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 [scenebarbie123] Obscura

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Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Warlock

Allegiance to House: House Martell

Role to House: Brothel Worker

Obscura is a sour thing and is filled to the brim with anger. She will do anything to avenge the only person she ever loved, her mother. She loves no one else and trusts no one else, but she will use her charms to attract any male to do bend to her will. She doesn't need to use magic to make a guy fall in love because her beauty surpasses any lady they have ever seen. She comes off as sweet but on the inside she will stop at nothing to find the man who killed her mother. Her heart, once warm and red, is now cold and black.

Physical Description:
Her hair isn't completely darken yet as her transformation from a sorceress to a warlock is complete (why she is changing sides is in history. I know you said no half breeds but technically she isn't. She is fully changing to the dark side) She has an aura around her that draws men towards like a moth to fire. She makes almost any man turns towards her with her ridiculously good charms. She is only 5 ft 1 and has hazel and almond shaped eyes. Her eyes make her look fragile but she is not. She has slight curves that can drive any man wild. She has a melodious voice that can make any man fall in love just by hearing it, and she knows she is beautiful. Her hair is extremely thick and naturally curly, which is how she likes to keep it. She, also, has very long nails but she cuts them frequently to hide who she really is.

Powers and Abilities:
Obscura is still learning some of the dark magic, so she is not a master at it yet. She is teaching all of this stuff herself. She controls black fire and ice and is still attempting poisoned water. She is extremely good at Telekinesis, which is the first thing she taught herself to control. Her aura is dark, but tempting, which draws men towards her. In a way, she can control men because they fall so hard for her, they will do anything she desires.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
She is great at telekinesis and she is great at drawing men towards her. She is an excellent bowman and can almost always hit her target dead on (with the help of a little dark magic of course). Her weaknesses is her heartache for her deceased mother who died trying to protect her. Also, females tend to see through her aura, so she can only control males. The light sometimes can blind her, which is why she is mostly out at night. The black magic stone she wears around her neck makes her weaker every time she does a big dark magic spell. This amulet kills her slowly everyday, but she will stop at nothing to avenge her mom.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Obscura uses a bow and arrow. She can hit her target spot on, with the help of magic. She also, has two small daggers that she uses in up close battles that she is okay with it. She is better at being far away than up close. She doesn't wear armor because she doesn't believe in it and if she needs to she will offer some blood to have the dark magic heal her.

Background History:
Eleven years ago, Olivia's mother Leslie was stroking Olivia's long blonde hair. "How lovely you are my dear, dear Olivia," Leslie said. "You will be a beautiful sorceress my dear."
"Will I really?" Olivia said. Olivia wanted to be just like her mother. She looked up to her, for her mother was one of the most powerful sorceresses in the world.
"Yes, you will darling. Now off to bed you go." Leslie kissed her darling daughter and walked away and let her go to sleep.
"I will be just like my mother one day," Olivia murmured as she drifted off to sleep.
That night, Olivia woke up to a loud scream and a thud. "Mother!" she yelled as she ran down the stairs. But, it was too late. Standing over her mother was a tall creature with blood all over his mouth. His skin was extremely pale and he had a nice, built body.
"Vampire," Olivia whispered.
The vampire turned around and walked towards her. Olivia tried to run but the vampire was too fast. "Little girl," it spoke. "What's your name?"
Olivia stared into his golden eyes. She wanted to say her name so badly. "No! I will not give in to your compulsion!" she hissed.
"Very well," he replied. He went for her neck. Olivia summoned up all of her courage and made light appear. The vampire ran away from the light. Before he left he said, "I'll find you darling. I will"
When he left, Olivia ran to her mother. "No mother! No! Why did you leave me? Why?!" She screamed and shook her mother. But it was no use. Her mother was gone.
When Olivia was done being heartbroken, she became furious. "I will avenge you mother," she whispered. She then ripped off the white amulet from her neck and threw it at the ground and set off on her search to learn to use dark magic.
It took her awhile to find the right person. But when she was 14 she found a male warlock who was in his 30's. He said he would give her a warlock amulet, for a price. For one year she was to be his slave, cooking and cleaning and even bedding him when wanted. When a year passed he said he was not satisfied and asked for another and another. When Olivia was 17 she finally realized that the man was tricking her! So one night when he was bedding her, she stabbed him in the heart and took his amulet for her own. She stole his books, some daggers, and left without looking back. From then on she called herself Obscura which means dark one. Her hair began to darken, and she began her journey to avenge her mom.

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[scenebarbie123] Obscura
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