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 [darkestangel17] Tabitha Devaraux

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Tabitha Devaraux

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Species: Werewolf

Allegiance to House: Arryn House (the Vale)

Role to House: She is one of the Two wives(I have Stevens permission on this)

Tabitha is a kind caring young woman,a loving tender soul whoms trusts others to easy. Tabithas trusting nature and heart of gold,sometimes backfires on her in a sorts. Her eyes see but are closed to the real nature of other's,her animal like grace is one of the things that sets her apart from others in the lands. She is a quick qitted,curious,open minded,female whom is lyal to the end and lives to serve other's. Her happiness is on a lower level then that of anyone else's,her heart is pure until she trnasforms in the light of the moon. And her inner beast takes her over,and causes her to do unspeakable things to other's as welll as kill.

Physical Description:
The flawless form of Tabitha is one,that shant be doubled her long curled pale blonde hair. Settles at the base of her spine,as is as soft as the finest silk lines. Her fine flawless skin,is as fine as a piece of hand crafted porcelin. Her deep blue eyes haunt as well as beg for attention to them. As well as reflect a saphire color when the light hits them just right. Her silver toned eyes as her wolfen sel however are what really calls for attention,her silver tone eyes show a deep inset intelligence as well as a danger. Both beautiful and deadly these eyes haunt you. Tabitha stands a proud 5 foot and 7 inches tall. And weights in at a very well rounded 123 pounds. Her ample C cup chest,and well toned legs shape her form into one of a softer more alluring sorts even if she doesnt see this.

Powers and Abilities:
Wolven shifting upon the rays of moonlight touchng her.
Enhanced senses when shifted(Hearing,sight,smell ect)
Agility in both her forms.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Tabitha has many strengths and weaknesses,as well as we all do her innocent nature. And refusal to see the bad or evil in anyone even if they have done wrong to her. Is one of her greatest weaknesses,she has a trusting nature as well as a heart of pure gold. Always there to lend a helping hand and care for the weak. And fallen,her need to tend and love others is what sets her apart from so many others. Tabitha however does have her weaknesses,silver is one of them and can harm the beauty. Her secretive nature due to what she is. Is one of the few qualitys in her. That one would consider a bit,on the devious side offten misunderstood for trying to keep herself safe. Tabitha is weakest when she is in her human form,still agile as a cat she cannot fight as well as in her wolven form.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Not ne whom normally uses weapon's,Tabitha is one to not use violence nor hurt anything or anyone. Only in her wolven form,is Tabitha deadly her claws,fangs,and need for blood as well as fleash. Cause her to go on the borderline of insane when she attacks prey,even though Tabitha is a kind heart she does however have a dagger given to her by her late father.

Background History:
Tabitha is the third of eight childeren,born in a small cottage in the hills of England the young maiden. Was always a inquiring child as well as curious,at the age of ten her father passed on leaving her. And her family to suffer and face the hardes time of their life's,as time passed and the family started to work. Her mother spending most of her nights traveling from tavern to tavern. Selling herself to men for mere coins,to simply feed her childeren whilst Tabitha stayed at home caring for the younger childeren. Life wasnt the best it could have been,but it was her own life and Tabitha was grateful for it no matter how dredful it was for her. But at the tender age of 15 her whole life changed,her mother was attacked and killed one night on her way through the small. Darkneded path that ;ead to their small cottage,the creature followed the scent of baking bread and attacked the childeren seeking comfort. The eldest of them out hunting,was nowhere to be found and thus Tabitha was left to fight the best most of her siblings dead bodies lining the floor.

Blood filling the cracks between them and filling her nose with the foul smell of death. She stood alone only her and the best the creature fought with her. And even if she gave great effort the young girl fell,but not to her death no, a new life formed for her that night. The night she became a Werewolf taken by the creature to his den Tabitha was held there tyed to a small cot. Where she was raped night after night,and feed off the fallen of hunters as well as wild animals from the near by forest. Slowly learning what she was now,as moonlight found its way and licked over her skin as the beast so offten did. Her shifts were painful and brought her to the near edge of insanity,but she held herself proudly learning like a child how to use her new found self to her advantage. Tabitha gained the beasts trust,and one night when she was shifted all the rage,anger and sadness that welled within her came forth. She did not kill the beast,she couldnt bring herself to but she did fight and find her freedom. Bloody,beaten,and nude the young beauty ran through the fields and forest falling in the middle of a road waitig to die or for anoher creature to kill her. Her life changed,taken in by a elderly woman the beauty awoke in a strange bed. Much to large for a mere woman,upon searching and sneaking around she found herself in the house of the vale. But did not know this yet,

Upon further inspcetion she however found whre she was. Tabitha nable to bring herself to leave for the kind deed that was given to her as well as. Her want to help the lord of the house Robert,she stayed Tabitha however does not understand half of what the walls whisper. Nor does she let what happens in the walls effect her and tear down whom she is. Her heart is pure even if she is around other's. Whom aren't as pure as she is,Tabitha doesnt understand the lord's ways and at times doesnt wish to understand them. Her good heart keeps her here,as well as her want to care for him like a mother. No kingdom would beleiev her if she spoke of the truth of her life. But this is not a matter for her to care about,Tabitha now serves as one of two wifes to lord Robert. Or at least that is how she sees it as,even if not the life she wanted for herself she is happy to have her own life. Away from all the pain and hurt of her younger life.

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[darkestangel17] Tabitha Devaraux
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