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 [Michiki] Mikaela

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Winter is Coming.


Allegiance to House:
House Stark

Role to House:

Mikaela is very shy, she rarely speaks out of fear of other people. She would much rather stay inn her garden and grow her herbs and be with the gods. She loves to help people, but it rarely happens because she does not like to interact with strangers. It can be hard to start to get to know her, she would put up an face and stay away alot. So you have to work alittle on her to make her let you inn, but when she is your friend. She is it until the end, she is very loyal and loving, and filled with empathy for all living creatures. She loves animals, and loves to spend all her time inn the forest where she can be totally alone.

Physical Description:
Mikaela is a very thin and little woman, with light and fair skin that bruises easy. She has long dreaded hair in this strawberry blonde color. Which is always decorated with feathers, leatherbands and beads. She also has totally white eyes, because she is blind, and around her face and down her spine she has this tribal markings in emerald green that looks like some sort of plants. She also never takes out the bloodstone that decorates one of her dreads, this is the source of her powers.
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Powers and Abilities:
Mikaela has the normal powers for her race, nothing really special. She is well tought inn making of potions and growing of herbs. Other than that, which is her speciality she has also been granted the gift of the seer after loosing her eyes. As a reward for her life long comitment to the old gods. So she can dream the future or sudenly get these visions. It does not happen often, but sometimes. Hurting others or getting mad is something unknown to her so she does not know what she is capable of if turned mad. But she will then be able to control the weather and inflict illnes on others.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
+ She is strongest when alone, or inn the forest.
+ She is smart, and an quick thinker.
+ She is extremly good with plants and making things grow
+ She is highly skilled with potions

- Being without her crystal
- Beeing looked away in darkness
- Darkness
- Strong negative emotions will pull her down.
- Violence she can not handle

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Mikaela never fights, she would rather get killed herself than hurt someone else.

Background History:
Mikaela grew up in a cabin far out in the woods with her parents and little sister. There they lived out of what the nature provided them, and rarely had contact with other people. Mikaela’s mother was also very skilled with plants and herbs and potions, and she tought Mikaela all she knew. They lived peacefully there for many years until Mikaela was ten years old and Mikaelas little sister Shanti was five. Then a lot changed for Mikaela. One day she was out inn the woods with her parents to pick herbs when they came over an hunter. Mikaelas dad walked up to the man and tried to stop him from hunting the animals in the forest around their cabin. But the hunter got mad and it turned in to an fight, then it showed that this was a warlock. As all this happened Mikaela had ran off in to the forest to try and find a special kind of flower that her mother needed for her potion. So she did not hear or see any of this, but when she came back to where she had separated from her family she found them all dead. Torn apart by something that looked like a wild animal. She screamed and ran back to the cabin. But there she found the hunter, he grabbed her and took her with him.
For many years she lived with this hunter, as his servant. She never spoke so he could hear it, and she never looked at anyone. She just did as told and kept to herself. Only at night she spoke, but then to the gods, asking them to take care of her family and to keep an little eye on her so that she might survive this. Six years passed and she grew, now being an teenager the hunter suddenly seemed to notice her innocent and pure beauty. And slowly, he tried to get her to like him, but when she did not show him more interest than anything else in her life he got furious. And one night he tried to rape her, but she fought back with all she had and she ended up scratching up his eye so he lost it. Mikaela was thrown in the dungeon where she sat for four days and nights before he came down to her. She does not remember much more from that night but he did something to her eyes so that she is now blind. After this she laid for several years in the dungeon, and every day he came down and told her that if she married him she would get out of this hell and never have to worry about a thing ever again. And every day she told him she was married to the gods.
During her years as a prisoner, she noticed slowly that she could not see but things where more clear to her. Her hearing improved, her reflexes and all her other senses was now working up for her hearing making her able to move around as normal, and even react at things thrown at her. She smiled and thanked the gods with whatever she could, until the one night when the dreams began. She dreamed she said yes to the hunter and then got out of the prison and put in her own room again. There she poisoned the hunter when he came to her at night and then she ran away. When she woke up she was confused, because of all the details in the dream. A few hours later all this actually happened and she was able to run away from this hell. Sins then she have travelled the worlds trying to find an safe haven for her to settle in, somewhere where she can use her powers to help someone.

When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.

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[Michiki] Mikaela
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