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 [DARKESTANGEL17] Ser Kevan Lannister

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Kevan Lannister


Ser Kevan Lannister







Allegiance to House:


Role to House:

Captian of the Lannister Army


While it is said that Kevan never had a thought that Tywin didn’t have first, he is by no means stupid; he simply recognized the superiority of his brother at an early age. Kevan was comfortable doing his duty to realize his brother's wishes, though this meant perpetually living in his shadow. He is known for his reliability and loyalty. To his brother their family and the Lannister house. He is a skilled fighter, and a good captian as well as a good man. His intentions are always to follow his order's, and never once fall or bring dishonor to the Lannister family name. At times he doubts himself, and never knows if he is right or if he is wrong in the choices he makes. But he keeps faith in himself, even when it seems as if the world is about to shatter around him. He is a man who has known bitterness, and he has known great joy's. And through all he has been oddly thankful, the events of his life have shaped him into the man he is now. His family is the center of his heart, and he cannot bring himself to dishonor them. Shame them or go onward without them. He is not prideful but he is not ashamed either, he knows when to express himself, and the proper way to express such emotions he feel's. Kevan is a complexed man, and fears ever becoming like the fool his father was. But he tries to hide his inner fears from the world. He silently deals with them alone, as a man of honor and class does he does not burden others. The man he has become, is someone he is proud to say he is, he does not feel regret for his actions. He merely moves forward feeling the past is the past, and the furture is to be seen not the aformer actions. Of ones life that weights them down. His love for his wife, keeps him strong, as well as the love for their beautiful childeren, and the hope one day he will see the faces of the new Lannisters. As they are born into the world, as proud young Lions as he once was himself in his youth.

Physical Description:

Ser Kevan is a older man, with greying hair that was once the trade mark Lannister golden blonde. He bears the signature Lannister green eyes, as bright as emerald's, he stands at a modest 6'2 and 245 pound's. Deep lines surround his mouth, as well as crows feet at the corners of his eye's, his once handsome face is now withered by his age and the stress of the fighting he has endured upon himself. He is a tall man lanky, yet not toned and fit as the young Lannister soliders, he is a fit man for his age as well as he holds a refined elegance to himself. He is a Lion of casterly rock, and does not act as anything different. Kevan is a man whom bears broad shoulder's, and a body that has seen its share of battle wounds, and scar's within its time. His eyes show most of his emotion;s, though he tries to hide them, as most do he has held his doubts within moments of the right choice to make. Within battle field's, but never once has he failed or seemed to have made the wrong choice. All he does he has done for House Lannister and to hold the pride within their family name. His formerly golden hair is cut short, and keep clean upon himself, as well as his face. He bears no beard as some of the soldiers do, as well as the clegane's. Kevan has the eyes the same as he did in youth, vibrant beautiful and filled with life, though in moments they seem listless and dull as coal's. When he is troubled or lost in his own inner thought's. His face bears the look, of his age, deep lines crease his face, as well as around his mouth, his once handsome face slowly withering away to the state it now stand's. His voice is commanding and strong, yet soft and caring in other's, when he gives council to his brother, and speaks toward his family. Scars from old battle wounds hold their place upon him, in various areas reminders of his glory days, upon the rock and the battles that brought him to this moment now.

Powers and Abilities:

None he is a mere Human, but thought Ser Kevan is a Human. He holds a high intelligence, and a strong skill in planning battles, as well as his know how of weapons within the Lannister army. Kevan is a strong man but not as strong as he was within his youth. But he is still a powerful man, his tatic for battle has only seemed to grow as the years have moved upon him. His knowledge growing as well, as learning the weakness and strenght of each house as the years have moved. He is not a foolish man, and he is not to be taken for granted due to his age, he is as dangerous now as he ever was within the years of his youth. His blow with a sword is direct, and not meant to simply harm one when he is upon the battle field, he fights with a direct and brutal force to lead the Lannisters toward victory. Unlike most of the Lannister soldier and the Clegane's, his movements are well thought ou before they are made, like that of a true man of tatics and not sheer brutal force. Intelligence makes and wins a battle, not sheer blood sport to Kevan. However he lacks the cunning and brilliant mind of his elder Brother.

