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Embrace the Heresy

Name: Diana Fosalia

Alias: The Scorn of the Moon and Ice

Personal Saying:
“The fires do not reveal truths. Its light only burns and blinds.”

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Species: Warlock

House Allied To: House Stark

Role to House:
While Diana may seem like the kind of woman one would find in a whore house, Diana Fosalia is a skilled archer that exhibits deadly precision and accuracy with those ice tipped arrows. However, she is raw, uncovered talent, lending her skills only to hunting for her survival with the crystalline, iced bow, and those lethal arrows, therefore making her a huntress of the Northern lands.

Diana was once a mild tempered young woman, however this temper was ruined, tainted, the moment she discovered the true beauty of ice and the coolness it provided to the heat of the day. She has always sought the need to fit in with the congregation of her old village of the Asshai, constantly seeking ways to earn their trust, their love, and their acceptance, which, ultimately, turned her into a bitter soul over the ages that her attempts proved to be futile. Yet, her determination would not allow her to quit, driving her to the point of insanity on a few occasions before providing an insatiable curiosity for a world outside of the fires of the Lord of Light, this supposed R’hllor whom was to cast his brilliant flames of the sun over the earth to cast her in an eternal daylight.
But there was more to the world, wasn’t there, or so this is what Diana’s curiosity constantly told her – there was more to the world than light, warmth, and fire. There was also the coolness of the night and her black skies; there was the coldness of the world during winter, when ice settled upon the earth like a blanket of beauty. And with the over working mind that constantly processed and dwelled upon these thoughts, Diana found herself shying away the light of day, enjoying the coolness of the night; and with her profound question of the dominance of the sun and fire within the world, the Elders only sought to punish her for such whims and false “telling”, yet, as always Diana knew what was true within her heart, seeking to pursue this further and growing ever more resentful toward those who sought refuge within the day and among the flames of fire.

With the turning of her beliefs away from the flickering flames and toward the icy tundra, her heart too became shrouded in the snowy winters befitting the far Northern stretches of the world; her resentment toward those who followed the fires was stronger than ever. She grew bitter and cold, withdrawing to herself instead of spreading the word of the Lord of Light throughout the lands; instead, all she felt was the hatred that welled within her chest, hatred for those whom kept her locked away due to her differences, her changing in the perceptions of a newfound glory and power that would soon demolish the world of fire.

After her escapade from the lands of Asshai, coming to the world of snow and cold winds, a world which she thrived within and could truly celebrate the icy chill, Diana acknowledged a new religion, one of the Old Gods whom she believed where the nameless spirits that maintained the cold wilderness of the Northern lands. With this new habitat, this new life, the resentment still burned brightly within her soul, with her bitterness never once dwindled, instead, developing into a more vicious temperament that caused the young woman of fair skin and beauty beyond words could begin to describe, to shrink away to her own isolation, finding refuge among the trees and within the woods that were believed to be the heart of danger. Her determination and stubborn manner forced her to never move from where she stood, and while the newfound power of ice flowed through her veins, chilling her heart into a tomb of cold stone, she remained devoted to the night and the world of the cold, shunning those who worshipped the sun and the fires that came with its splendour.
However, there is another side to this scourge of ice, beneath the icy, craggy exterior, a strong woman who could take on the role of a lady is present, and just by a change of garment, Diana could play the role of a true lady of the high court with hair neatly groomed and silken dress to promote that constant nagging of wanting to fit into the new environment of snow and ice, her true paradise that catered for all her needs.

With the never ending thirst for curiosity and the thrill of adventure and danger, Diana is a mischievous heart, and while she often has a knack of diving into the jaws of danger, she does hold a grand amount of seriousness, taking few joys within the world and treating all who venture into the woods as suspicious strangers that ought not be trusted, thereby revealing the hardship she has when it comes to trust on so many different levels. And with her strengths in other areas, she looks down, heavily, upon those whom sell their bodies for the slavery of lust and heavy passion, viewing them as despicable creatures worthy of death.

Physical Description:

Regardless of her feisty attitude and cold person, Diana actually bears the appearance of a delicate flower with the softest of skin, almost as smooth as satin and hair that is long and voluptuous, setting naturally in beautiful curls that constantly flow down her back as if a cascade of exotic brown silk; however, the true untamed beauty of this young woman’s hair is usually masked by the untidy and unkempt nature it is most likely found in due to her many trails through the forests, and branches constantly snagging onto the strands. As for the colour, Diana possesses a rich brown coloured hair which may often be deceptive in the fact that sometimes it would appear darker than it naturally is, especially when in the comforts of her night sky, usually gaining a dark brown-black appearance which simply makes her beautiful complexion seem paler than before, making her appear more magical and mysterious than what is already found hidden behind those eyes of sly mischief.

