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 [JACKOL69]Brienne of Tarth

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PostSubject: [JACKOL69]Brienne of Tarth   Fri Nov 23, 2012 8:33 am

Ours Is The Fury.

Name: Brienne of Tarth

Nickname: Brienne the Blue
The Maid of Tarth
Brienne the Beauty

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Allegiance to House: House Baratheon (Renly)

Role to House: Knight of the Rainbow Guard (Blue)

Brienne has one of the most awkward personalities in the Seven Kingdoms being remarkably butch and masculine for a woman of noble descend as she shows little of the proper etiquette and manners of a lady with her lineage. There’s a rivalry, a competition she experiences with every male she encounters, constantly trying to prove to be their equal if not their superior no matter how the odds are lined against her; being as stubborn as Brienne is doesn’t aid the cause leaving the woman only with frustrations and build-up anger towards the scarce few who managed to best her in knightly duels. Her determination and headstrong personality are admirable traits that serve her well in the male dominated circles she moves in giving her just that extra push needed to achieve greatness as one of the most revolutionary women alive in the Seven Kingdoms…

Brienne is however admirably loyal and honest, two distinct attributes that make her one of the last true knights who’re known for their chivalrous code of conduct and their high moral standards. Her word will never be broken, a promise being held even when the responsibility exceeds her own life’s value; terms like valor, honor, duty, respect and earnest are ideals she strives towards leading her often to have a naïve idealized view on knighthood. All she seeks is acceptance and acknowledgement of her capabilities and worth, tolerating the demeaning comments of many knights who bluntly insult the Maid of Tarth with the humiliating title of Brienne the Beauty. One person however did manage to steal her heart, being her lord Renly Baratheon who showed her the respectful and chivalrous treatment she so desires in life making her grateful for the opportunity of being knighted in his Rainbow Guard…

Physical Description:
At the root of the humiliating nickname Brienne was given lies a certain foundation of truth since most would consider Brienne of Tarth to be an ugly woman due to her tall, muscular, ungainly appearance and thickness for female standards. She’s got broad shoulders like a man, coarse features with straw colored hair cut short in a butch coif. Her teeth are prominent and crooked often accompanied with rather sickening breath due to her limited attention paid in regards to hygiene; her mouth is considered too wide, her lips too swollen in proportion to her face whereas her nose is battered having been broken more than once by her combatant nature. Her face is covered in freckles and the only physical trait one could consider close to attractive would be the large blue eyes she has that showed off her confidence…

Brienne of Tarth is as far from lady like as a woman could be in the Seven Kingdoms when it comes to her wardrobe as rather than wearing gowns and dresses she goes dressed in heavy plated armor with a bronze gilded finish. She’s rarely seen in regular garments, let alone a dress for as one of the knights in the Rainbow Guard she upholds the prestigious role of being a personal guard to King Renly Baratheon wearing her armor with much pride. It’s a sturdy appearance making her appear even bigger and thick as the heavy bronze platting makes her appear to be a man with slightly female facial bone structures. Her frame is draped in a darkened brown cloak as she remains reluctant to wear any form of colors rather than the natural earthy tones that make up her armor…

Powers and Abilities:
Brienne of Tarth is a knight of the Rainbow Guard whose skill can rival with the strongest of knights in the Seven Kingdoms having on various occasions proven to be a champion sword fighter in a one on one duel; having earned her title after beating the Knight of Flowers Loras Tyrell she’s permitted to call herself one of the toughest opponents to beat in a fair swordfight. At the age of sixteen she’d bested the man she was betrothed to, Ser Humfrey Wagstaff, leaving him with three broken bones and a severally bruised ego. Even when outnumbered Brienne will be able to best most soldiers, being only restraint by her idealized idea of knighthood that commands her to always fight fair and with honor…

• Knighthood: one of the last true knights
• Combat: a swordfighter worthy of her title
• Honor: upholds the highest code of conduct