Strengths and Weaknesses:


His knowledge

His sword

The proud bond he holds to his family

His mind for battle

His Loyalty

The love for his childeren

His wife

The faith he has that the Lannister house will remain the strongest within the lands

The Lannister name

Responsible nature

Thinking before making his movement into war or battle's


His Age in moments

As well, as if he takes injury

His family

His childeren and his wife

His own inner doubts that seem to cloud him in moments

Never knowing if he has made the right choice or the wrong

The thought of breaking a promise or dissapointing others

His own emotions as we all have at one time or another


Becoming like his father and being seen as the one who destoryed the Lannister name

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

Ser Kevan wears the traditional Armour of the Lannister army, the crimson red armour and the only the finest gold can buy. His armour is strong, It includes hard boiled leather and steel to protect the Lannister upon the battle field from attacks. A single lion head is located upon the shoulder of his armour plate. His long sword is made of the finest castle forged steel, any Lannister can afford to buy for themself, upon the hilt a intricate detaile laces around, the hilt and top part of his sword before it reaches toward the steel. Made of pure gold, his sword like his armour is only the best, that one can buy for themselve's, and has served him many a time upon the battle field never once failing him.

Background History:

The proud name of the Lannister's, is one known through out the entire realms of westerors, feared by some loathed by others, and respected by the citizens of Casterly rock. Their history is a long and proud one, The Lannisters claim descent from the legendary trickster, Lann the Clever, along the women’s line. Legends say that Lann conned the Casterlys out of Casterly Rock using only his wits, then plucked gold from the sun to brighten his hair. Even without such a claim, their connection to the Age of Heroes is clearly marked by their fair hair and tall, handsome build. All hallmark traits of Andal blood. When Aegon the Conqueror swept through the land, King Loren of the Rock sided with King Mern of the Reach against the Targaryens. They were defeated upon the Field of Fire, but King Loren survived and later swore fealty to Aegon. Following his surrender, he sired an heir who continued the Lannister line. It was not much later Tytos soon found himself as heir to casterly rock, he soon married and was bore his eldest son Lord Tywin Lannister. Who would be one of the greatest leaders of casterly rock, and one of the greatest men within the history of westeros, his wife soon bore him another son, the young child was given the name of Kevan Lannister first of his name and second son of the Tytos. But all was not well, for them Tytos was a weak man, he was mocked and made a fool of by his entire kingdom Lowley bannermen and even his whore, Kevan grew seeing his fathers shameful leadership and with the knowing he would never rule Casterly rock. Kevan dedicated his life to the service of House Lannister. As best as he could, as he settled himself into the shadow of his brother Tywin, as the years passed and the two grew into Men. Kevan saw his brother prove himself repeatdely. And even eradicating two of Lannister’s disloyal bannerhouses.

Kevan saw his brothers power, and he admired him greatly, as he himself soon found his own means of making the proud Lannister name shine brightly beneath the sun. When his brother soon found himself hand of the king, not even past his 20th name day. Kevan proved himself as a soldier and a fighter for house Lannister, Kevan soon took a wife, a young Lady from House Swyft of Cornfield, a relatively poor house from the Westerlands. By the name of Dorna swyft, Kevan and her were soon wed, as their marriage grew within year's, so did their numbering of childeren his wife soon bore him four childeren. Lancel, twin boys Martyn and Willem, and a newborn daughter, Janei. When his childeren were bore, the moment he laid his eyes upon them he loved them, little lions of casterly rock. The proud Lannister opened his heart to them, and his wife even more then he had already. She had bore him a miracle not even the old gods and the new could have given to him. As time passed upon them, the young couple seemed oly to flower, his wife a sweet woman who loved their childeren tenderly and prayed several times a day. And he a proud fighter and defender of the rock. All was well for the couple, and their young childeren as they grew, when Kevans father passed, it was a mix of emotion within himself, even to his final moment he died as he lived foolish. And a embaressment to the great Lannister name, he was given upon his birthing, dying while climbing upwards a flight os stairs to see his mistress. During Kevans many years as his childeren grew, he bore witness to many event within his life, as well as heard rumor of all that passed, his nephew Jaime earning his title as the King slayer as well as his sister in laws death, bearing the Imp forth into the world. And the marriage of his niece Cersei to Robert baratheon the usper of the mad kings throne. But he remained Loyal to his brother, soon taking his place as a loyal adviser to his brother Lord Tywin Lannister. For years Kevan served as Tywin's most trusted captain. Kevan fought in a melee once at King's Landing but was thrown from his horse by Thoros of Myr; his horse was terrifed of the red priest's flaming sword. As the year's passed his son Lancel soon found himself as Squire to King Robert Baratheon, and his niece soon birthed three childeren Joffery, Marcella and Tommen. All golden haired like the long and proud line of the Lannisters before them, But as all thing do, with time soon came change for himself once more, as he grew older and his childeren did the same before his very eye's.

