his face, a raised eyebrow and a condescending tone. The most significant trait in his personality is the absence of humor in any form, neither sarcasm, irony nor even the slapstick comedy goes lost on him, which leads to one of the main reasons to the countless arguments between the Garkaud twins…

Both brothers have their personal strengths and weaknesses in character along with one personal vice that makes them easy to identify from eachother; for Dmirr it’s his fondness of tobacco as the grumpy is seldom even seen without his beloved pipe rested between his lips as whirls of the rich silvery smoke are puffed into the air. This obnoxious habit is often used to condescend others in a grotesque manner as Dmirr is no stranger to blowing smoke in someone’s face. This however is but an arrogant front for unlike his brother the offensive behavior never escalates to physical confrontation as Dmirr considers himself too superior to exchange blows in an altercation with outsiders…

Bmirr or better known by his employers as Grim can be described in a single word regarding his personality: “Hostile”. Unlike his brother Bmirr doesn’t bottle up his emotions but expresses himself in the most in-your-face manner through simply being hostile and aggressive towards everyone in his surroundings. He spits, shouts, pushes and punches any who looks at him wrong and is not afraid of turning to violent physical confrontation with people apparently superior in size and strength to himself. Amongst the Garkaud siblings Bmirr is renowned for being the muscle in the family who’s grown used to crushing the strongest of boulders, carving the hardest of materials and chiseling in the most robust of alloys with nothing but the tools he can wield in his rugged hands. There’s however a rather obvious trait to his character that differs from his brother, Bmirr is a loud laugher who’s often amused with the misfortune of others, especially when they’re getting hurt.

Both brothers have their personal strengths and weaknesses in character along with one personal vice that makes them easy to identify from eachother; Bmirr is a drinker, expert in the ales, wines and pints as no beverage with a splash of alcohol remains a secret to his drunken palette. Most nights Bmirr and Dmirr are found hanging in the local tavern where Dmirr blows circles of smoke skyward while Dmirr continues searching for the bottom of his beer goblet to be followed in drunken stupors and bar brawls; this dwarf unlike his brother won’t walk away from confrontation as his explosive tendencies often stir up problems with the few unfortunate to wander to close in his proximity…

Physical Description:
Though only born eleven seconds apart, Dmirr is the oldest of the Garkaud brothers and this shows in every detail of his appearance; with silvery hair long and wavy in the dwarven tradition he’s often mistaken to be an elder dwarf of great wisdom. Like most of his dying breed, his beard is the reflection of his identity as Dmirr has braided together his walrus moustache with his Garibaldi beard where only a handful of leather rings keep this grand feature together…

By just a whisper Dmirr is not only the oldest of the Garkaud brothers, but also the tallest as with his 4’6” he’s just one inch taller than his twin; it’s however seldom noticed by strangers as the added weight of Dmirr’s hefty physique create the impression of being exactly the same height than his sibling. He’s a sturdy character with a rather ample amount of flesh on his bones as Dmirr tends to appear rather plump and voluptuous in his overall contours. This once more emphasizes the difference in age into the visual expression of the two dwarves, making him look even older and wiser of the two…

Style wise Dmirr can be seen as the brother who prefers comfort over appeal in his selection of garments that are all dominated by rather dense and warm items of clothing; wool coals weaved in countless layers make up a rather homely appearance to the dwarf, giving him a defenseless older appearance. Thick fabrics of raw materials, fur pelts and dense capes all add more weight to the stocky dwarf who’s always seen with his walking cane. Dmirr’s walking cane is a crude metal shaft nearly 6 feet in length and 2 inches thick in a perfect straight line, used for architectural measurements and instructive indications all given by the twisted end of the staff pointed. Due to his aged image and the staff, many often think Dmirr to be a wizard, yet beside of his talent with numbers, architectural plans and engineering skills there’s nothing of mysterious proportions to this dwarf…

Being the youngest of the Garkaud twins by just a breath, Bmirr does appear to be ages apart from his older brother in many physical aspects; first and most obvious is the deep burnt umber coif with a massive widened beard weaved together in an intricate fashion with almost one hundred metal rings. It grants him a rugged bewildered appearance in an obvious brutish fashion that’s only emphasized by a cross-shaped scar just above his left eyebrow reminiscent of his brawler days. Because of the richer, more youthful color in his hairstyle, years are shaved off his visual appearance, making the Garkaud twins more frequently perceived as father and son or uncle and nephew…