• Stubbornness: will never admit defeat
• Awkwardness: can be a rather difficult person
• Idealism: believes in chivalry and unquestioned loyalty

Weapon of Choice:
In the tradition of knighthood Brienne of Tarth is a practiced swordfighter with a preference for the blunted length of the greatsword; similar to infamous fighters like the Clegane siblings she wields a rather lengthy blade somewhat over five feet long from castle-forged steel…

The sword was a gift from her father, forged in her homestead Evenfall Hall with a plain undecorated blade and an elongated hilt crafted from an elder oak tree that stood on the grounds of her father’s castle; rather than sharpening it to a razor, Brienne prefers it slightly blunt allowing her to crush rather than cut her opponents in combat…

Armour of Choice:
Brienne wears a heavy plate suit of armor with a gilded bronze shade crafted from a lighter variety of castle-forged steel; the breastplate is a massive two-piece creation fastened on her chest with four leather binds located two by two on her sides while pauldrons are mounted on top with rivets in order to protect her broad shoulders. For a knight who doesn’t ride a horse, she’s heavily armored and slowed down by the added weight proven to be a rather strong and tough individual to wear such burden of full plate armor. A cloak of earthy tones is draped across her shoulders refusing to wear the bright colors most of the Rainbow Guard wear in battle while preferring to not wear chainmail underneath the plated cuirass meaning the joints of her armor may present weaknesses to potentially exploit by a practiced sword...

Background History:
Brienne was born as the eldest daughter of Lord Selwyn Tarth, lord to Evenfall Hall, on the island of Tarth while her mother died when she was so young that she doesn't remember her. She had a single older brother, Galladon, who drowned when she was eight, and two younger sisters, both of whom died in the cradle. This makes her the only offspring of Lord Selwyn, a fact that naturally encouraged him to find a suitable match for her. Brienne would be the heir to the family title and lands leaving him no choice but to find a man for his daughter worthy of carrying on the Tart lineage in the Seven Kingdoms. Given her ugly and ungainly appearance and attitude, however, the task was a difficult one, especially since Brienne was bent on a martial life rather than a marital one more comfortable with a sword than in the company of court society…

Her father successfully found three men willing to betroth her, for her father's wealthy lands, though the first two fell through. The last, Ser Humfrey Wagstaff, warned her he would insist she act womanly once they were wed. Though only sixteen, Brienne replied she would only accept such a demand from a man who could beat her in combat. In the effort, Ser Humfrey ended up with three broken bones and a broken betrothal. After that, her father stopped trying to arrange a marriage for her. Brienne's only positive encounter with a man occurred When Renly Baratheon visited Tarth during his coming of age tour, he crossed path with Brienne and treated her courteously, so she fell in love with him. From that moment her life course was drawn up as her ambitions would take her to join Renly’s side using the dowry her father had saved for her to purchase the armor and sword needed for her dreams…

When Renly Baratheon, with whom she is infatuated, declared himself king, Brienne joined him for his march on King's Landing. She proved her mettle in a great melee at Bitterbridge, defeating the Knight of Flowers and asked to join the Rainbow Guard as her prize, becoming Brienne the Blue. In Renly's camp, Brienne was continuously mocked having some of the young knights wager on who will be the first to get her maidenhead, until Lord Randyll Tarly puts an end to it. Randyll warned Brienne of their cruel teasing. Brienne was arming the king for battle when a shadow entered his tent and attempted to kill him leaving him seemingly death. She was accused of the murder, but Catelyn Stark was able to convince those present that she was innocent and took Brienne with her when she fled the camp. When they arrived at Riverrun, Brienne wanted to leave to take revenge on Stannis Baratheon for Renly's death, but Catelyn convinced Brienne to enter her service instead. At Riverrun her ears however hear the rumors of her king still being alive, having survived the attack making her wish to return to her King, the only man she ever came to love…

Do you believe a good soldier makes a good king?
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[JACKOL69]Brienne of Tarth
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