When the day came Whilst talking with his mother on how to handle the North should it come to conflict with the Starks, Prince Joffrey mused on crushing the Northerners with a new 'Royal Army' and giving Winterfell to his Uncle Kevan to rule over. Only to hae his thought quickly shot downward by his mother Cersei, calling it in her words that the plan as impractical. Kevan is also indirectly was given the affectionate title of a 'half-wit with a stutter' by King Robert when he taunted his son. It was not long after all that had taken place, for himself his childeren and his family Ser Kevan was part of his brother's strategy meeting as they debated how to meet the threat posed by the Stark army, and the young wolf Pup Robb Stark. Which was a simple plan, to rush south to meet them in battle. He appraised his nephew Tyrion of the tactical situation. He was also highly amused when the sellsword Bronn made a quip, unlike his stone-faced brother. He was soon later part of Tywin's pre-battle strategy meeting, where Tywin placed Tyrion in the vanguard of his army to the latter's disquiet. It was not to much later, When Following the Lannister defeat at the Battle of the Whispering Wood and the capture of Kevan's nephew, the King Slayer Jaime Lannister, Kevan joined Tywin's council as they discussed their next move. Kevan indicated that their position was in danger of being outflanked. Tywin agreed and ordered the Lannister army to fall back on Harrenhal. Upon their arrival at the ruins of Harrenhal, he found himself seeing almost through the eyes of the fallen, lure of the ghosts wandering about seeming to almost seep upon ones self.

As the red guard and the Lannister soliders ventured forth. Ser Kevan was present at a war council held at Tywin's chambers at Harrenhal; he predicted that King’s Landing will fall an hour after King Stannis Baratheon's forces arrived. Kevan counseled Tywin to order the Queen Regent and her family to flee to the safety of Casterly Rock. Tywin balked at surrendering the Iron Throne. Kevan then argued that giving up the throne was far better than seeing the heads of their relatives mounted on the city gates, fearing that Stannis would execute any Lannister he found in the city. Tywin rejected the suggestion, believing that a king who would run would not remain king for long. Though Kevan remained silent, he worried for their relatives, the lives of his niece and his great nephews. As well as the Lannisters within Kings landing, but he remained silent knowing within himself his brother was right. Tywin complained that Stannis is just two days from King's Landing while Robb Stark is on their doorstep in the Westerlands. Kevan reported word from their scouts that Robb remain's north of Ashemark. Tywin laughed derisively and said that the last time their scouts assured them of Robb's movements they were lured into a trap. Tywin blamed their poor intelligence for the capture of Jaime. Asserting that Robb has gotten too close to Casterly Rock. Kevan relays news that Robb has sent a splinter force to recapture Winterfell and theorizes that with the Greyjoys' seizure of the castle it is a boon to them because Robb will not march against Casterly Rock until he is at full strength. Tywin dismissed the suggestion and opted to march on the Westerlands, leaving the defence of the capital to his allies.

During the duration of their plans and figuring to the best means, of victory over the young wolf Pup, word was recived of loss, a great loss as some saw, and a minor loss as others within Kings landing saw it. The engagement to the Stark girl, Sansa had been suddenly with drew and a new girl, was to take her place, but before His great nephew Joffery could plant a son within her womb or even see himself reach full adult hood. Within the kingdom's, he soon died poisioning of the wine in which he drank, at his wedding. A sudden and quick death from the word, that had been spread through out the kingdoms and through the ravens cast with the notice of the young Kings sudden and untimely death. It was a hard and heavy blow to the Lannister house, and a great sadness to Ser Kevans Niece Cersei at the loss of her eldest son, but as with any through loss the family moved forward once more, holding themselves with the pride of only the Great Lions of the rock could hold within themselve's. Ser Kevan has seen many Horror's, known the wonderous beauty of love, happiness, sadness and loss within his life-time but he hads remained unbroken like the lion. Upon his Armour he remains a strong symbol of House Lannister, and remains Loyal to his brother until his final breath. As the war rage's, none know the final out come as to whom will reign, and whom will fall but he is ready to face any and all. In the name of house Lannister and further them toward victory over the Stark's. And claim the lands in the name of the Lannister's of casterly rock, they are the proud they are the Lions and a Lion has claw's that are long and sharp.

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[DARKESTANGEL17] Ser Kevan Lannister
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