While being just an inch shorter than his brother, Bmirr is sturdy and slender in physique for a dwarf with obvious muscle tones expressed in his torso area. Wide broad shoulders, rigorous bulky build and butch scar riddled body give Bmirr a warrior like appeal signature to his brawling days. Unlike the plump meat of his brother’s bones, his more slender posture adds to a fiercer and rugged exterior that makes people to cross his path remember him as the muscle of the family. Most noteworthy about his appearance are the amount of scars riddles across his stocky build; cuts, gashes, fractures and lacerations, all wounds of both professional and personal origins. Bmirr is famed for getting in fights with anyone who looks at him wrongly, even more violent when accompanied by the steep amounts of alcohol in his blood or insults regarding his dwarven heritage.

Bmirr has exchanged his dwarven plate armor for lighter reinforced scale armor when his brother requested his aid in the construction of several bridges and towers in the Crossings. Starting his career as a violent berserker in an army for hire, Bmirr is familiar with the encumbering weight of plate armor, yet when moving to the lands of Frey his mercenary armor was traded up for light protective gear suited for the hazardous labor of a master builder. A gambeson with dragon scale studs now settles around his broad chest, shoulder guards protecting him from splintering debris, bracers of the same illusive alloy firmly strapped around his wrists. Where his brother relies on a long walking cane to hold him to his feet, Bmirr is more used to heavy weapons in the dwarven tradition. With the choice between a massive sledgehammer for stonecutting to a double-headed axe for woodcutting, Bmirr combines his weapon training from his brawler days with the building skill that was descended down along eleven generations of Garkaud dwarves…

Powers and Abilities:
Dmirr is known for two rather remarkable talents, each with their own use and purpose and highly valued by the lords and ladies of all houses in these turbulent days. All his natural talents are however not intended for combat purposes, making him truly more of a thinker rather than fighter…

The first of his abilities is his architectural eye, a rare and precious gift only found amongst a select few of the old dwarven clans. Dmirr has the unique talent to look at constructions, buildings and even raw stone and see the potential strengths and weaknesses of these structural elements. From an engineering point of view he’s able of designing and constructing structures of superior quality, often believed to be impenetrable, making him one of Westeros’ most renowned architects. This ability however can be used the other way around letting him detect the structural flaws in buildings on first inspection; this allows those purchasing his services to gain a strategic advantage against their enemies by being able to pinpoint fragile points in bridges, walls, citadels and castles…

The second ability Dmirr is blessed with, is his remarkable understanding of metal alloys and mineral compositions; this means Dmirr is not only talented in the designing of buildings on parchment scrolls, but perfectly able of forging the very metal works needed to reinforce constructions beyond compare. He’s trained classically in the art of the blacksmith with the only distinguished difference in combining different metal alloys and natural minerals to an overall superior product that makes gates impenetrable, walls unbreakable and castles indestructible… for a price. Dmirr’s services don’t come cheap, often more than most noble Houses can afford in these days, but the end result does make it worth the tremendous investment.

Bmirr has two unique talents that serve his clients greatly in several vital aspects, though rather different than his brother. Where his brother represents the brains of the family, Bmirr rather relies on his brutish strength and one rare product that’s been kept secret for countless of generations only to have recently become for sale by his personal greed…

The main talent that dominated Bmirr’s skill set is the berserker’s strength; typical for the Dwarven clans this Garkaud brother is blessed with brutish strength that lets him crush solid rock with a single blow, cut straight through an elder oak with a lonely swing. This talent serves him both on and off the battlefield as his craft as a master builder is eased by this increased might and fortitude, while making him a relentless force on the frontlines of combat. He’d capable of carving perfectly symmetrical bricks from solid rock in one blow based on his brother’ specifications, while cutting petrified trees to identical planks in mere seconds. In combat this precise force has many deathly purposes, best expressed when letting Bmirr aid in the artillery sieges with catapults, ballistae and battering rams…

The second and most valuable talent Bmirr has to offer is the secret that was passed down on him as was tradition in the Garkaud family: Dragon’s Breath. A covert formula is in his possession that allows him to craft a most potent weapon in medieval artillery as not even his brother grasps the full extent of this chemical composition. Through a classified procedure of extracting and merging rare materials and components together, he creates a potent powder known as Dragon’s Breath; Dragon’s Breath is a deathly explosive blend that requires a small ember or modest flame to initiate a complex chemical reaction that results in an explosion of flashing white light, tremendous thunderous sound wave and a potent infernal burst of fire...

