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PostSubject: LIPSOFSWEETDECEIT'S Thread   LIPSOFSWEETDECEIT'S Thread Icon_minitimeSun Nov 25, 2012 1:59 pm

The Model

Pascy has decided to put herself forward to become a model for The_Iron_Throne_RP, this means that as members and staff, we must make graphics and what not for him using his preferred house.
Pascy has stated that he would prefer his graphics to be based around Any of the Houses except House Lannister and House Targaryen so please try to keep all themes in relation to one of these houses.

Please use one or more of the provided images.

For more images, you may visit lipsofsweetdeceit's (Pascy's) Gallery:
lipsofsweetdeceit's Gallery

Don't forget, for the graphics you make you will earn yourself some Silver Stags - and the more effort you put into your graphics, the higher the chance of receiving a higher rating from this model.
Models, don't forget to leave feedback for additional points.

Thanks guys!


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