As for her actual features, something so cold could never look more perfect with eyes of a hazel hue seeming to shimmer a frigid grey depending on the manner in which the light should strike them, while plump luscious lips provide a seductive charm to this young woman, whom also possesses the beauty of high cheek bones and full cheeks splashed with shades of healthy pink, making her seem almost younger than what she truly is. As if this was not enough to tempt those whom had the misfortune of crossing into her terrain, her figure is slender and femininely curved with small perky breasts rounding upon her chest, while well-proportioned shoulders provide her with the perfect stature for her petite self.

However, regardless of her womanly, slim figure, Diana has little need of flaunting such devices in tight corset dresses, and, instead, prefers the comforts of that which she discovered locked away within the deepest darkest caverns below the village of the R’hllor buffoons she had once been a part of. This consists of a blue-white leather jerkin, white breeches, and boots, as well as a fur pelt dyed the same frigid blue as the ice itself. However, she has also taken a liking to the plain garbs of brown leather that almost completely conceals the womanly frame she possesses. Albeit, as always, this young woman is full of secrets, and, when it is required of her, she cleans up quite lovely in a gown of any style and colour.

Diana will never be found wearing the accursed colours of red, for those were the colours of the Red Priests, the followers of R'hllor, people she has now come to resent and scorn for the rest of her very existence, and as the antithesis to the priests of Red, Diana has adopted the gowns of black discovered in that sacred temple locked away beneath the ground.

To the right is an artist's impression of the appearance Diana held when she stormed through the red temple to murder the elders and reap her revenge on those who had named her the heretic. He further went on to describe her as having hair as silvery as the moon herself, with eyes doused in a coal makeup that presented crescent shaped streaks over her eyes while bathing a shadow around eyes that moved between an eerie silver to an almost lilac colour when her anger truly awakened within. Her hair was taped back with a band of black leather into a long pony tail of silver, while she bore the exquisite armour of the legendary Moon Queen alongside the crescent blade. Atop her forehead, burning bright than the fires of R'hllor was a strange symbol that was recalled to be that of the Moon Queen, Ithlien.
The artist revealed another sketch of what the woman looked like as seen below:

Here, he has shown her adorned in the armour of the Moon as well as the blade that had so mercilessly ended the lives of those that had gone against her and so wished to see her burn alive.

Powers and Abilities:
Since her discovery within the caverns of an ancient temple located beneath the great temple of R’hllor within the devout lands of Asshai, Diana unlocked the true potential of the sacred powers she feels is the product of her devotion to the night and the cold that came with it; it is within her mind that she has come to realize that she was the one to spread the word of ice and banish the dominance of the light and fire from the world. With these powers and abilities, she has adopted several special abilities, alongside the natural powers she had been granted with, such as the power to freeze a variety of matter, alongside causing a chill to stir within the air at the mere feeling of her presence nearby. However, not only was she given the ability of ice, but the Goddess of the Moon provided her with the ability to use the incandescent rays as her own, allowing her to draw power from it and wreak havoc on all that the Red Priests had created to fool the world into believing that they were the only force to reckon with. However, all these powers only work to their full potential when she is either adorned in the armour of the Lunar Queen or wielding the crescent blade.

The Frozen Strike:
With this ability, Diana is able to conjure up a bow and a quiver of arrows made entirely of ice by simply focusing her energy upon that which she desires and needs, and with the opening of her eyes, the bow materializes within her hand, alongside the quiver that sits upon her back. Frozen strike enchants the tips of the arrows with a deadly liquid cold that, upon impact, causes this liquid ice to be injected into the blood stream, causing a chill to sink deep into the body, which, if left to continue its course, may ultimately result in the victim becoming momentarily paralyzed due to bones and muscles freezing up before the final fatal frozen strike can be issued in the form of, either another arrow, or a strike from the Crescent Blade

Heart Stopper’s Frost:
By blowing a kiss after whispering a few soft words, Diana is able to invoke a mist of ice to settle around the earth, causing the coldest sensation to seep into armour and cloth, right down into the bones, causing them to ache severely, and should one stand within this cold mist, unmoving for too long, then the cold becomes so severe that a hard blow to the bone will cause it to break on impact.