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Dmirr’s greatest strength lies in his patience; unlike most Dwarven males Dmirr has mastered his natural energy, allowing to focus more on detailed tasks including intellectual jobs including architectural designs. He’s a wise man who can look at things from his own unique perspective and calculate his decisions closely to the most precise specifications. This leads to him being able of providing his employers with an incredible end product of superior quality…

The quality of his work however brings of his greatest weakness: greed. Dmirr is motivated by only one reason and that’s to gain a wealth and fortune beyond reason. If it shines and it’s made of a valuable resource Dmirr will be more than driven to gain cette trinket for his vast collection. He’d sell his own brother if the price was right, his entire moral code for sale for those willing to fund his Dwarven voracity. Most may see this a barely something worthy of being called a weakness, but if everything he can think of is the shimmer of coin, the shine of gold and the sparkle of gemstones one can obviously see that his greed can distract him of the general concepts of loyalties, honor and sense of duty…

Bmirr’s strengths aren’t the most unique of fortes, but more the inherited strengths of his species as a Dwarf; increased strength, endurance and stamina are but a few of the natural trait of the Dwarven breed who’ve kept their clan bloodlines pure and unchanged through the eras. On punch of an adult dwarf will feel like a heavy sledgehammer getting slammed into solid stone, making Bmirr no exception; their short posture might not appear to house brilliant athletic possibilities, but Bmirr’s able of continue marching for days without break, carving stone without a moment of rest and even remain active after a week of sleepless nights…

Bmirr’s worst trait and therefore considered his greatest weakness is his explosive temper; when the beers have found their way down his bearded hatch, his common sense faded along with the bubbles of his ale, resulting in a ill-tempered, easily irritated and agitated dwarf. When any wrong glance is casted his way, a comment is made regarding his limited height or the comparison is made with the bastard son Tyrion Lannister, Bmirr’s likely to blow up in an uncontrollable outburst of unbridled fury. Most bars in Westeros are familiar with the now legendary image of the youngest Garkaud sibling throwing around goblets, breaking tables and brawling for the frivolous entertainment of confrontation…

Weapons and Armor of Choice:
Dmirr is a dwarf of intellect hence sees no requirement to walk around the Crossings in sturdy armor or encumbering weaponry; instead he goes robed in warm winter garments made out of wool and animal pelts. Knitted coats in modest colors and subtle leather details form the minimalistic armor of the Dwarven brother who prefers comfort over protective features throughout his life. Most people often mistake his old-fashioned wardrobe to leave him vulnerable and exposed in confrontation yet quite the opposite is true; beneath the thick layers of comfortable wear lurks a lorica plumata, a scale armor crafted from the rare Dragonbone material. It’s a precious heirloom descended down from the oldest son to the next in memory of the hazards the Dwarven clans faced when building their cities beneath the mountains where the Dragons used to roam…

In the old traditions of his kin, Dmirr received crude warfare training during the first three decades of his life, familiarizing him with the classic array of Dwarven weaponry: the axe, the mace, hammer and the sturdy kite shields of their kind. Still though having received this rudimentary training, Dmirr however seldom reaches for weapons to use again his enemies, rather relying on his wits and smarts. This however doesn’t mean he wanders the world unarmed as a large 6 feet purified Tungsten metal staff 2 inches in diameter thick is wielded as a powerful weapon and tool. The rod shaped as a perfect pentagon has anomalies on opposite ends; towards the top the head of the rod is twisted into an irregular knot with sharpened edges and a blunted spike like ending; towards the base the pentagon shape of the shaft is extended into five shorted pins used to stabilize his weight while walking and in cases of emergency to enucleate assailants with precise strikes…

