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 [-VanimaYaara-] Irade Amberion

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Name: Irade Amberion

Age: Looks 22

Gender: Female

Species: Druid (Child of the Forest)

Allegiance to House: House Frey

Role to House: Hunter(Once I have enough posts of course)

Personality: Though her race is generally pacifistic Irade sees herself as the hand of nature that smites in such a way that others understand more.Taking her role as it's protector in a more direct manner.Also despite her inclination to brutality she is over all a calm person. Enjoying the beauty of everything in all forms that it comes in. She does not care about family feuds and has no political preference in particular though she is inclined to help those who value the Earth.She is a wood dancer as opposed to greenseer.

Physical Description: Irade is quite tall considering she's a Child of the Forest standing at 5"8.She has deep Auburn hair with a prominent ruby coloring,fair skinned and slate hued eyes with flecks of azure which tend to flash a much deeper cerulean when experiencing intensified emotions.These physical traits have even her own skeptical as to her lineage.All other markings such as the identifying tattoo of her race is in a location where it is concealed most of the time,thus what it is still remains secret to virtually all.She has a ring of silver through her lip which there is a story for.

Powers and Abilities: Of all the ones Irade posses due to her race she excels far more in the aggressive ones,such as manipulating the destructive forces of the world,or convincing beasts to aid her in battle.Her proficiency in curing is still quite superb in comparison to other races but a bit inferior to those of her kind who specialize in it.

Weapons and Armour of Choice: Light armor,usually a combination of leather and fur with bits of metal,anything really so long as it allows full range of motion and dexterity. Her tools of death may vary,mostly dependent on the task at hand but her favorite are a pair of short swords that are slightly S shaped in formation. The swords ornate hilt curves so that when it's held it wraps around her knuckles while the blade arches in the opposite direction and are made of Dragon Glass.

Background History: Irade was born to a very traditional family among the Children of the Forest. Born and raised in a rather small community on the banks of the God's eye,of course this was far before the days of her kind being secluded to the Isle of Faces.Though her predecessors hailed from regions far beyond the Wall. All her life she had always felt fire in her blood,the fire exemplified through the tales she heard of the War with the First Men as well as the Others,and with such intensity that her own often turned a speculative eye upon her,for it was another oddity about her that they found rather "interesting". Her younger years were spent playing mostly when studies did not occupy her. But soon the dance of blades intrigued her far more and she focused on that for the most part,and at it she excelled. As time passed many things changed of course,mainly the shift in powers,and her kin were driven to even more of a secretive life until they became mere tales whispered into ears as a source of mysticism of the progressive masses. Irade could not and would not stand for the repression of the Children of the Forests but also understood that aggressive means of opposition would do little in the preservation of her kind and even less in bringing about its ability to thrive. She knew she must be smarter in her tactics,to infiltrate from within the minds and hearts of those "enemies" of sorts. It was this duty to her peoples and pride she held that compelled her to leave her own.
Irade traveled all over Westeros even past the Narrow Sea,earning the trust of others while implanting the values of the "Druids" in them though she has yet to find a large quarry to conquer.

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[-VanimaYaara-] Irade Amberion
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