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 [Leon_Nighting] Thraice

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Fire and Blood





Allegiance to House:

Role to House:

-He was a born entertaining warrior. He was born of hate, and blood. He was trained to stand and fight one on one, two on one and even three on one, which has made me stern and calm in hard positions. He stands for just wanting to live a full life. He finds this with a group of barbarians he learns to call brothers. He stands next to them with pride.

Physical Description:

-Thraice is a weld fortitude being, with a fighting posture that strikes fear into veteran fighters. He is tall and built with muscle. His scares are like traces of scratches compared to the things he has down. His eyes are dark and empty of remorse. His face rough and stern, his hair short and well kept. His hands are no where soft, but they are strong, and well enough to wrangle any man to the ground. The only thing not scares or muscle is a tattoo his ownership into slavery.

-Height: 6'3
-weight: 159 lb
-Eye: Dark grey
-hair: Brown
-Distinguish: rugged facial hair, scares, slave tattoo, muscular.

Powers and Abilities:
cunning and quick, strong at hand to hand combat.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
-His strengths his that he never had a family like a mother or sisters. He had only brothers and nothing like a father, he was beaten and trained to entertain the rich. He stood knowing that nothing he could do to obtain his freedom. So he learned to be a combatant starved for blood, and his weakness are something he will never show. He lives close to home by sharing less time with anyone, and he doesn't get always fit in not allowing his hair to grow and braids to be put in.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
-He has two sets of armor. The armor he used in the arena are used for short fights, being nothing but two short blades, and an arm guard blocking neck to wrist. Then a leather guard and belt flap, with short bracers. He has no helmet and doesn't use a shield in small skirmishes. for larger raids and battles he has scaled armor, crested with two cobras, the armor was given to him by another gladiator. His leggings are scale and leather, arm braces and graves. A short sword combos with a large round shield. He has never fired a bow thrown a spear or used other weapons, being that the arena was small and close combat was preferred.

Background History:
-Born into a small village on the sea his father was a fisher and his mother was a maid at the local inn. He was only a few months before the village was raided by a horde of barbarians. He was to young to remember who. He survived with a few people that flied the village but was intercepted by slave traders. He was sold to a Gladiator camp and started being trained for the arena. He was trained till the age of 16 and his stubborn behavior made it almost impossible to control him. He was put against Yaren, a veteran fighter to teach him a lesson. When the two squared off Thraice was small and less built on but the difference in skill was small. Thraice was raised by the gladiators so he knew all the tricks.
He was victorious and slayed Yaren by slitting his throat. Afterward he was treated like the head gladiator. He grew through 4 years till he was lucky enough to be loose when the targaryen horde came and sacked the arena. He was in the middle of a contest fighting a group of men, when the large men came onto the stairs of the stands. As the men rushed into the arena they swung at him loosing no men but taking wounds greatly. He was trying to keep his life without taking on a horde. After they ran sacked the place they took the gladiator as slaves. Thraice was beaten and brought before the Khal, The Khal stood and pointed at three men.
He said "Pick a man if you live you can join us." Thraice smiled and spoke, "one? I will take all three". He squared off and took them all down. After that day he has traveled as a Kho. Part of the Targaryen horde. He has fought and taken cities with them, he has slain many but not once let one women braid his hair. He stands to his belief that his hair will become more of a hindrance in battle.
Daenerys Targaryen has now seen the man fight and watched him become part of the brotherhood. Thraice has became a loyal fighter. After the split and many of the khalassar split, Thraice stayed and placed his blade on his throat. A sign from where he is from that means, "Before I leave my duties I would slit my own throat." She acknowledged that servitude and has him guard her now as go through travels.

Blood of my Blood
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[Leon_Nighting] Thraice
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