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 [Shadows_141] Hope Elrik

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Growing Strong

Name: Hope Elrik
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Shape shifter
Allegiance to House: House Tyrell
Role to House: General Slave
At first Hope can come off as shy and quiet, mostly keeping to herself so that she can observe and evaluate her surroundings. Once she feels a bit more comfortable she is very social and enthusiastic. She adapts well to new situations and learns quickly, being very persistent and stubborn when she needs to be. She has very strong instincts and will always follow them, whether or not those around her see it the same way. Hope is a resourceful girl and will take any opportunity she can to prove herself or show others how useful and intelligent she is. Despite her hard working exterior Hope has a playful side that often sneaks up on her and others. At times like this she can be a bit mischievous and likes to joke around and have some fun with anyone close to her. Once you get to know her she can be a complete sweetheart, but cross her and she will find some way to make you sorry for it.
Physical Description:
Hope has smooth, pale, porcelain skin that makes her already bright hair seem even more vibrant. Her red locks are slightly curled and fall to her shoulders, also falling in front of her light blue/grey eyes.
She is rather petite, standing at about 5’4” and weighing around 115 lbs. Although she looks small and thin she has muscles to flex if she needs to.
When in her coyote form she is still rather petite, her fur a mixture of reds, browns, whites, and blacks. She looks almost like a small wolf, only with skinnier limbs and a fluffier tale.

Powers and Abilities:
Hope has the ability to shape shift into the creature of her house as well as her power animal (a coyote). She can change separate parts of her body or her whole body all at once whenever she desires.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
While in her human form Hope has no exceptional extra powers and can be injured or killed the same way any human can. While in her coyote form she tends to be nocturnal and will often stick to the shadows, rarely venturing out into open spaces. She is vulnerable to the things a regular coyote would be vulnerable to such as weapons like arrows or any form or magic from sorcerers or elves. Also if she stays in her coyote form for too long it becomes harder for her to shift back into her human form.
As far as strengths go as a shape shifter her healing ability is much faster than that of a human, though it takes a lot of her to quickly heal a wound. She is stronger and faster than a human her size but would be no match for something like a were wolf or vampire. Hope has amazing intuition and survival instincts and can live easily with limits resources for much longer than most others could.

Weapons and Armor of Choice:
Hope tends to rely on her brain rather than brawn, having a limited knowledge of hand to hand combat. She knows how to use a bow and arrow as well as a sword but do not carry them around or use them often. The only weapon she will have with her will sometimes be a small dagger strapped to her leg or in her boot, used only if necessary and often forgotten by her.
Armor is the same and Hope almost never has any kind of armor on, not finding a huge need for it and not willing to have something she doesn’t use weigh her down.

Hope was her parents’ miracle since she was first born. She was close to death and nobody thought she would make it longer than a couple hours. But after two weeks old she grew much stronger than others her age. She was an only child and her parents taught her everything, from how to shoot a bow and arrow to which berries you should and shouldn’t eat. They lived in a small village that rarely saw outside life but sustained rather well and provided for one another. It didn’t take long for Hope to adapt this was of life as well and soon she was very well versed in the ways of the forest, finding out at a young age her power animal and her abilities.
When she was about to turn eighteen her mother became pregnant again but died giving birth to the child, leaving her father so grief stricken he too took his life, leaving Hope alone. She refused to stay in the place that reminded her so much of her parents and so she left the small village in search for somewhere where she could belong and have a purpose. For a number of years she lived like her parents had taught her, moving from place to place without getting caught and living off whatever she could find or hunt. But that got very old very quickly and she found herself needing something different. She continued to travel but this time looking for a place to stay and live, not just a place to find food and camp out in. Eventually she wandered into the Tyrell territory and after a couple of days has chosen to stay to figure out if she serves a purpose there, or any purpose at all for that matter.

But he that dares not grasp the thorn Should never crave the rose.
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[Shadows_141] Hope Elrik
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