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 [Angel-Jade] Katerina Petrova

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I will tear this city apart until it rains blood

Katerina Petrova (Shamela)

Appears 22



Allegiance to House:
Stannis Baratheon of King's Landing

Role to House:

A singular word to describe such a beautiful and complex women yet brings all of her characterstics together into a simple word of description, selfish. Every action and every breath she breaths is only for her own benefit yet she was not always this way. Katerina is a twin, the bad twin of course, but she was not always as bad as she is now. She was born with a multi-faceted personality, sarcastic and flirty as well as cruel and manipulative. She started out as a playful young child though, one who enjoyed playing jokes on her twin and townspeople. Eventually, though, circumstances and events forced the joking child into being an evil and manipulative woman who has perfected the art of acting. Katerina is nicknamed the Queen of Faces for her ease of acting, pretending to be someone she is not in order to get her way. She has no love and no loyalty to anyone but herself, not even her family. She is a skilled actress and master manipulator, only fueled by her primal vampiric instincts. But though she comes off steely, underneath is simply a young woman housing a broken heart and a need for love, a fear of men that fuels on her sarcastic ways.

Physical Description:
Katerina is a generally very attractive woman which often times helps her persuasion for men are known to give in to her for her well proportioned body. Her legs are long and well muscled to run fast, but they are by no means large; her legs are how many would describe as "to die for", long and lean she has legs for days. Actually everything about Katerina is long and lean. Her torso is long, her stomach is flat and toned, her breasts of an average size, neither large nor small. Her arms stretch on for days in a thin fashion, though strong enough to snap a neck without a thought. Her face is the giveaway of her decent, her features are strongly Dornish with almond shaped brown eyes,thick and ark lashes, bronzed skin, and dark red lips. Her face is shaped in an oval form, which gives her a sort of cherubic appearance if it was not for her dark and shadowed features. Even though she and his sister are twin, they also have a few very distinct differences. First is that while her sisters features hold a natural glimmer, her own are more dark and smoky type. She also prefers to keep her hair curled while her sisters prefers to keep her hair naturally straight. The final difference between the twins is that when her sister likes to cover up and wear conservative dresses, Katerina has no such qualms and prefers to wear revealing and seductive clothes.

Powers & Abilities:
The power which leads so many to turn to vampirism is the power of immortality, once turned a vampire stops aging and is now immune to all mundane afflications. Super strength is an amazing ability that all vampires posses and Katerina is no exception. In her occasional lack of self-control her temper has been known to flare up and she has tossed around items ten times her size and weight with little effort. Speed and agility are other advantages of vampirism, becoming a singular blur when running at full speed, and having better agility than any other animal known to man; she is able to manuver the steep, rocky slopes of the Iron Islands with ease. Emotional control is an ability Katerina has taught herself, the ability to control and manipulate one's own emotions, and the ability has served her well to date. Heightened sense that accompany vampirism are also very useful to the predatory species, enhanced vision and smell particularly. They also have the ability of rapid cell regeneration, commonly known as rapid healing. A vampire can heal from any would that is not a wooden stake to the heart, however the healing time may vary. The mystical ability that some vampires contain, one of which is Katerina, is the ability of dream and mind manipulation. Vampires can sometimes manipulate the thought and dream patterns of humans in order to cover their feedings, unfocusing the minutes in which the person was being fed on and therefore leaving them with fuzzy dreams and memories. And finally, an ability strictly her own, Katerina owns a necklace of lapis lazuli which she had spelled by a witch so that as long as she wears it she can walk in the sunlight without burning until noon. After the toll strikes 12 she must return inside so that she does not burn.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
+Vampiric abilities
+Snarky personality
+Survival instincts/Selfish

-Zero trust
-Young vampire

Katerina Shamela was born to a single mother in Dorne, and to a twin. The two shared their mothers womb for nine months, were conceived from the same egg. The two were raised together in a smaal home and taught to be ladies though neither wanted to. However, despite all of this, the sisters held no bond. Katerina always despised that she was cast into the shadow of her older and gentler sister. While Nadia was all proper manners and gentle actions Katerina opposed the oppression of the courtly manners she was forced to learn. She hated her life and therefore began sneaking out at night and visiting taverns. She would trick the drunken men and occasional women with her many acts, tricking them out of their coins. Eventually one night she grew so drunk that a man decided to take advantage of her for a change, he raped her and almost drank her life's blood away. He left her in torment for a night before he returned to where he had stored her and changed her, as a playtoy for himself. After completing her transition she somehow managed to escape him and ran to King's Landing, the most populated and corrupt city in all of Westeros. She learned to relish in the wicked ways of vampirism along her trip and learned to enjoy the kills. A wicked smile was upon her lips as she entered the gates into the city, she was free now. Free from all torments of her lessons and the shadow of her sister, she was free to torment others and now she even had an advantage. Her vampiric instincts took some time to control but now Katerina has full use of her powers and abilities and can use them to their full extent. She began her old game of deceiving those in the taverns and playing tricks on people. However she was bound to the night, until one night she found a sorceress. She threatened her and broke her bones until the sorceress complied to forging her a necklace so that she could walk in the sun. Ever since she has walked the streets of King's Landing tricking others and putting on small plays to entertain her days. King's Landing has furthered hardened her heart, she is as vicious and cruel as any murderer and shows little remorse though underneath it all is a girl wanting to be cared for. She is driven by her blood lust and need for self preservation.
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[Angel-Jade] Katerina Petrova
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