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PostSubject: [LADYVICKTORIA] Arya Amory   [LADYVICKTORIA] Arya Amory Icon_minitimeTue Jan 22, 2013 5:26 pm

If You Can Teach Me to Fly…

Arya Amory

Miss Blue




Allegiance to House:
House Tully (old birth house)
House Tyrell (by employment)

Role to House:
Brothel Worker

Arya is a wonderful girl with a sparkling colorful personality filled with optimism and excitement; though often seen as a timid wallflower this young girl is a curious loving lady with a bright promising view on life. She’s creative and inspirational, in a previous life having been a talented singer and dancer whose voice and moves enchanted the hearts and souls of man. There’s this mystery veiling her because of the rumors going about regarding Miss Blue from the Crossroads’ Inn that leaves men mesmerized by her appearance and she loves it. Arya is known for being awfully fond of the attention of men being known for giggling every time a lad compliments her and laughing whenever a gift is offered. She’s ever amused and smiling, perhaps the happiest person in Westeros who’s notorious for dancing around without music playing or skipping around through the brothel gardens like a naïve little girl. Being known for making decisions on impulse Arya does tend to often get in trouble…

Physical Description:
Arya is a tiny girl still a long way from being a mature adult and that’s exactly why the customers stand in life for her; with the youthful fresh body of a blossoming teenager in her prime she’s a lady desired by many for the sparkle in her appearance. Her body is lean and tiny with subtle feminine definitions; perky young breasts barely a small handful and a narrow waist that meets with her long dancer legs in an ample rear shape her enchanting figure that only stands a modest 5ft 3inches above the ground. Hair strawberry blonde is usually pinned tightly together with small golden pins and hawk features one of her frequent costumers brings upon each visit yet nothing is as defining as the light in her sapphire blue eyes. Arya possesses the rarest of blue eyes one could ever imagine, crystal clear like a bottomless ocean yet bright like the northern star standing highest on the night’s horizon…

Powers and Abilities:
Arya possesses the unique ability to take the physical form of the magnificent little Blue Jay, an exceptional bird of song with a song so brilliant it can break tears to the eyes of men and smiles to the expression of even the deceased. This talent of hers was discovered by her current employer who’d selected her for that specific reason though the ability of flight still eludes her in this life. She can sing like the little bird already, even display the same grace as a dancer but she’s still months away from actually taking off if she ever will at all…

• Singing
• Flirting
• Dancing

• Flying
• Cages
• Cats

Weapons of Choice:
Not Available

Armor of Choice:
Not Available

Background History:
Last Winter…

In the Brave Companions camp outside of Crossroads’ Inn the roar of another victory swept through the night by the voices of one thousand vicious sellswords in service of the Lannisters. Two more Riverlands’ village had been burned to the ground and the loot was already divided amongst the men who’d begun their festivities early; barrels of ale were tapped, the amber drink richly flowing while the butchered pigs from the town were roasting over one of their many fires. Cages stood in a remote corner of the camp where prisoners, mostly women and children were huddled together out of fear for their lives with hands and feet bound by heavy steel shackles nailed to the ground. The kids were sobbing with bitter tears of fright and terror while their mothers desperately attempted to sooth their worried minds refusing to show weakness to these foreign invaders; most of the women present had lost a husband, a son or a relative to the gruesome attacks of these thugs whose purses were filled with Westerlands’ coin for these heinous acts. Some, the unfortunate for being beautiful had been dragged from the cages and would likely not survive the repetitive torment of feeling these vile men between their legs; their screams remained like harrowing echoes amongst the drunken banter of the mercenaries yet one sound remained pure and unaffected by the past horror. From a small cage housing just one girl a heavenly voice continued her cheerful song that kept the embers of hope burning inside the hearts the captured; sometimes all it took was a song to keep hope alive…

The former septon Utt was the first to discover the cheerful song of the copper haired girl as with long strides he moved towards her cage; a blunt jab with the back of a spear he hit the girl in the stomach though her song didn’t pause for a second. Ever bright and cheerful her voice remained a beacon of comfort and hope though for the old septon whose preference for young boys was well known it was an worrying reminder of the Riverlands’ spirits not being broken that easily. He raised the spear again for a second jab though somehow his hands couldn’t move the blunted end down again. When he turned around his face met the brutish sting of a fist against the fragile bone of his nose that cracked like weak timber under an axe. When the initial surprise had passed Utt reached for his sword but was stopped by a heavy kick that knocked him back on his rear before his eyes stared upon the crude steel of Bloodbane. “Make my day dear Septon and scream for it will be the last breath you’ll waste in this world if you do so. The songbird comes with me with or without your permission…” Shrouding his identity within a hooded cloak the stranger spoke in the distinct accent of a Reach gent as he pressed the sharp edge of the sword heavy just beneath that manly crop in Utt’s throat. “The girl with the song comes with me, if you speak…” The steel pressed heavier on the man’s throat enough to break the skin with a subtle cut before the stranger continued. “Speak and die, remain quiet and my mistress pays richly for your silence…” And after a silent nod Utt agreed to the man’s term who pressed a purse with silver in his hand before disappearing in the night with the human songbird…

The Present…

In the tower room of the Cider Hall brothel that same enchanting song continues to this very day as Arya found a home amongst the brothel workers; every day dozens of men gather in the dinner hall downstairs to hear her enchanting song while a single man every night is blessed with the privilege of sleeping in the young lady’s bed. Where the other girls go from one client to the next even before their seed has been washed out, Arya is reserved to a limited clientele who can appreciate the fine touch of a young girl whose song can pull at a man’s heartstrings beckoning them to be gentle and loving with her; she’s privileged to have the personal protection of the brothel guard Franklyn Flowers who’d come to save her from a life of slavery and sexual abuse while Madame Naevia Ilithyia taught her how to seduce and tempt the hearts of men. She was trained in the art of love, learning how to kiss, touch and lay with man and woman in the pursuit of physical bliss by the Madame herself and eventually Arya grew to love the affections of strange men. The gifts they bring along with their flirtatious compliments make her feel like a divine creature, a goddess in some way who’s to be desired by many if not all men. Cider Hall offers that platform in the brothel for her to perform her song and dance while every night ends with amorous adventures with the highest bidder…

Additional Pics:

…You Can Teach Me to Sing

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