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 [NIGHT_DREAM] Vera Samanoth

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Ours is the Fury

Name: Vera Samanoth

Age: Seventeen years of age

Gender: Female

Species: Oracles

Allegiance to House:House Baratheon - King's Landing

Role to House: None as of yet, being she just got to King's Landing - and Westeros itself.

Personality: Vera is a very moody girl, torn between her yearning to have companionship and the fear of being stabbed in the back.

At first, Vera appears to be very shy and closed in, so her sharp tongue and brutal honesty often surprise others. She knows that people demand respect, yet in her eyes it is something that has to be earned - just like trust - and it goes both ways.

Vera doesn't care a lot for authority, believing to always do what is right - despite what others might want - and pleasing R'hllor, the God of Fire.

Because of her trust issues, she doesn't have many people who she cares for deeply, yet when she finds someone like that, she is willing to lay her life to save theirs. But because of her gift of foresight, she's very sceptical about whether people wish to be her friend because they like her, or because they want to get their hands on her gift.

Spending so much of her time alone, kept isolated for 'her protection' as the Red Priestesses claimed, Vera is a very lonely girl and often ends up muttering to herself for companionship. Her isolated life has created a small dip in her maturity level and she is often found acting more childish than she should be.

Physical Description:
Vera stands at an average height of 5 foot 4, and sees the world through brown hues which can appear amber when the light hits them right, giving them an almost hypnotizing effect.

Vera's facial features are quite simple. She has a delicate and subtle jaw bone and a well curved chin, strong cheek bones and a small nose with a subtle curve. Her lips have a naturally light pink shade which matches her pearl white, perfectly straight teeth.

Her pale complexion is easily enhanced through her blond locks which are usually cut in a layered manner with the front reaching down just below her shoulders and the end reaching to the middle of her back. Because Vera comes from Andalos, the Braavosian Coastlands, the strong sun has given her hair natural blond locks simple brunette. The salty conditions had a pernament affect on the keratin in her hair, giving her hair natural waves.

Although naturally brown in appearance, her eyes have a tendancy of turning an almost greyish/green shade whenever a vision passes before her eyes. These effects can either be instant, making the change in the eye colour near impossible to see, or may have a more lasting effect, of up to a few days at a time.

Vera's body is slender and well toned. Her fast metabolism often makes her appear underweight with her thin arms and legs, and especially the bisible ribs around her chest. She has subtle, yet feminine breasts and a smooth stomach, lined with hidden muscles which make her stronger than she appears.

While at Andalos, Vera dressed like the other Red Priestesses, even though she wasn't one herself. Her attire consisted of corset dresses in various shades of red - usually blood red - decorated with red jewels. Like the others in the local temple, she wore a red velvet cape to protect her from the chilly sea breeze. Even her sleeping gowns bore the shade of red, and despite the jealously that grew within whenever she saw other girls dressed in beautiful shades or simple clothes - Vera liked the clothing that the other women had picked for her.

It wasn't until her journey to King's Landing that she learned about how rare the Red Priestesses were, that Vera got her hands on a simple pale dress which hid her feminine features.

Powers and Abilities: Vera has the power to foresee the future, however because she never trained it and of her young age, the visions do not come at will, or about specific events. Most of the time.

Despite the fact that she's not a Red Priestess herself, Vera has been around the others all her life and knows the ways of the priestesses and their prayers.

Strengths and Weaknesses:Her gifts are both a strength and a weakness. The knowledge of future events gives Vera the upper hand in many situations, helping her save lives or escape with her own; and yet it is a weakness, a curse which she bares on her own. Knowing that if any found out her gifts, she would suffer the same fate of isolation as the other oracles.

Apart from her gifts, Vera's biggest strength is her independence. Her ability to survive on her own and to take care of herself. Without the priestesses knowledge she had watched the men train in swords fighting, and had secretly gotten her hands on her own small blade. A mixture between a short sword and a dagger, a simple yet deadly weapon that Vera has learnt to handle.

But it is that isolation that proves her biggest weakness. She yearns for company so badly, that although she may distrust others around her, she is naive enough to at least give them a chance.

Weapons and Armour of Choice: Vera bares no armour and carries her small blade strapped to her thigh by a leather strap.

Background History:

Vera's mother was a Red Priestess who lived in a small temple in the lands of Andalos, along the Braavosian coast lands. Because their temple was so vastly isolated from the others in the area, the R'hllor worshippers came to them to pray and attempt to speak to the God of Fire. When Vera's mother was no more than eighteen years old, the last Red Priest died in their temple, leaving it to be run only by the women.

But their peaceful way of life crumbled beneath her feet on one solitary walk. She liked to walk on the beach, collecting shells for jewellery to give to the small orphan children in the nearby village. But what was her normal, peaceful walk turned out to be the worst day of her life. A drunken fisherman saw her, and started to talk to her about the Gods. It didn't take long for him to get angry for not getting what he wanted. Claiming that R'hllor wasn't listening to him, and before she knew what was happening the drunken fisherman had wilfully taken her.

When the other priestesses heard of what happened they grew angry and promised the young woman that it would not be tolerated to treat one of them in such a manner. In the end, the only thing left of the situation was the small child who grew inside her. At first Vera's mother wanted to be rid of it, but a strange instinct told her not to. That this child would be special. What she didn't know was that nine months later, a complication during labour would occur and the young priestess lost her life.

