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 [DARKESTANGEL17] Samuel Sinclar

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Samuel Sinclar

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Allegiance to House: House Arryn

Role to House:Citizen for the moment

Between him and his sister, Samuel has always been the stronger and darker of the two. Sam is a man of cool temperament, being knowledgeable and rational. His methods to survive are unorthodox, however, and he regard's his work with a higher priority then anything. He is cruel, selfish, uncaring and very deceptive. Sam is not the best of men, but he see his every action as perfect. His work is his life, his life is his work. He is a master manipulator, and most of all he is dangerous far more then anything within the shadows. He is loyal loving and caring to his sister and his sister alone, she is his entire world, he is highly jealous of her Husband, and has never accepted their marriage from the moment it happened. He feels she belongs to him, and no other man deserves the right to touch her.

Physical Description:

Sam Is a tall, young man standing at 6'3 and 239 pound's, he is lean lanky and fit as ever. Hard work and practice with a sword, as well as working jobs around the lands have shaped and toned his body. Into a rather fit speciman, for any young woman to behold with her eye's. He has frosted blue eyes, and Raven black hair. Sam is toned in all the right place's, his voice is calming soothing, and always remains in a eerie calm until he is angered. He has pale fleash, No tattoos nor piercings lace his body. He is thin, yet not sickly thin, Sam is considered handsome yet he does not boast himself as such. He is a young man, but a gaze into his eyes shows all his own thought's, he is stoic mainly never smiling unless he is with his sister. She makes him seem as if he is a kind soul, a gentle man like he was so long ago.

Powers and Abilities:

None he is only Human

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Samuel's strengths are not like most men, his sharp mind and quick wit to form a plan when things look troubled. As well, as his love for his sister are his greatest strength's, he knows how to fight, and can defend himself to the very bitter end. But he as most holds weakness inside himself as well, he never accepts his fault's, he sees his every action thought, or feeling as perfect like the gods themselve's. His bitter anger toward his brother in law, weights him down and holds his heart like ice. His sister however is his biggest weakness, he would do anything for her, and even give his life for her if it came down to such a action.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

Through working odd job's, about the lands Samuel earned himself enough to buy A beautiful armour for himself, the glossed blackened armour, keeps him fsafe, as well as makes others envious when he dons the pieces upon himself. His sword is not of the finest, steel one can find within the vale, but it does the job perfect enough for him. He figures one day when he has made a name for himself, he will buy everything he has ever wanted.
His sword and Armour

Background History:

One dark night within the vast land of the House of Arryn, a young child was born, he was a thin small and quiet baby. When the child was born he did not cry, nor did he even make a sound, most thought the child to have been born souless, a Omen upon his family for such action's. But none the less his parents loved him, the child was given a name one of pride and Old world knowing's. Samuel he was the thrid of his name, named for the previous men of his family, ones of greatness most had long ago forgotten. As the years moved the young boy soon grew, and his mother soon found herself with child once more, as his father soon found himself being called forth from their farm. It was soon at the age of 5 Samuels entire life would forever be changed, when his sister was born, his father passed within the Rebellion when his sister was no even one year. Leaving them to be raised by their mother, she loved them and raised them as well as she could, but she did not give them the proper love they needed as childeren. She was offten distant from them, tending to their farm, as well as the Local tavern to care for her childeren. As time passed Samuel grew, into a young man as his siter grew as well, she was a beautiful child, but offten she held the most horrid of dream's, dreams that would send her to his bed for his comfort. Samuel loved her, and in doing he held her to him and wiped her tears from her young face.

But as they grew, and her red flower soon bloomed, forever changing her into a young woman, Samuel found his love and affection only seeming to deepen for her. Beyond the means of a mere brother and sister bond, but like that of the Known Targaryen custom's many had known, of wedding brother and sister to one another. When the night came when, she dreamt of a man, with a tattooing upon himself, she cried and hedl to him, as he cooed away her sorrow, it was on this night Samuel soon showed the depth of his love to her. When he tookher virginity, it was more then a love of carnal, a love of her fleash it was a deeper love. Between them a bond, forever he would be her's, and she his when their mother found them sleeping, together she told them never to do such thing once more. That lies and flith of incest would spread forth into the land's, but Samuel did not care, he knew his heart would never betray him. As they grew they still ventured to one anothers bed chambers, expressing their love, in the most passionate of way's, before venturing to their own rooms once the dawn had rose forth upon their home. When his mother finally passed, he found himself with their home, and finally he could be with her, but his dream soon came crashing down when a local man, a farmer soon took his sister hand in Marriage. He found himself in a fit of jealousy, though he smiled toward her husbands face, he hated him bitterly for taking her from him, he soon found her gone from their home and living with her husband. Though they still saw one another, and rather offten he missed her greatly, offten going to see her, even when he knew he would not be welcomed to do such by her husband. When news soon came she was soon, to bear a child A part of Samuel, found a never ending joy burning inside himself, but another only seeming to go into a rage of the mere thought it was his child and not his own. Samuel has vowed she will be his, and his alone, as he seeks a place within the land for himself and her and their possible child.

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[DARKESTANGEL17] Samuel Sinclar
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