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 [SavantxDexSapience] Dereden Velorey

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Dereden Velorey

Name: Dereden Velorey

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Species: High Elf

Allegiance to House: House Tully

Role to House: Paladin

Kind, benevolent, a healer an warrior true to his heart, a viceroy of peace and enlightment, wise, courageous, even tempered, and gentle. Dereden believes in the power of the light is religious, and faithful, a beacon of hope and inspiration to his people. Dereden is known for his kindness, and unfailing virtue, he seems to lack the arrogance that his race is known for, Dereden possesses an inate and unshakeable faith that every one know matter how evil that they may appear to be has the potential to do good. He is generous in that he shares what he can with those whom would accept the gifts he has to offer.

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Tall, blonde haired lanky, yet well toned. This warrior of the light is distiungshable by his height, and is slightly darker in skin tone than most other high elfs, he is usually seen wearing his signautre all black attire, even though he is a warrior of the light. he has slightly oriental features, and his mucles are developed and toned. He wears one black glove, and on one arm a red ribbon that is a gift given unto him from a close child hood friend.
He also is distingushable by the fact that he usually only dawns one shoulder plate.

Powers and Abilities: Dereden uses the power of the light to aid him in battle, Using Divine magicks as a primary source of attack and defense he only uses arcane magick as a very last resort. He is a skilled swordsman, he posesses lighting fast reflexes, is extremely agile, and skilled in various forms of combat. He has a slight ability with telepathy due to his hours of meditatio he can speak to people throught their minds.
His primary spells in battle are:
Divine Shield:
Utilizes the holy light to form a shield to absorb the brunt of major attacks.
Holy Flame: Holy energy in the form of flames, are thrown at the enemy.

Holy flame Barrage: A variant of the holy flame in which 100's of balls of holy energy are hurled at the opponent at once.

Last Rite: Dereden Uses this spell as a Very Last resort gathering all the power he can muster he draws it in and releases it all at once in a massive explosion of holy energy, it has the potential to kill even himself in the process.

Strengths and Weaknesses:


Often far to trusting of others.
Unfailing belief there is good in all beings.
The desire to consume Arcane Magicks (all though he is good at keeping it in check teh temptation is always there.)
The arrogance of his people often makes it difficult for Dereden to prove the purity of his actions and his noble intent.

Weapons and Armour of Choice: Often seen wearing plate leggings and boots, A shield and a double edged sword.

Background History:

Dereden is a noble High elf, diffrent from the rest of his race in the fact the he seems to lack their arrogance, he is often considered weird and even at times shunned by his own people for his deep seated love of all sentient beings and his devotion to the holy light.
Dereden is a kind loving, being raised and trained in the ways of the holy light, he has a deep seated religous faith in the light, and spends many hours of the dayin meditation. Dereden chose to follow the path of a paladin at a young age and wishes to protect and serve those who are most in need regardless of race, gender, or social stature. His family though confused at his love for all races, despite seemingly irreconciable differences ,loves supports and protects him the best they can shielding him from others of their own kind who view his ways and beleifs as a threat to their way of life.
Despite the warnings of his family and their pleads for him to reamin with them, he intends to set out and discover his own path in life serving the light. His family as reluctant as they may be (For they fear him to young and naive to set out alone in the world) have decided to let him do as he wishes and clam his destiny.

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[SavantxDexSapience] Dereden Velorey
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