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 [Esterly] Rose Silver

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Rose Silver




Allegiance to House:House Baratheon

Role to House: Lady/upon approval

Soft spoken and willing to help, Rose is quiet and nurturing nature fits the role of a lady. Interacting with the courts around her, Coy yet witty mannerism has left the House of Baratheon blind to the beauty of this star, who is silent and watch's things from afar. Honor, and a sense of reprise for her role. Rose soft agile nature only hides her true personality.

Physical Description:
Garbed in deep velvet yellow, the dress Rose wore was that of her name. It made the curves of her body show, along with the soft plum of her breasts. The seer of her gowns always made the eye of a man turn his head, when she would pass. The rose budded lips tell a tale, that this rose had yet been plucked. Skin as white as snow, she appears agile, beautiful to the wandering eye. Eye's of Crystal blue, sharp and round hold a daring flame which flickers each time she becomes angered. The deep long red hair spill's past her shoulders and dance's like fire when aroused.

Powers and Abilities:
Unknown to her yet

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Being of the race of Human, does not mean Rose is invisible like her mother before her; her heart is weakened by men. It wouldn't be easy though for her heart to melt for any man. Along with her race she too could die of old age, or a mere pierce of the blade could end her life. But the strength in knowing she has influence and power helps keep her head above water. Her personality allow's her wits to get her out of any trouble that might come. The weather that belongs the gods, is well-known to kill. Able to swim; water was no threat, fire had its appeal but still burned, and the air was only able to take away the air she breathed when it danced by, the earth only gave life as the foods she grew brought a bountiful to her Lord's table.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

The only weapon Rose is allowed to wield is the family one, her father left it to his son. But due to her mother not being able to bear a son, in rights it belongs to her.

Background History:
Rose born to a parent's that had followed the Mad King, she was left to become a woman of potential child baring for any Lord or King. Little did she know that a forced marriage had been granted upon her father's death-bed, this yet to be announced. Left the young women blinded by her fathers actions. Nicknamed the star for her beauty, walked amongst the nobles like a dream. Listening to every dark corner, knowing the secret's of the realm. secretly at night she was taught to wield a sword, most woman were not a fighter, but her father knowing he had no son wanted his daughter to be built for the future. Teachers all around taught her reading, writing and arithmetic. Not Much history had been filled about the thriving Rose, but do know this that her story is just beginning as the steps of fate wheel's life strings to another.

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[Esterly] Rose Silver
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