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 [PRE-MADE] Rixah Valkerie

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PostSubject: [PRE-MADE] Rixah Valkerie   [PRE-MADE] Rixah Valkerie Icon_minitimeSun Jul 22, 2012 7:55 pm

The North

Rixah Valkerie




Allegiance to House:
House Stark

Role to House:


Rixah was born a warm and gentle soul but conditions, situations, and the harshness of the North have all affected her into a snappy young woman. She is impulsive and lets her emotions snap out in moments of despair, or anytime really. She is prone to mood swings and snapping at people, sometimes even lashing out such as with Victor. Anger is the emotion that seeps out most of the time and despite this Rixah is a forgiving person. She is also a very flirtacious and soul, willing to use her sexuality however she sees fit.

Physical Description:

Rixah stands at 5 foot 5 inches tall. She has a slender but muscular frame, different from her twin. She has the pale skin of all Northern woman but bares the hints of a tan. She has brilliant plue eyes paired with raven-black hair. Rixah is often described as beautiful, a flower in the north. As an overview Rixah's legs are long and thin though muscular from all of her walking, her thighs a nice size. Her stomach is flat and toned leading to a decent sized bosom and elegant arms and long fingers. Her neck is tall and porcelain like her diamond shaped face. Her cheeks are high and tinted with a pink blush and are paired with almond shaped blue eyes and her temples lead back into a long tangle of pitch black hair.

In her wolf form Rixah has a musclular build and stands at a tall 34 inches. Her coat is thick and is a stark white, contrasting her normally black hair. Even in her wolf form she keeps her human eyes, as all shifters retain one trait in all forms.

Powers and Abilities:


Strengths and Weaknesses:
Fiery temper
Forgiving nature


Background History:

Rixah was born a twin in Deepwood Motte to two very poor parents. Growing up she and her twin sister were very different, Rixah was hard working practical while Vivian was interested in nothing but boys and looking pretty.She would often snap at her sister to grow up and do something good for their family. With their parents being so poor and her sister being good for nothing in her eyes Rixah went to work at a young age as a maid in Winterfell where she has lived ever since. Rixah sent half of her earnings back home and kept the other half to pay for her food at Winterfell. As she grew older Rixah began to send less and less money back with her own growing needs. She had bottled her temper though, knowing not to snap at her employers or they would put her out. She lived a poor life just as her parents despite her hard work and soon lost herself in whatever alcohol she could afford. That became her daily habit, work her hours and go home and drink until she found the bar. The bar became her ecape, she found the more she hit on the men the more drinks they would buy her hoping to bed her, to no avail of course. Sometimes though the men refused her drinks, wanting her sober and that is where she found her temper that she had bottled for so long.Often she would smack the men with all her might and storm out of the place but would arrive back the next night. She found that without spending her own money on the alcohol she could buy other things and began to but nicer dresses for herself and more furniture for her home. And that is how she met him, Victor, at that very bar one rainy night. She had spotted him across the room and found he saw her too and it was there they fell in love and there they began their shared spiral descent.

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[PRE-MADE] Rixah Valkerie
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