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 [BENTHEMAN11]Bard Bloodstone

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Bard Bloodstone

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Allegiance to House: House Stark

Role to House: Tactician/Knight

He has a cold persona, many view him with fear as he has lifeless eyes that reflect death. He has an experienced mind of war and strategy since the time before the fall of the last Targaryen. He has a very stoic and noble nature and tries to be a perfect knight, following the path of Ned Stark. He is cunning and can talk his way out of tough situations and will kill any who cross him. He has a special affinity of beheading his captured enemy and/or giving them a fair trial, slow and painful deaths don't work with his mercy code. He abhors subterfuge but is no stranger to it. He has a slow way of speaking in a deep voice, prone to mumbling; he prefers to listen and think accordingly.

Physical Description:
Bard stands around 6,3. He is of a stocky build, has a broad chest and thick limbs all toned after years of fighting. All around muscular. He exhibits a rough facial appearance that makes him look years older than he really is from a hard and cold lifestyle. He has a trimmed jet black goatee and short jet black hair. He has pale skin and menacing Black/Gray eyes that reflect coldness.

Powers and Abilities:

As a human, he has no extra abilities really compared to that of other races. The only other thing he has that other races do not is that courage that many humans tend to have really.

-Good warrior,
-Keeps cool in tight situations,

-Slow to trust,
-Slightly arrogant,
-Mortal (Its a weakness),
-Mumbling prone

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

Armor- Full heavy plate when in combat, hard to move sadly. Black with Bloodstone Sign on it.

Weapons of choice- Long-sword made of Valyrian steel named Ragnarok. Broadsword of normal steel for tourneys and such. Shield of ironwood with the Stark crest on it and also his family's.

Background History:

Bard was born in Winterfell during the reign of the Mad king. His father was a decorated soldier in the Northern armies, while his mother was a serving maid to Eddard Stark's sister Lyanna. His house's line spreads back to the First men themselves, the family Bloodstone is a strong and noble house. A great ally.
At the age of ten he became his father's squire after a battle with some bandits earned his father a title. Over time Bard became a prominent soldier and swordsman under his father's tutelage. He became the shining glory of the family Bloodstone.
Over the course of time his younger sister Faye at 14 became betrothed to a noble knight in the south to one of the Freys, a house whom had had rivalries with the Bloodstones up until the marriage.
But a few months after the marriage, civil war erupted between the Baratheons, Starks and Tullys against the forces of the Mad Targaryen king and his son Rhaegar. Bard was 19 at the time and a full knight. He served with his father in the forces commanded by the Lord Stark himself. They cut a bloody swathe through the enemy forces, both Targaryen and Greyjoy, when they revolted. At the battle of the Trident Bard proved himself a great warrior and a noble opponent, he captured many nobles to acquire much coin. Sadly his father and mother had died at the hands of enemy forces.
When the Trident battle was over, he and Eddard's vanguard went to King's Landing to capture the city, but found the Lannisters already holding the city and the King dead, with Jaime Lannister on the Iron throne, dubbed Kingslayer for his murder of the mad king. Lord Stark made him give it up for his friend and leader of the rebellion Robert Baratheon, a great warrior, who became the new king.
Over time the kingdom became engulfed in a second, bloodier war. The war of the five kings. Lord Eddard had been murdered by the Lannisters and called a traitor, a lie to Bard. Now his son Robb had become the new king in the north and by the old gods, Bard would kill anyone who as so much threatened the new kingdom.
Though the young knight mistrusts his lord's allies, particularly the Freys and Boltons, as he feel they are not honorable men and merely cravens. Time will tell if his misgivings are correct.

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[BENTHEMAN11]Bard Bloodstone
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