A Cold Demise:
With a simple hand to the ground, Diana is able to softly whispering the incantation that should spread an icy coat of frost over the surface of the earth, travelling like the tendrils of vines within the forests, from her finger tips freezing the terrain beneath her very grasp.

A Pale Cascade:
This ability grants Diana with the ability to combine the light of the moon with the frost of ice, forming a shield of ice and silver light, with balls of ice revolving around the shield itself, providing some sort of icy damage to those who dare come close to her when this shield has been invoked. This shield can only take a certain amount of damage before dissipating and falling away, breaking up into a dozen ice shards while the moonlight evaporates toward the sky.

Crescent Strike:
Wielding the mighty Crescent Blade, Silver Crescent, Diana is able to swing the crescent blade in an arc manner, which allows an arc of moonlight to leave the blade, inflicting a sort of moon damage of scolding frozen white light to all those that stand within this arc.

Strengths and Weaknesses:


Diana’s strength remains in her mind and her refusal to maintain a blind belief in an entity that has followers that blindly infect the minds of others, as well as the inquisitive nature she possesses which pushes her forth to make discoveries to benefit herself. Her strong sense of independence has also helped her along the way, along with the powers and abilities that she possesses.


Diana’s main weakness can be seen in her sense of isolation that she has adopted at this very time, and the past events that have caused her to distrust all those whom come across her, treating them to sly antics and fierce words atop a whip like tongue.

Weapons and Armour:

Diana wields a crescent shaped blade named the Silver Crescent, which was part of the many spoils found within the forgotten temple once dedicated to the worship of the Moon. Along this, Diana materializes a bow of ice and arrows of ice tips to form part of her deadly arsenal.

As for armour, Diana garbs herself in the armour of the Moon Queen, as seen in the artist’s depiction, as shown above, of Diana when she came to murder the elders and seek vengeance upon the souls that had condemned her to death.

Companions To Deduct 1 600 S.S. :

Luminescence and Crescent Shadow

Background History:

The Night is Dark and Full of Terror:

Diana Fosalia woke with a start to the sounds of constant chanting, chanting that spoke of the all seeing Lord of Light, the magnificent R’hllor. She stretched slightly in her hammock styled bed before waking; a book lay upon the bedside pedestal pages pressing down against the weight of the heavy leather that bound pages together. The Night is Dark and Full of Terror the words continued over and over again as fires illuminated each corridor leading down to the sanctuary of the great R’hllor; and as Diana’s consciousness was restored to its highest, her eyes trailed toward the large window that allowed an influx of golden sunshine to creep into her room, vanquishing the darkness and the evils it was said to hold. A scowl fell upon her face as the golden light shone right into the hues of her amber eyes that looked as if they were the embers of the fires before she removed herself from the bed and draped the cloaks of red over her slender frame, tying her hair back into a long braid that fell over her shoulder, before the red hood concealed her appearance and made her like every other single priestess that had devoted their lives to this cause of light and fire, the true guardian of men that banished the terrors from the world.

The fires do not reveal truths. Its light only burns and blinds:

The temple of fire had grown tedious and frustrating in their attempts to blind the world with their nonsensical whims of this great Lord of Light; the words continuously tumbled from all the mouths that sat within the temple, following blindly like the sheep that bleated in the meadows. Life staggered forward, and as it did, Diana’s curiosity had taken leaping bound after leaping bound, thinking there to be something more than just the fires that were meant to keep away the darkness. “There has to be more...” She whispered to herself upon every eve that came to pass, every eve that she had sat down within her hammock to take to sleep. The silver light of the moon cast a luminescence light upon the world, bathing it all in a beautiful, magical glow. How can the sun be considered the only thing that casts light? This was a question that continuously stirred within her mind as she lay thinking she would fall asleep as the sky of ink black grew blacker. What ever happened to the Lady of the Moon? Her final thoughts before exhaustion finally overcame her strong will to consider these facts, breaking away from the traditions and cultures, and religions enforced by the priests and priestesses on the masses that seemed to believe anything that they were told without having minds of their own. But, she would not be a blind follower... She would not stoop to such a level where her mind would become a mere sponge to absorb the lies that hid the truth from the eyes of the moon, from the lips of the ice that settled over the lands when winter was rife upon the air. She made this promise to herself the night before her life would forever be changed by the actions of her inquisitive nature.

