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 [DARKESTANGEL17] Victor Blackwood

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Victor Blackwood

Victor Blackwood




Allegiance to House:
House Stark

Role to House:
Stable boy


Victor is possessive and fairly controlling but only to protect what and who he loves. He is a hard worker and definitely earns his wages through hard work and puts life the the term "blood, sweat, and tears". Victor's temper is his worst attribute and controls many of his actions which are impulsive by nature. If he is provoked he will act but if he is not he is mostly a quiet person. He is a controlling person and wants what he wants now, not later and not by another persons means. Victor prefers brute force over calm words in almost any situation but does show a kind side. His temper is not always his controlling emotion and regret is the other, he often tries to atone for his actions after realizing their magnitude and the ways he hurt people, mostly Rixah.

Physical Description:

Victor keeps his hair short, sometimes even buzzed much like his thin facial hair. Being of the North this often has a chilling affect on his head and face but it is the way he prefers his hair to be kept. His eyes are relatively small and are the blue of the sky before a storm. His ears are a bit large, another bad trait for the cold north to chill. His skin is worn and pale like all northerners are, with extra tough hands from working in the stables.

Powers and Abilities:

None he is only Human

Strengths and Weaknesses:
-Strong willed

-Strong willed

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

No Armour

Background History:

On a cold nights in a far away land, a child was born his mother dying as he cried into the world his father alone raised him. His father was a respected man, a feared and loved man who all looked upwards to, and his son recived the same as his fathers son. All was well for the young Victor, he spent his days reading with his fathers fellow soldiers and learning to swing a sword and fight. He soon grew into a young man, but something was wrong within the young man. He was cruel and he let his emotions control him rather then his thought's. Bu, he held some of his father within himself still, a kindness beneath it all. His father headed for a new land, and Victor truly stood alone, he could neither find solice in the silence nor would he accept it as his own life. So he as his father did set forth for a new land, and traveled across the vast kingdoms, finding odd happenings along his travels. As well as fights for coin, his sword, or merely for being the outsider within the land.

Soon he found a place to call his own, and settled within the land. He soon took work as a working hand upon the land's, where he and a few others held a small villiage as the land of their own. Until they were slaughtered he as the only living once more set forth. As he soon traveled once more toward the land of the north, in search of something he has never known calm and peace. He has lead a life time of anger, rage, and war. And though he has enjoyed it beyond what most would ever understand, he wishes for a freash start. Only time will tell if Victor will once more slip into his old ways, or if he will follow the change he has so longed for all these years. He has found his way toward the kingdom's, and found a place to call his own, but he has met someone that holds his attention more then anything he has ever known, a beautiful young Maiden he was smitten with. From the first glance upon her beautiful face, til this very moment. As he now awaits what is to come for him and his so called new life.

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[DARKESTANGEL17] Victor Blackwood
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