Bmirr used to be part of a private Dwarven Army tasked with maintain the secrecy of their kind within Westeros, hence more than comfortable with the encumbering weight of plate armor. His old suit of armor however was traded for a much lighter yet more wieldable armament for his task as a master builder; where the common builders of Westeros seldom encounter the hazards the dwarven masons, Bmirr’s craft however does place him in the direct source of danger deeming armor necessary. Wearing a conventional tunic over his armor he’s able of masking the protective gear dwelling beneath the common threads. A gorget and shoulder plates with sword breakers made out of the rare Dragonbone alloy are firmly etched upon his broad chest where a matching half armor guards his torso from the scorching fires of construction and exploding debris. In addition dragon scale vambraces and leg guards add additional protective features to his defensive shell, making Bmirr an awfully guarded builder frequently reminiscent of his warrior days…

Weapon wise Bmirr is a traditionalist, holding onto the classical tools of his kind that have granted them rather significant victories in the past against fiends of old; roaming within the mountains and hills of Westeros their kind living in secrecy fell victim to those brutish creatures believed to be extinct (dragons), demanding the crafting of weapons of equal strength to match these dragons in battle. Bmirr inherited one of these weapons famed amongst his kind: a double headed battleaxe of pure Dragonbone. This famous heirloom is still carried with much proud along the side of his belt, along with the tool of his craft: a Horseman’s Pick. The Horseman’s Pick is a pickaxe combined with a sledgehammer into a master builder’s wet dream being able to not only cut through stone as well as dislodge petrified gems within the unbreakable boulders. In addition to his customary selection of arms, a series of terracotta containers filled with Dragon’s Breath powder. This volatile explosive substance is potent beyond any known product in the Seven Kingdoms and wieldable for a variety of purposes (warfare, construction, sabotage, destruction …)

Background History:
Our story takes us to a world beneath your own where you’ve deemed creatures extinct yet they still roam the darkness from which we came; we’ve seen what you’ve only heard about in legends, fought against fiends your heroes have perished to and forged those rare elements you’ve only dreamed about for within the deepest of mountains standing amidst your kingdoms, our clans have continued to live in ways untainted by your wretched politics. Our kin have mastered arts you’ve never hoped to lay eyes on, our blood has remained pure from the corruption of your betrothed alliances and now our sons will travel to the surface to prove our lineage is not to be mistaken by the bastard anomalies of your incestuous relations for I present thou Dmirr and Bmirr of the Garkaud Clan.~A Proud Father

Gmirr Garkaud, a Master Builder amongst his own Clan and many others became a proud father of two sons on the arrival of Everdusk, the memorable occurrence within the mountain halls when the trace of sunlight leaves the subterranean caverns not to be seen for two seasons. With the pale glimmer fading from the halls, the two brothers born several seconds apart were presented as the last heirs of this dying clan that would continue on the legacy as Master Builders. In the tradition of the Dwarven kind the children were practiced in the profession of their father, sending the boys of early age into the mines to learn, practice and observe the delicate art of construction. Stones were taught to be carved out of the mountains, gems confidently chiseled to flawless cuts while the complex practice of raising foundations from the ground up were educated to the Garkaud siblings…

Many dwarves including the twins received a formal military education once more proving that even twins aren’t intended to be identical; Dmirr showed rather stubborn dismissal towards physical confrontation with others as his words often brought more harm than actions ever could yet at the same time excelled in the craft his father had intended for his sons; Bmirr was different in many ways as he enjoyed the crude and brutish ways of the warriors where steel fiendishly clashed with arms instead of the mathematical requirements to become a master builder to the great displeasure of his father. Both brothers slowly parted ways into opposite professions, Dmirr continuing the legacy of the Garkaud family while Bmirr wandered the path of private militiamen intended to protect the secretive society within the mountains…

For four decades the brothers however didn’t part ways remaining compliant to the expectations demanded off them in the name of their family, especially now that their numbers started to thin out. The world above had been changing and the actions of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros indirectly influenced the isolated lives of the dwarven kind; old halls of their kind collapsed on their sturdy heads, the seventeen clans over the years reduced to three ancestral lines left standing while the fiends long chased out of these mountains started to return in hiding. The dragons pursuit by the surface dwellers arrived back into their former abandoned nests, where their fire breathing monstrosities met their equals in dwarven militia’s armed with axe and hammers. The builders were reinforcing the underground cities with additional curtain walls of impenetrable proportions, demanding more and more of this dying breed while their ranks rapidly were thinned out…

