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 [RINGMASTER_MANDI] Morgoth Vahalis

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Morgoth Vahalis

Name: Morgoth Vahalis

Age: Eighteen.

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Allegiance to House: The Night’s Watch.

Role to House: Unknown at Current Time.

He tends to act extremely bitter towards outsiders. When in battle, of any sort, he turns into a jerk. If a woman is wounded, because of battle or anything else, he tends to her wounds before his own. When alone or with peole he cares about he is kind hearted. It seems that he tends to turn people away with his personality. If you asked if Morgoth had any interest or following of the old or new gods, he would simply tell you that there isn’t any gods that choose the fate of Man. Man chooses his fate, from birth to death. Many people choose not to speak their mind when there is an opinion they don’t like, Morgoth however doesn’t. He chooses to speak his mind, even at the price of hurting another person’s feelings.

Physical Description:
Morgoth has dark brown hair and soft, warm eyes. He has a scar on his upper right cheek from when he fell off a horse. His typical dress includes; a pair of pants, a some-what armored shirt and metal and fabric gauntlets. He usually has a hooded shirt on or a cloth as a hood.
Powers and Abilities: Morgoth is just like any human male, except for his exceptional skills with a bow and a sword. His first sword is still his current sword. He named it Dragonsbane and he takes amazing care of that and his bow, Deathstrike.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Morgoth’s strengths include; his ability in sword fights, his speed and agility, and of course the ability to use his brain when others fail to use theirs.
Morgoth’s weaknesses include; his short temper, his will to fight and his quick reactions.

Background History:
Morgoth was born to an average family at the edge of House Stark’s lands. When he was born, his mother and father had seen the fighter within him. As soon as he was able to hold a sword and a bow, his father began training him. Every night, his mother and father would tell him the stories of The Night’s Watch. It captured his attention, even more than his studies. Every day after helping out with the family chores, he would go and train. Yelling, “For the Night’s Watch!”
One night, well after everyone had went to bed, Morgoth heard a sudden noise. Being out in the woods though he had thought it was just the wind. He slept through all the screams and the calls for help, the sounds of flesh being sliced. When he awoke in the morning, he called towards his mother and fathers room, but there was no answer. Rushing to his parents room and pushing the door open, he saw the blood covering their bed. Their bodies sliced and cut in ways that you could barely recognize them. When he walked over to their bed, he kneeled down and placed his head on their bed.
It was that day, which he pledged to become a member of The Night’s Watch.

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[RINGMASTER_MANDI] Morgoth Vahalis
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