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 [DARKESTANGEL17] Marco De La Palmas

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Marco De La Palmas


Marco De La Palmas







Allegiance to House:

Baratheon-Loyal to king Stannis Baratheon

Role to House:

Common Priest not royal


Marcp is a deceptive man, to say the least when the eyes of the church followers are gazed toward himself, he is elegant and speaks if god himself had spoken the right toward his word's. He is patient most of all, loyal to his own belif's but will claim himself loyal to his leader. The lord works in ways of mystery, and even the ones whom are suppose to spread his word can be touched by evil and lustful want for power. To the public eye's he is simple, unwanting and not greedy to say the least, he will give the robes from his back to the sick. And sit with the dying so they fear no death alone, a true man of gods good workings. But once the doors have closed, and he is alone to do as he please's his mood becomes oh so much more. He is selfish greedy lustful for the tender fleash of young women, and that of taken women and whore's, as well as money and power. He grows weary of being seen as he mere priest of the land, and feels he deserves more, alot more then any should be granted with. His deceptive way's, can find their ways into working to his own favor by using the word of god to wash all his own sin's and seem as if innocent.

Physical Description:

Marco stands at a moest 6 foot 3 inches tall, he is a thin man, not one for hard labor nor the means of working with his hands. He is frail almost, but healthy enough not to look sickly himself.His dark deep set eye's, almost hold as raven black as the night its self, as he gazes toward another unless the light hits them just right to make them a smooth darkened chocolate coloring. His blackened hair is cut and slicked back, against his scalp with grey at his temple's showing his true of age. Long scars move along his arms from various attempts of learning his fire control. His hands show his agge as well, as holding a few scars as well. His deep set eyes can show the compassion and warmth, of any caring person, but in other moments send a chillto ones very soul almost. A pair of blackened wing's, are also found beneath the blackness of his robes as well, a failed attempt once more on his behalf at a spell. The man, in some senses no longer holds truth to that of a human but a walking failed attempt at spell after spell. As well, as good intentions. He bears elongated teeth like that of a dog.(not going for vampire mode ) A single blackened magic stone hangs around his neck, most never knowing the truth about why he wears such a iteam but he does,

Powers and Abilities:

Telekenetics-But only to a certain ammount

Control over fire

Agility far beyong Huma mesures but not much that he cannot be harmed

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Marco is a man like all men filled with all the strenght, and the weakness of mere fleash and bone. His cunning nature and hunger for power, as well as a silver tongue and manipulative attitude are all strength's, as well as his ways when speaking of the lords good graces upon the land and the kingdom. But Women and a taste of wine, make him a easy target for a well placed plan when its shot into action. He is as mortal as any though he holds power, he is only mere fleash and bone. However as with most Warlock's not of the, shall we say purest of crafts, the white magic stone and phoenix stones can both cause harm to him. But only the phoenix can drain him of his life.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

No Armour

A simple yet elegant Dagger displaying serpents along the hilt is the only weapon Marco keeps hidden within his robes

Background History:

Born into a land of wealth, rich and divine history as well, as the need for blood shed and power, the land was paved with both the beauty of gold, and the stink of rot from the fleash of the fallen upon the battle field. But against all of this there was a woman, most beautiful of all, she was with child the bastard son of the priest of her kingdom a carnal act that he could not bring himself to accept. Nor would he allow her child to hold his name upon it, within her chamber after months of painful heart break, her son Marco was born a child holding a secret before his young eyes were even able to see the world before them. A story was formed of her childs father, a soldier killed in the battle field, never for any to know the ill deed of her sons true birth. But alas Marianna could not keep her heart from opening to her son, as he grew and in doing so her son changed. Not for the better but for the worse, Marco as he grew only changed for the worse slowly becoming less and less of the innocent doe eyed child his mother knew. And into a man driven to know the luxury of more, to know women power and gold. Marco as he grew soon found the truth from his mother, as to whom his father was out of guilt, or love he didnt know as to the reason for her doing's. But she did and when she did he went in search of the beloved man of god, only to find he had passed on years earlier.

Following in his father foot step's, and choose to become a man of the cloth, Marco soon found the power that a man of his status held on other's. The trust they placed in him, and the confessions they told him his new found power. Validated the behavior he always held within himself, as time passed his power over the one small church wasnt enough, the women no longer held promise to him, and neither did the small ammount of power he had in his former land of birth. Soon he was off to travel toward the new and promising land, of westeros where he hopes to find a new find of power for himself. Being a simple man of god, is not what he wishes for himself he wants more, more, and more as much as one can take and give. Some say money can drive one to madness, and cause them to cmitt vile and evil act's, well for Marco his deeds will soon be found as to how far, is he truly willing to go for mere titles and gold.

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[DARKESTANGEL17] Marco De La Palmas
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