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 [Leon_Nighting] Sarah Thorne, Sir Sorin

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PostSubject: [Leon_Nighting] Sarah Thorne, Sir Sorin   [Leon_Nighting] Sarah Thorne, Sir Sorin Icon_minitimeMon Jan 21, 2013 8:42 pm

Ours Is The Fury.

-Sarah Thorne, Sir Sorin




Allegiance to House:

Role to House:
-Deputy banner

- Sara is an odd girl. She hates that she is an oracle. Although Stannis's orders make her feel less like a slave to her power. While she is in armor she is quite and tries to only speak in a mans voice. She only acts different when she walks as a women. She speaks normally and freely. As from a good family, no one questions her presence in kings landing and she uses that to walk and talk freely. In battle she is quick witted and uses her ferocity to win he battles.

Physical Description:
- Sarah is fairly normal for a women. Her hair is long and soft, but her hair blonde hair is entwined with dark roots and color mixed through out her locks. Her eyes are a hard brown and are symmetrical with her nose chin an ears. Her skin is pale but soft, but her hands may seem a bit beaten after long rides or battles.

-Height: 5'11
-Weight: 142lb
-Hair: Blonde
-Eye: Brown
-Distinguishing features: Pale, Natural dark highlights.

Powers and Abilities:
- Sarah can see things in her sleep, almost like future, but it does not have to be about her or someone she knows. it could be something completely unrelated and thousands of miles away. She can't control it really, she can only force them to happen through sleep. She tends to see things revolving around wars and fighting making her excellent on the battle field pointing soldiers in the right direction.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
- Sarah is a women and her strength is only above a women's but nothing compared to large knights. She gets by with her speed. Even in the armor she is faster then most. She lacks professional blade training, although sometimes her unpredictable style pays off. She is smart and quick witted which helps her plan battles but gets her in trouble when she speaks.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
- Sarah has her own squire to arm her, she can have any weapon in the armory of king's landing. The only ones she uses though is a short on handed blade with a punch shield. The other is a two handed sword, and a buckler shield on her left arm. The armor she uses is white and clean. It is a full set from helm to greaves. its helm covers her face and underneath that is a cloth mask that breaths well and hides her hair. Her designs on her armor are of his house, Thorne. The emblem, is a silver flail on red within a black border.

Background History:
- Sarah is from a family that is bound to king's landing. Once her grandfather was sent to the wall it was just her father and her uncle to take over the house. Since Sarah's dad was the younger of the two and was given the task of governing the farmlands. Sarah was born and lived the life of a lady, yet her powers of sight gave her the thirst of war. In her sleeps short battles were like slow moving accidents. She grew up in the morning working on reading, speaking, and writing; at night she played with sticks as if they were swords. As she grew up her father taught her that honor is something their family needs to retain. She took it straight to heart. She saw the change of kings and was looking at the crown as if it were a joke.
She questioned how honor could be regained with the kings being something of a mockery. Robert was a drunk bastard who was wasting money and leaving bastards everywhere. When he died she thought the boy king couldn't be any worse. Sarah was wrong though fighting was worse and people were starving everywhere. When Stannis baratheon was coming to take the throne her father and uncle were called to fight. She grew watching her father get tired doing his job anyway. She lost it when he was killed. When he didn't return her brother took over. She felt like killing herself, yet she cried for months being watched by her maidens.
She thought she would never feel better about life. She manged to eat once each day and walk around the garden once in awhile. Her fathers words replay as she walks around the lush green yards. The world spun around her and sh fell to the ground and saw stannis marching south and being ambushed. When she awoke she was extremely happy, he deserved to die. She waited for the day to come that he would die. In the time her fathers words repeated in his mind over and over again. To much time past and her mind slowly began to wonder why. She finally heard that Stannis was making the move to the south, and she had to change her spirits. Sarah dressed in her brothers armor ordered the men to rally and charged for her kings aid.
As she reached the spot she had for seen she saw a battle already in progress. She called for the charge and the fight was bloody but afterward she stood with the king honoring the house Thorne. Stannis really believed it to be her brother. He offered her a spot in kings landing and she accepted knowing this was what her father was talking about.

Do you believe a good soldier makes a good king?
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[Leon_Nighting] Sarah Thorne, Sir Sorin
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