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 [Pre-Made] Meeko

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PostSubject: [Pre-Made] Meeko   Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:54 pm

It began in mystery, and it will end in mystery.





Allegiance to House:
Wildlings of the Zilat Tribe

Role to House:

Meeko is a kind and generous soul, a healer by nature. She is a generous person and will give whatever she can to those who need it but don't misunderstand, she is not naive. She knows how the world works and the evils in it but she refuses to be corrupted and brought down by the bad when she can be good. Since a young age she has been very helpful and often helped her mother. As she grew older she found that her healing abilities were magnified by being a druid and therefore even close with nature than even her tribeswomen. The Zilat tribe has always been based off of nature and animals and healed from the help of the living plants and creatures but being a druid she found that her abilities with this have been magnified. This magnified power has made her the leading healer in her tribe.

Physical Description:
Meeko is a small specimen of a woman. Her legs are short yet dainty and elegant with toned calves and thighs. Her butt is small but well curved and shaped, tight from years of walking. Her abdomen is longer and holds her toned stomach and previously toned belly. Now though her belly is larger and rounded, almost ready for her child to be born. Her arms are long dainty but her hands are worn from healings and gathering.Her face is small and rounded and her lips curve into a small cute smile. She nose slopes up to her wide jade green eyes and soft brow bone. Her skin is the milky white porcelain color of the snow that srrounds her and her hair is just as white and reaches straight to her mid-back.

Powers and Abilities:
Being from a healing tribe Meeko is skilled with herbs of all sorts and the uses of animals as well. She also has learned the trades of healing. Being a druid has increased her connection to the earth and its animals and magnified her power as a healer though she is far from magical. Other than her healing she is a skilled singer and story teller, often entertaining her tribe before fire-light at night.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
+Stones & crystals

-Barren land

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

Background History:
Meeko was born a Wildling to a healing tribe that has named themselves the Zilat tribe. Her father was the chief and her mother was just that, a mother with no other duties in life. Meeko lived most of her childhood in the tent with her mother or with the healers of the tribe, taking a special liking to all things natural and positive. She and her siblings were always very close, despite gender. She and her sisters would stay awake at night talking about their day while her brothers often kept her company as she worked and fetched supplies for her. She found herself spending more and more time with the healers, finding she was more skilled than many of the women who had been doing it for years.Her life was very mediocre for many years, nothing much happend within the peaceful tribe. One day when she was older her tribe was ambushed another, a tribe of fghters and warriors. Her home was burned to the ground and her parents both killed. Her siblings survived but in the raid many women were raped, including herself. Her man claimed her had to look at her beautiful face as he raped her, forcing her to be with child a moon later. What remained of her tribe was forced to move deeper into their woods and rebuild. The last 8 moons have been spent helping all she could to heal those wounded in the raid and helping to rebuild their home. After the death of her parents Meeko refused to be brought down by violence and instead lifted herself up from her work. Her remaining family vowed to help her raise her child, who in the south would be considered a bastard. She promised that the child would not be known that way, not by anyone.

There are many humorous things in the world, among them the noble man's notion that he is less savage than the other savages.

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[Pre-Made] Meeko
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