For this is where the brothers parted ways, my sons heirs of the family creed are bound to wander on separate roads to my great displeasure. Dmirr my oldest and most faithful of kin is continuing into the practices of our ancestors, becoming he transcending the crafts of our past with rapid development; his designs are superior to my own, constructions too bold for my own imagination as the first of his architectural masterpieces are starting to sprout within our halls. My younger, stubborn and rebellious as he takes after his mother, Bmirr continues to divert from his given destiny as I’d intended; angry and explosive his temper often bring him far off the path given as he now walks amongst those of blood. With axe and hammer he’s waging war against fiends of old as the days grow darker for our halls; our clans are dying, history once more claiming the lives of those reluctant to accept their faith…~A Concerned Father

The Garkaud siblings decided after four decades to part onto separate ways where Dmirr remained standing within his inherited mines where bricks and stonework was cut out of the mountain, towers raised and walls constructed with defensive features none could dare to breach; Bmirr wandered further into the mountains to ward off roaming evils that invaded their precious secretive nations far beyond the world above. Their father overlooked the decreasing population of their kin, family after the next being buried in the ancestral depths while his heart withered in grieve and stress for his son moved passed the sanctuary of their impregnable cities to pursue honor and fortune by the deaths of dragons. This however had a much greater influence than the mere anxiety of weither the brother would return alive or not to their hometown as Dmirr never approved of the rebellious act of his brother. To discard the task intended by birth for their kind was an act of vilest intend as no father of Dwarven siblings should witness their family reputation be parted with anything other than the heirlooms of their lineage…

Grumpy and constantly complaining Dmirr became the most famed of his craft as Master Builder within the mountain halls; his engineering talent exceeded wildest expectations as the first of automated defenses were raised; bridges able to be raised and lowered without the necessity of chains or horses to energize his designs; he build war machines of highest complexity, able of revolutionizing the protective properties of citadels and castles while his regular construction work displayed remarkable resilience against any type of attacks. He’d learned to bend steel and blend alloys to diverse combinations, each with their own specific benefits and faults; gemstones were cut into formation for purposes transcendent off jewelry intends as he’d discovered their light bending qualities to be usable for variable functions including amplified aim to war machines and discrete signaling methods. Staying captive in his trade, Dmirr often stared into the blackness of the mountain halls only to see his people dying and his own father withering in the sorrow of this noble breed declining…

Bmirr had lifted up his arms, axe and hammer sheathed onto the latches of his back as he joined the company of his clan’s private militia to defend their kin, creed and reputation of all enemies no matter how big or numerous; occasionally walkers of the surface drifted into the depths of the mountain and needed to be dealt with before their secret got out, on other times the mighty dragons hunted by the Seven Kingdoms returned to the mountains to find these sturdy warriors to await these mighty foes with axe and hammer in hand to fend off the threat. Bmirr was no stranger to these deathly confrontations, every one of his hits able of sending tremors shaking the earth, walls coming crashing down as stone split with every blow. He became a legend amongst their kind, yet the root of his abilities was still found within his former building days. He’d brought down countless tunnels and corridors to prevent their existence to be noticed by those from above, using his brutish force to break down the supportive structures in which the dragons had nested all until the courier sent by his brother arrived in their encampment…

Hear these words for they may be my last to cross past these tarnished lips. Time has not been kind to our kin, as the families I’ve held so dear slowly vanished from our city halls by disease and ailment brought forth by the realms above. Our secrets have been starting to unravel as lights of the kingdoms have seeped into our halls for one perceives as our own may now betray our sanctuaries; sons of my blood, lords of my city though quarrel exists amongst thou our lineage must go on in these changing times. I ask off thou, wander beyond our walls to preserve this secret and uphold the sanctity of our ancestors in the Kingdoms of Seven so the last of our kin can continue their lives in peace and secrecy. As brothers thou were born and as brothers thou must show these walkers of the sun that none understands the divinity of stone as the dwarven axe and mallet. Build them cities worthy of our own, bridge the gaps between our world and theirs to brand our kind into their hearts and souls to never be mistaken for bastard seed again. Collect upon the favor our forefather have gathered and venture to Frey where a Dwarven bridge already stands…~A Dying Father

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[Premade] Dmirr & Bmirr Garkaud
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