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 [XxFoxRaverxX] Kiera Ann Elizabeth White

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Kiera Ann Elizabeth White




Allegiance to House:
House Stark

Role to House:
Apothecary's Apprentice [Once I get enough posts that is]

Kiera is very friendly to others. She can be very sweet and kind, but mostly is aggressive and she has a very short temper. She loves to seduce others. She guards those she loves with a Fierce passion and is very loyal to them. She is very trustworthy. Also very introverted. Her personality swings back and forth a lot, so some days she could just kill for the pleasure of it. When it comes to liking others, Kiera usually is the first one to introduce herself to them and show them around or whatever the case may be, but if she is in a general bad mood, she can be your worst nightmare, and it is not advised to come near her at those times. Kiera is fierce in her fighting and trains hard. She is determined and likes to show off her best work when accomplishing tasks. She may get a little bored and lazy at times, but that doesn't stop her to often from doing what she needs or wants to do.

Physical Description:
Kiera has a very soft porcelain colored skin tone, Crystalline blue eyes, White and nicely kept teeth, Well kept finger nails and toenails, Dark brunette ringlets and curls

Powers and Abilities:
+Can heal others to a degree
+Can Manipulate the elements to a degree
+Can talk to one animal of her choosing

Excellent Archer
Her good looks
Magical Abilities
Her Amethyst Stone

Can still be killed like a human can
Handsome men
The Phoenix Stone that can prove to be fatal if used, as well as drain her powers, and energy life force

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
An Ivory Cross Bow, Or Assassin Blades
A strengthened leather vest and trousers

Background History:
Born to French Gypsy's, Kiera was well fed and enjoyed her childhood. She was taught to protect herself from a young age and acquired excellent skills in Archery and Swordsmanship. Her mother was a sorceress and taught Kiera the ways of the witch. When she was 10 she was given an amethyst crystal to channel her powers, and she kept it on a leather strap around her neck ever since then. Growing up, Kiera was underestimated by her small stature and always gained the upper hand in battles. Her parents also coming from the House of Stark she decided to follow in their footsteps and be loyal to the House of Stark. In her early teen years, Kiera dabbled in medicines and such and yearned to experience more, and had the goal of becoming an Apothecary's apprentice. Although being a hunter was in her second line of sight. By the time she turned 18 she was beautiful, and eager to explore the world. But she learned most of the languages of the world at home, and stayed in Westeros.

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[XxFoxRaverxX] Kiera Ann Elizabeth White
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