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Nimm Castielle

Name: Nimm Castielle

Age: Nineteen Years

Gender: Female

Species: Shapeshifter

Allegiance: House Stark

Huntress / Assassin / Guard

Despite her role to society, Nimm is very playful and outgoing. She loves nothing more than a good game of chase or hide and seek. Yes, she's been told that she is too old for these foolish games but she enjoys them. Often times she'll play them with the children. She's fun loving and can put a smile on anyone's face, no matter the mood. It's said that she will never wed due to her childish behavior, but she's been in a few serious relationships before.
Family and 'pack mates' are her number one priority. She will do anything for her family and the ones she loves- it's a strong characteristic of the wolf. She hunts to feed them and trades to clothe them, fights to keep them safe. If selected by the Lords of her house, they, too, will become one of her pack and she will do as much as she can to protect them from harm.
She got her role in the world due to her weaponry expertise and her family line of work. When she's in the field, her smile fades and she is washed into a new skin of focus, seriousness and patience. Some believe her to has two personalities, but she doesn't think much of it.

Physical Description:
Nimm is tall and thin. She stands on flat feet at a nice five foot, six inches and weighs out at roughly nine stone (130 pounds). Due to her line of work, she's muscled, despite her smooth toned body. She bears the white-gray hair of her mother, keeping it an odd length somewhere between her shoulders and level with her chin. Sometimes her hair looks lopsided and one side seems a few inches longer than the other. Her eyes resemble that of her Grandfather's- deep navy blue with a hint of a light gray dotted in her irises. Some people say that if they stare long enough into them, they see the soul and fire of a wolf.

Powers and Abilities:
Being a Shapeshifter, Nimm bears the love for her wolf form: the White Wolf of her mother's family. Nimm is powerful in spite of her thin and small frame. The wolf that run in her blood also gives her speed and adrenaline as well as a high metabolism. All of her senses are heightened by her canine half, as well; she sees ten times better than a human, smells forty times better and hears a rabbit flinch from a mile away.
Outside of her wolf characteristics, Nimm is skilled with archery, swords and daggers. Her weapon of choice would be tooth and claw for this girl any day but when she's at a lose of energy, she battles with daggers as they are easily concealed and light to carry.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
+Family. Nimm's greatest strength is her family and her pack. They come to her aid in times of need and bathe her in affection and praise. They are her source of happiness.
+Outdoors. Nimm is more adept in the outdoors. Some of the time, small, indoor spaces make her queasy. Also, outdoors she is able to battle more efficiently with more room to move around.
+Nightfall is a strength for an adept hunter and assassin. By night, she is able to sneak up on prey or targets without the high risk of detection. Also the shadows. She uses these, even at night, to heighten her level of stealth.
+/-Nimm is very sensitive to the heat and the cold. Being a canine, she is generally a warmer creature. Hot summer weather can leave her panting and wanting to roll around in a lake for a while as well as tire her much faster.
+Her humor and childish attitude gets her out of most trouble with people she might bump into on accident or the like.
-Attention. Nimm is not very attentive and has something like ADHD. This is partially a result of her childish behavior. The shifter finds it hard to focus on anything for too long other than hunting or the like.

-Nimm, being childish, doesn't like to hurt people who have not done something wrong to her knowledge. If she finds herself in a fight with someone, she won't want to hurt them, just rather knock them out if at all possible.
-The shifter is very weak without her family. Take away her aid and she could just as easily crumble as if she'd not eaten in weeks.

Weapons and Armour:
Nimm tends to use tooth and claw more often than not. But, outside of her other form, the shifter will grab for a dagger in a heartbeat. It's lightweight and compact, making it easier for her to carry when on a hunt. If at all possible, though, she is able to use a sword and archery to her defense.
As for armour, Nimm keeps it light. She wears a simple cloth top of a brown color that stops below her breast. This cloth is rather thick for her feminine benefit. Above her top she keeps a hand-made crest of feathers and the skull of the first rabbit she had ever killed. This crest is placed on protective shoulder padding made of leather and chainmail with grey wolf fur on either side trailing down in a strip of fur down her spine, a bit larger around her shoulder blades. She leaves her stomache bare besides the occasional paint for a special hunt, war, event, or family gathering.
Around her abdomen, she wears a thick brown cloth of the same material as her top with a layer of chainmail between the layers of brown- below, she keeps her under garments to herself. Also at this area, Nimm wears her leather belt with several fox tails tied to the right side, her dagger sheathed and hidden within the red furs. Nimm keeps rope on her left side and a pouch for anything extra she needs to keep with her.
As extra, she wears a silver shackle on her left wrist, a leather gauntlet on her right and dark leather strips around her arms and legs. Her feet are clad in buckskin boots with white rabbit fur tied by leather straps around her lower thighs.

Nimm was born the youngest of five children on a farm in Stark's reign. The shifter family was secluded, only going into town when necessary. Nimm only had her mother, father and siblings to keep her company. Often times as a child, Nimm would peer out the window towards the closest town. She did not know war as a child, and therefore did not know the life of a wolf, a thief, a hunter and an assassin. She did not know how to keep for her own.
Growing up, the war had broken out for the Iron Throne. Nimm was taught by her siblings and elderly father how to fight and protect herself. Two siblings taught her sword work, two siblings taught her archery, her father taught her to hunt and the other sibling taught her to cook. She taught herself the ways around a dagger. The mastery of each skill was a feat for the young girl, but she did it and her family was proud.
Nimm's father soon passed away. Her mother was far younger than her father and would live on as they were force to sell the farm and move into a larger settlement where they took rent out on a house. All of Nimm's siblings worked but one, her sister, Patrice, who stayed home to cook and clean with their mother.
Nimm, being her childish self, seemed in capable of work. She just played all day with the children and had fun without any care in the world. Her once proud family was disappointed in her behavior.
This made Nimm wonder. What was she capable of? This thought drove Nimm to become the huntress she is today. Many know her through the local market and trade with her as she is one of the best hunters around. Still yet, she finds herself time to play with the children and have her fun. Eventually, the shifter thinks, she wants to start a pack of her own and settle down- but for now it's all fun and games aside from her work.

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