The very next day, after the morning welcoming of light to the world and the gift that R’hllor had blessed the earth with once again, Diana headed toward the chambers of the Elders in search of the answers to the questions that never seemed to provide her rest. A brisk knock was provided, and a clearing of her voice before she spoke. “Voice of R’hllor, guardian of the temple, I come seeking answers to questions of our faith. Would you grant me audience?” She spoke in that manner that they had been taught to address the wisest of them all, the oldest and the self-proclaimed voice of the Lord of Light; she waited with hands crossed before her stomach, fingers holding onto one another as her head bowed low out of respect for the entity that lurked yonder door. A second turned into several, soon minutes had passed, before the door creaked open and the man, whom still seemed to look nothing more than a middle aged person, stood in the doorway garbed in the flaming red garments of the High Priests. “What is it my child?” He asked, removing the hood from Diana’s head, allowing the head of mud-brown hair to be revealed, including the pallor of features that seemed to never have been kissed by the sun’s golden rays. He cupped her cheeks in his hands, a gesture most were accustomed to.
“M’lord...” Her voice trembled slightly; there was no telling how her quest for knowledge would be received, and this is what frightened her for all knew the terrors of the temper that boiled within this man’s blood, as if he were the wrath of R’hllor personified. Diana’s eyes quickly darted toward the shadows where another stepped forward, hair of red and face of porcelain. The red gem around her neck seemed to throb with some sort of energy, as if it were alive. A scowl soon painted over Diana’s face...
“M’dear, do not fear to ask of your faith. It is the process of learning. And do not fear the woman by my side, Melisandre is a High Priestess of our faith and probably holds as much knowledge of our great Lord as myself.”
She swallowed a large chunk of her nerves, feeling them start to flutter within her bowels. She took her eyes from the suspicious woman in red before looking back toward the High Priest. “Upon each eve I find myself gazing upon another entity that provides us with light as well, a force that bears the silver streaks of the Goddess of the Moon, Ithlien, or as the books have spoken of. So why is it that we acknowledge only R’hllor and not the Moon and the cool relief it brings to the world?”
“The child is a heretic...” The woman in red spoke. “She speaks of doubt and will spread her heresy. The flames have foreseen it.”
A slap to the face gave Diana her answer. Her cheek blushed red as she stumbled back, her hand flying to her cheek, treating it with coldness from her hands. Anger fumed within her soul and as she stood there, she could feel her blood turn to ice, running cold with frost.
“She must be punished m’lord.” Her eyes gleamed with a violent red as she took a shuddering step forward.
Diana was seized by the guards not a moment sooner and dragged away from the duo that stood before her, those who had accused her of this falseness and hid behind the delusions of the blinding light. “The fires do not reveal the truth. Its light only burns and blinds.” She screamed over and over again as they dragged her down to the dungeons, throwing her away for an eternity, or so, that is what she had heard.

Days faded into weeks without any recollection of time; Diana remained locked away, a sad mess with hair ruffled with the straw of her bed, faecal matter almost overflowing within the bucket that was only ever cleaned out once a week. She had lost weight from the days of starvation; her body was weak and frail, and every time sleep would take her, she would turn her head toward the skies, even though there was no light ever visible within the cell she had been confined within, she would send prayers to the Goddess of the Moon, asking her to hear her cries and pleas and give her the strength to endure whatever pain they would provide, whatever punishment would be in store for her.
One day as she had laid to rest once again, the bars to her cell burst open and the guards of red clambered in, grabbing her by the arms that were almost just skin and bones. “Where are you taking me?” She stumbled over her own feet as she tried to keep up with the brisk pace that they walked with.
“The sacrifice.” One grunted almost immediately.
Diana’s eyes grew wide, before closing slightly. A single tear trailed over gaunt cheeks. So this is where my defiance to trail along like a sheep gets me. But if I am to be an example that there is more to the world than the sun and light, then so be it. Ithilien, my Queen, my life is in your hands. A strange feeling of peace settled over her as she came to terms with her fate.

She had been secured onto a pyre, her hands bound tightly behind her back. Flames licked at the air as the torches and braziers illuminate the night sky, putting shame to the glory of the silver crescent moon. Yet, she shed not a tear, showing her resilience, refusing to allow others to see the fear that she held in her heart. “I am no longer the servant of light and fire for the Moon casts her glow brighter than others, and you are all too blind to see it.” She shouted, snarling as she said so; her eyes glinted furiously within the night, catching the light of the fire as it moved ever closer to where she stood tied up like some boar that was to be roasted.
“May you all bear witness to the wrath of the lord of Light as he punishes this heretic.” Melisandre’s melodic voice of dark sorrow caressed the night sky. “For the night is dark and full of terror...” No echo chorused after these words had been spoken, forcing the witch of red to open her eyes to a crowd of shell shocked individuals that gawked at the sight before them, living evidence that fire could be extinguished, for soon enough a low hissing sound reverberated against the silence, smoke rose from the pyre, and all light had been cast away from the world except for the glorious silver light of the moon that reigned down upon the woman whom had been bound. The incandescent rays seemed to grow brighter with each second, until a blinding white light was cast over the woman causing robes of red to glisten ink black, and within a few seconds Diana had made her escape. And as the smoke had parted to reveal the broken tires and ashen wood, a trail of ice coated the area around where the heretic had been bound, a feat that sent a flurry of whispers coursing through the extent of the crowd.

