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 [Pre-Made] Gaelle Griffin

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No Man is Rich Enough…

Gaelle Griffin

Miss Golden

20 in appearance
278 in actual years


High Elf

Allegiance to House:
House Baratheon (Place of Birth)
House Tyrell (Place of Employment)

Role to House:

Gaelle is the definition of a gold digger for since she first laid eyes on a golden coin her heart was stolen; she’s a greedy insatiable lady fully dedicated to the pursuit of perfection and riches. Above all things she’s a shallow individual who has only eye for outward appearances and renowned titles; prestigious names, glamorous dresses and rich presents are the way to her heart though patrons of the brothel as well know such gifts also lead to legs being spread more eagerly. Gaelle is of elvish descent which brings forth a certain serenity and purity to her personality that makes her a calm and generous person. She’s patient and willing to learn whatever knowledge a person can offer her and Gaelle is open to new experiences that can further enrich her life…

Physical Description:
Native to the Elvish folk Gaelle possesses a rare beauty that few can match in this world with her enchanting six feet wondrous body; long slender legs marvelously toned by a healthy physique offer her an enthralling strut that leaves many jaws dropping while the others are left drooling in her wake. Everything about Gaelle is perfectly in proportion from the long legs to the lovely slender figure that ends in a heavenly bussom that fills her bustiers perfectly. Dark blonde curls reach down her back always worn so wonderfully in the elvish tradition with part of it pinned back and the other let to hung lose across both shoulders; periwinkle blue eyes are what intrigue most men into her chambers. Full naturally red lips greet a fellow in the most passionate of kisses while long manicured nails allow for a better more sensual touch all becoming the subtle details that make Gaelle the most requested girl at the Cider Hall Brothel if not in all the brothels of Westeros…

Powers and Abilities:
As a High Elf Gaelle possesses a natural affinity towards the arcane forms of magic though it goes against their moral code to wield such abilities; still she can command the winds to do her bidding, permitting her to bend the gusts outside into a flattering breeze that embraces her. She can breathe with the strength of a raging storm and often a sneeze of hers results in a sudden twister being summoned to life. On other occasions the clap of her hands can stir a wind blast so powerful it’s been known to knock down small wooden houses yet Gaelle seldom calls upon these abilities unless absolutely necessary or per request of her clients who often wish of her to use these powers for something sexual…

• Provocation
• Temptation
• Flirtation

• Money
• Gems
• Gold

Weapons of Choice:
Not Available

Armor of Choice:
Not Available

Background History:
Three Years Ago…
Bored out of her mind, Gaelle stared out of her window in the elvish refuge hidden beyond the limits of Grandview in the Stormlands where the hills surround one side of the village while a river leads south towards the bay. Lately life amongst the elvish had gone stale and tiresome without the slightest moment of excitement to brighten up her day; suitors had come to her father pleading for the blessing of her hand in marriage but as tradition goes only with a kiss rewarded by the lady herself can one take princess of the high elves as their bride. On first notice one wouldn’t say Gaelle was the heiress to the Grandview Elvish community but being the only daughter of the current ruler, she’s a princess most desired amongst the elvish kin. Her dark blonde curls in some light colored with just a hint of amber was what marked her significance amongst her kind while dresses lavishly decorated with golden thread and sparkling crystals emphasized her regal beauty. Some men brought her gowns of the finest silks, others richly gem embedded jewelry but even those presents of superb value couldn’t sooth her spoiled preferences. Her father often got upset with her pickiness yet a mere smile and a sparkle in those heavenly periwinkle blue eyes made the man forget about his worries; in the end he couldn’t deny his precious daughter her request yet little had prepared him of her request to come…

When yet another trembling lord came to her father’s house for her hand, Gaelle’s discomfort was no longer tucked under benches in the expected ladylike manner; she threw her wine glass to the man’s head, tore off her skirts to leave her standing only dressed in the intimate bodice of a true temptress. With a sensual sway she strutted towards the man and right before court she straddled his lap kissed the man and then looked towards her father with a grin of mischief. “You see father, this is actually all these men want from me. They don’t want a little elf as their wife, humans look down on us but what they want is a willing girl in their lap playing with that between their legs. They don’t seek love, they’re only driven by lust, all men are…” Her father looked appalled at this promiscuous behavior of his daughter who felt her argument being proven by the stiffness pressed against the silks of her panties. The lord seemed to have lost his voice in that moment caught red-handed in his true intention for in Westeros elves were nothing but exotic delights that fetched a high price in brothels. “This man is just another recruiter of the Stormlands brothels, seeking to bed me and sell me to the highest bidder that cherishes my delicate flower. Father if this is truly what you desire then at least grant me the liberty of enter this profession by my own choosing in an establishment that offers me the respect I deserve…” Her father’s eyes had gone wide in shock, hands trembling as his precious innocent daughter made her intentions clear to him; she’d dreamt of this since the day she’d come of age, to become a woman of sin, desired by men who’d paid gold for her mere touch and now she’s simply given up on the role her father had wished her to play on behalf of their family name…

The Present…
Since that day she’d abandoned her father’s restrictive household, Gaelle had found a home in the Cider Hall brothel where she’d begun her employment at the same time of the current Madame Naevia Ilithyia. They’d often worked together, made love for the clients’ delight while joining in the bed of a single knight whose appetite required more than a single woman to love. She’d become friends with Naevia more than merely friends as they shared a fondness for one another than was often expressed in the most intimate of manners when a client so requested it. She’d loved the bathing ceremony with the Cider Hall patrons, that warm embrace of water on her naked perfection while all eyes reveled in her elvish beauty. Here she could afford those luxuries a husband otherwise supplied for her, being able now to wear sexy bodices skin tight hugging her voluptuous curves where silk and golden thread emphasized her true beauty. With the guard of the brothel she shared a unique relation of carnal delight often to be joined by the madam who simply sits and watched how her finest courtesan and her pet guard go at it throughout the nights. Sometimes they’d share Franklyn in the bastard’s most intimate fantasy for this is how the lad prefers to be rewarded for this watchful eye ensuring the brothel residents safety…

Additional Pics:

…To Buy Back their Past Dreams
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[Pre-Made] Gaelle Griffin
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