There was a lot of talk about what to do with the new child, and eventually the priestesses took the girl in as their own little orphan.

Vera, named after her lost mother, grew normally for the first three years of her life. That was until one of the women noticed the change in her eyes. She grew curious about the todler and followed her around, although made sure not to be seen by the child. She noticed the child's eyes change once more, moments before a wild, run away horse galloped through the path before her. Scared for the child's life, the woman ran to rescue the girl, but almost as if she knew that it were to happen, the toddler stepped out of the way into safety.

The woman told the others about what she saw and they agreed to study the girl more. At the age of four, when her speach was good enough for others to understand, they began to learn about Vera's ability to 'see' things happening. At first they were sceptical, until they tested the girl. When all her visions came true there was no denying it. The child was an oracle. And a powerful at that.

Vera was isolated from the other children, and explained about her visions and what they meant. About what it meant to be an oracle and the dangers that came with it.

For the next three years of her life, Vera was kept isolated from others and spent her days studying their religion and their ways, in the hopes that the child would too one day become a Red Priestess. But the child grew restless, always hearing the sound of the other children playing outside just below her room. She could see them through the small windows and only began to yearn for the companionship of others her age.

When she was seven, Vera snuck her way out of the chamber and made her way out of the temple to play with the other kids. At first things were fun, they were playing hide and seek and with small gems that the boys had. But as they got to know each other, and Vera told them what she was, the kids started to laugh at her. To make fun of her and push her around. Finally understanding what the older women meant about her not being accepted as easily, Vera ran to one of the older priestesses with tears in her eyes. She confessed about getting out, confessed about what the kids had said and done, and how being locked away was driving her insane.

After a long talk the women decided that she'd be allowed out of her chamber, but to stay away from others. She was given the clothing of the priestesses to help hide her identity. Like her mother before her, Vera spent most of her time at the beach, looking for sea shells - when not studying that is.

Her life passed in the same, simple and repetative notions for years. Study the ways of the Red Priestess, pray, study what it means to be an oracle and how to control her abilities (to no avail), and spend her evenings on the beach searching for the gifts of the sea. It wasn't until Vera was thirteen years old that her habits were broken when a new family arrived at their coast.

A fishing family from the coast of Pentos had moved after their village was destoryed by the harsh seas. As always, Vera was skeptical about the new commers, but watched them from afar. Every evening, the sons would come out onto the beach to learn how to use swords. It was then that Vera realsied there was more to the family then it seemed.

She had a dream about them. But they weren't as they are now.. but younger. She saw them running from a fire and taking refuge at the sea. It made her curious about whether they really came from Pentos as claimed, but she never came near them.

After a year of studying them, Vera wanted to learn how to sword fight herself, but the priestesses forbid it. Knowing that it was wrong, and praying for forgiveness, Vera stole a small sword, much smaller and lighter than those that the boys used. She mimiced their footing, their stanze and their abilities to fight.

On her sixteenth birthday, Vera had once more sneaked out of her chambers at night and went down to the beach. There, she ran into one of the boys from the new commers. A boy named Ravnil. She asked him to play swords with her, and although he refused at first, she won the argument with the fact that it was her birthday. That day, the first day she fought him, Vera had won. They agreed to meet again, in two weeks time and fight with proper swords. Again, she had won the fight. For three months they met once a week and 'play battled', but each time she had won. When Ravnil had asked where she learnt to fight like so, Vera always laughed it off that the Temple had many secrets. Some that even the others shouldn't know.

Her life seemed to go smoothly, keeping her own secrets from Ravnil and the Red Priestesses. But that all changed a few months later when Vera had another vision, one about the destruction of their town. She told the eldest priestess about what she saw, horseman and fire running through the city, burning it to the ground. The priestess took the warning dearly, but not knowing when it would happen she didn't want to cause panic. Her and the other priestesses prepared themselves and others of the town for a situation when they might be forced to run.

A month before her seventeenth birthday the catasrophie happened. Most had long ago forgotten her warning and were taken by surprise. Vera ran to the beach, the only place she thought would be safe. But it wasn't. The place was swormed with unfamiliar faces and horses, men holding torches in their hands and shouting to each other in a language she didn't understand.

Frightened, Vera ran for her life until she saw Ravnil and his family packing their boat. Not knowing any other options she snack onto the boat and hid. They sailed away almost immidately, following the coast towards Pentos. But the destruction seemed endless and they decided to take sail for Westeros. It wasn't until they reached a small island between Driftmark and the Gullet that Vera was found on their boat.

Ravnil calmed his family down and explained that he knew her, lying that it was him who snack her onto the boat. The family wanted explanations, but Vera simply couldn't give them any. They stayed at the island for a while, until the family finally learnt Vera's secret when she saved one of the younger brother's lives after another one of her visions. Ravnil told her that they would protect her, and had bought her a dress to wear while in Westeros explianing that the Red Priestesses weren't as common here. He also told her that they were really from Westeros themselves, heading back home.

What Ravnil didn't know was that his father had decided to take Vera to King's Landing, hoping that by trading a young oracle they would be able to get back their land, that his father lost to a game of cards.

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[NIGHT_DREAM] Vera Samanoth
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