In The Land of Truth and Honour

She carried on running for a time frame she did not know how long, yet, she did not turn back. Robes of transformed black billowed out behind her as her bare feet pattered upon the grounds; tears wildly whipped from her eyes as she continued to run away from the temple, until, she came to a sudden stop, slowing while turning around. She was lost in a desert land; sand coated the grounds for as far as the eye could see, however, one thing remained clear as ever: The silver crescent moon hung within the air looking more glorious than ever, and it was this sight that brought a comforting smile to Diana’s lips before she collapsed to the earth, fatigue finally settling over her body.
Diana... A voice whispered in her mind, causing her eyes to part slowly as a daze consumed her body. Follow the silver light...
And just like that beams of silver moonlight coated the sands, and as always, Diana’s curiosity and thirst to find a higher power than just the Lord of Light, drove her forth. She followed the light, never once stopping no matter how badly her muscles protested and ached, until she came to a standstill, eyes wide as a deer’s looked upon a temple shrouded with a bizarre growth of vines, yet illuminated by the moon’s brilliant glow. “This is it. The lost Temple of the Moon” And without any hesitation, Diana made her way into the temple, never once turning back and looking at what she might lose should she continue.

What a sight awaited her as she reached the final room, draped in tapestries of dust and cob webs of age; the world had been unkind to this holy sanctuary dedicated to a Goddess forgotten. But not by me. She crossed the landing with confidence in her eyes as her sight was consumed by the brilliant armour worn by the Goddess herself, along with the robes of black and silver, and slowly, she undressed herself only to garb herself in the clothes of the queen of the Moon and the ice, taking up the crescent shaped blade within her hand, and almost immediately a queer feeling consumed her, travelling from the blade and into the body of the girl whom had discovered a greater power than that shovelled down her throat the moment she had stepped into the temple of faux delusions. “A new moon rises...” She whispered to herself as she felt the infinite power being bestowed upon her as the moon seemed to bless her with a greater strength and a power that allowed her to shield herself with the light of the moon and ice combined, while a bow of ice materialized within her free hand. Her hair seemed to glow an eerie silver as if the moon queen had possessed the body of this new believer. “They will know what it is like to fear a God.” She hissed...

The moon’s light guided her as she stealthily moved through the shadows as nothing more than a silhouette guided by the fretting forms of those whom had called her a heretic, those whom had believed her straying mind punishable by death. She was quiet as the night as she slipped into the chambers which she had sought answers in previously, slaying all the guards in the process with one demolishing swipe of the crescent blade, which emitted a brilliant light of silver. The elders that had convened to discuss the matter which had unfolded were dealt little mercy, falling victim to the fury of the moon that had been locked away for too long; the last thing they had felt was the kiss of ice upon their skins.
“Why are you doing this?” The elder whom she had sought earlier asked with a quavering voice.
“Because you denied me answers and called me a heretic, condemning me to death...” She responded without even looking down at the man whom she dragged along toward the steps of the temple where she had been left to burn earlier.
“I did no such thing... it... it was Melisandre... she...”
“She was the one who screamed for punishment, yes, but you stood idly by refusing to acknowledge that there was something greater than the sun and fire...” They had reached the final step before the door to the outside world was opened to the gathering of gaggling idiots that remained. “Behold... The great Voice of R’hllor and watch how he dies quickly when dealt a death by moon and ice.” She pushed him forward before raising the sickle blade high. “He is nothing more than a mere mortal...” And with that, a swipe of the blade took the head of the priest clean off his shoulders, leaving a bloody mess where he now lay. “You should fear the moon and her grace, for not even the Lord of Light can save your souls now. Without a word more, Diana took off, faster than the speed of light, darting in and out, away and away from the world of delusions and illusions and toward a new life where she would feel at home with the moonlight upon her skin and the feel of ice about her...

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