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Name: Dia (Last Name Unknown, Willing To Take Whatever)

Age: Seventeen.

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Allegiance to House: House Targaryen

Role to House: Slave

Dia's personality is what many classify as a bitch. When serving her masters, or paid master, she is sweet like sugar. Every aspect of her personality is sweet. When alone, she can become evil and manipulative. Dia has never followed any religion, due to when her adoptive parents had been killed there was no god to save them from their fate. She has been known to disturb the peace of people when they agitate her. Her heart has never felt love because of her past, and she doesn’t plan on feeling love anytime soon.

Physical Description:
Dia's hair is a soft blonde, almost white. Her eyes a beautiful baby blue. Her skin pale, but beautiful and flawless. Her typical dress is usually covered by a dark blue, almost black, cloak so that she can hide her blade.

Powers and Abilities:
Dia was self-taught at a young age to please men and be handy with a sword, when needed. She seems to be able to control emotions but many don’t realize that it’s just her soothing voice that does the trick.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Dia’s strengths include; dancing, singing, soothing people’s moods with her voice. Dia’s weaknesses include; her emotions, her young age.

Background History:
Dia was born to parents that didn’t want her. Many children suffered this fate, however this same fate saved her. As an infant, her father waited until she was sleeping in his arms to bring her out into the woods to let her die. Yet somehow fate intervened. Instead of dying, she was brought into the lands where the Targaryen’s ruled. Her mother, was a slave predominantly for the royal household. It was there that Dia learned her dancing skills.
When growing up, she didn’t want to become a slave like her mother so she attempted singing. Yet when she sang for the people, they said she would be better off a slave or a handmaid. At fifteen she had decided to follow in her mother’s path. She began practicing at home to become a slave that everyone would buy.
When the Targaryen race was doomed, her mother hid her. Safely tucked away where no one would find her, however she could still hear the screams of her mother being slaughter. The men raped her and then left her for dead in a pool of her own blood. Dia came out of hiding and found her mother on the floor. Running over to her she became worried. It was then her mother calmed her and told her the truth. Dia wasn’t born into the Targaryen house. She was just a child that was found in the woods.
With her mother’s last breaths, Dia told her she didn’t care and vowed to take vengeance. She wanted to find who were her real parents and make them suffer.
That night she pledged two things; one, that she would find her real parents and, two, she would serve the Targaryen’s until the last one breaths their last breath.

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