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 [KSQweird] Thader Hill

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Hear Me Roar.

Name: Thader Hill

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Species: Warlock

Allegiance to House: Lannister

Role to House: Swordsman

Personality: Thadder has a inferiority complex and slowly shattering mind. Growing up as a bastard has earned him many insecurities and a desire to always prove himself. In the process, teenage Thadder found himself in many fist fights. Many times against multiple kids due to him being such a large child. One afternoon Thadder lost his temper, killing a merchant's young boy. Besides the other problems this caused, Thadder found he enjoyed the act. The blood lust wasn't something he wanted his mother to learn of - so his fought to keep his twisted secret hidden. Even in his adult life, Thadder always seems to be hiding something. Thadder is sly, he is manipulative and has a gift of gab; known to poison weak minds with just words into siding with his beliefs. Though his plan may sound good to many, truth is Thadder is just driven by the potential glory. In truth, all mad men think they are just trying to save the world.

Physical Description: If Thadder is what his mother said he was - a Clegane - it is evident in his stature. He stands an even seven feet and a solid slab of thirty stone of muscle. His shoulders are broad and his neck thick. His thick dark locks hang passed his shoulders and frame the long hard features of his face. Even with his small, dark, sunken beedy eyes he has a way of gazing into your bare soul. Thadder's long limbs give him great advantage during sword fighting, but it is in his magic lies his greatest ally.



Powers and Abilities: While Thadder does indeed have great power and agility, and of course much combat experience. But with his urge to always go above and beyond, Thadder has mastered a very dark and disturbing spell. Although the name of the spell is ancient and has no direct translation to the common tongue; roughly "The Death that doesn't quit and never ends" or "EXEYEXE" (ecks-Yecks-A). The spell is named after the warrior spirit which is summoned. The spirit multiplies Thadder's strength, agility, even tolerence for pain. Of course, the dangers of this spell is what makes it forbidden to use. Over time the user's mental state begins to falter, the time it takes depends on the will of the user. But, only two men have been recorded to come back from the brink of psychosis. Of course, that's because most of the others didn't know that sacrafices to EXEYEXE are the easiest way to calm his rage. The physical appearance of Thadder changes, turning him into whispy shadows and electrical sparks. Hidden of course by his armor and the hood of his black robes. Thadder also has mastered the ice and fire elements and his the summoning of his felhound companion.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Physical and Mental Strength
Can read and write
Magically Inclined
Mastery of ice and fire
Gift of Gab

Inferiority Complex
Manditory Immolations
Declining Mental State

Weapons and Armour of Choice: Long robes of boiled leather and chainmail that sit atop polished armor, the lines would be beautiful even without the gleam. The plates of Thadder's armour appear as though dozens of bat or dragon wings were layed strategically atop one and other. The result is an ornate suit, with enough flexibility to keep Thadder more agile than another knight in the average suit of armor; with protection just the same. The heavy cloak he wears isn't for decor - it hides the excess join locations on the mobile armor. The armor around the next extends up higher towards the chin, to compensate for the tall man's excess neck. The intricate patterns over the chest are from spell books, ancient symbols that mean "protection" and "victory". The same symbol for victory is engraved near the hilt of his long sword. The unique shape of the blade is said to come from the natural curve of the dragon's fang at it's core. It's only fitting, Thadder's dragon-glass crystal for power doubles as the pommel. Along with a dagger for tight situations, Thadder keeps a spell book hidden as well, for things steel cannot help with.


Background History: As boy growing up, Thadder found that bastard children were always the butt of the joke. It didn't help that he had been the product of a raping. While it was hard to see any of this as positive, Thadder found himself always studying. Learning how to read from one person and how to write from another. He found the basics of instrument playing and prose of writers long gone, to be more inviting than those more reccently written. Thadder felt the more he learned, the better he would become and he could finally be more than just some bastard child. Thadder was almost a man-grown, thirteen to be exact; when a merchant's son, a boy too used to having his way, told Thadder he should worship his ground. Afterall - if it wasn't for the merchant's enfatuation with Thadder's mother, they wouldn't have a piece of silver to call their own. The boy told a detail story and the teenage Thadder stuck him so many times in his neck with the splintered branch, his head hung by inches of flesh and bone. That evening the boy arrived home, confessed to his mother what had happened and said he would head to the wall. The merchant boy's father was important to the Mad King's treasury.
"A toe out of line will bring us both death no matter where you go. The king will have you hunted all the way to the wall... run, run and find your father..." Even if Thadder would've been safe at the wall, he was far too bright to devote his life to such a waste. His mother told him his father's name - Clegane. She told him to find the man, he would take the boy in and protect him. Of course during the years it has taken the boy to find his way to King's Landing with what little silver she had saved for him - he had heard the stories. The man that was possibly his father killed - his half sister also gone. Thadder knew he was older, he also knew that would cause problems for Gregor. It was obvious Thadder needed an edge if he were to become head of house for Clegane. Even if that was not his intention, Gregor would think it so and kill him at the first chance he could. Now in his early twenties, Thadder had been delving deeper and deeper into his faith. His mother had been devout in her faith of the New Gods and raised Thadder the same. In an attempt to slake his thirst for knowledge - through reading - Thadder began finding specific prayers. More and more he read, uncovering the origins of them, how they were prooven and similar prayers - all specific for each of the seven sides. He learned specifically how to control his surroundings, inanimate objects and eventually ice and fire.
The magic flooded Thadder like a city damn buckling under the ocean's pressure. He realized if these people could come up with their own incantations that seemed to work, why couldn't he... But developing his own magic was put on hold when he learned there were forbidden spells. Now on a mission, Thadder kidnapped a silent sister. He was determined to learn their secrets, including why they were condemned to silence. Of course the woman gave so answer, he threatened and threatened. Finally force to hurt her, she didn't even exclaim in pain. Thadder releaved the middle aged woman of her garments, leaving her face hidden. He sliced thin pieces from the woman, filleting her slowly. It was several hours before Thadder even needed to revive her the first time. He did the same to her legs, hips and buttocks. With a threat of rape on top of the whole ordeal, the woman would've rather been killed than betray her virtue. Her voice was weak and feeble but she told Thadder enough, she told him where he could find the secrets of the Stranger. Believing her virtue safe, the woman would pass out, though alive. Thadder would procceed to violate the woman, pierce her belly with his sword and leave her to drain.
Without much patience or care, Thadder traveled all the way to the free cities in search of the great Sept with the golden seven point star. The library carried a section with forbidden spell books, only the clergy knew of and only the sisters could enter. Thadder left a blood trail of dead bodies to attain the knowledge the tomes held. One particular spell gave him a great idea for facing his alleged half brother. Thadder would need to release his soul to the Stranger and become a true warlock. Now delving into spells that many saw as precursors to necromancy, it took Thadder almost ten more years to get it right. All the while performing actions that would mother turn in her grave. Dealing with death isn't just a one way street, to take things you must also give. Changing incantations and drawing out old symbols in coal and chalk, lighting candles and opening up fair maidens for fresh livers, kidney and hearts. Drunk with power, Thadder originally just wanted a place to call home, now he wants Gregor's head for serving the Lannisters rather than destroying them. Everyone believes they would do the realm good - with blood on his hands, a shattered mind and darkness in his heart, Thadder finally rides for home.

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[KSQweird] Thader Hill
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