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 [ARCAVUS]Vincent D. Granzer

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PostSubject: [ARCAVUS]Vincent D. Granzer   Thu Nov 22, 2012 9:47 am

Hear Me Roar.

Name: Vincent D. Granzer

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Allegiance to House: Lannister

Role to the House: Guardian Swordsman

Vincent is a mainly silent type, a man of few words. He is extremely loyal and cares not for his own well being so long as his Lord/Lady is happy and safe. He contemplates every action he takes before executing it out of habit, as such his thought processes is quick due to swordsman training. Vincent tends to be very loyal and carries out almost all orders without question, though there are thing he will not do. He has a soft spot for damsels in distress and almost feels compelled to help one. Once he has started something he must see it through to the end, a characteristic that is attributed to his motto "Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once." Which is the only memory he has of his late father.

Physical Description:
short black curly hair, average build, facial hair keep clean and short. He is also tall and has excellent posture, along with smooth skin and rough battle scares hidden by armor.

Powers and Abilities:
Being a human, Vincent has no out of the ordinary powers or abilities although his swordsmanship is nothing short of amazing and he has a faster thought process than most humans.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Vincents strengths derive from his human courage, his thought process and speed, and his finely tuned skill with the sword.

His weaknesses are composed of his unyielding loyalty and inability to live with failure. He also suffers from a weakness towards women, especially one in distress. His teachings, morals, and heart compel him to assist a woman in need. He also has a low tolerance for alcohol, though he does not wish to ever reveal or acknowledge it.

Weapons and Armour:
His weapon of choice is simply the sword. He carries around a black steel sword with a handle that had been carved into the shape of a black wolf with blue eyes, a sword left to him by his father. When he heads out to battle his quick reaction speed makes wearing a full set of armor difficult so he wears a light black steel breastplate, helm, gauntlet, and boots. He leaves his biceps, elbows, thighs, and knees unprotected to allow himself better movement in battle.

Background History:
Vincent was trained in swordsmanship from the moment he could hold a sword. His father made it a point to ensure that would have a better life and grow into a man that could be accepted into nobility. Vincent also enjoyed chess growing up and was always able to defeat his opponents with the simplest of ease. But when Vincent reached the age of 14 an enemy army marched towards his village in a declaration of war and his father stood with the other men of the village to defend it. Vincents father, Morador, order Vincent to take his mother and run for the nearby village and so he did. Just as they left the village the entire area was engulfed in flames and they could hear the cries of the villagers, his mother stop and kissed him on the head and then hugged him close but when Vincent looked up at her she knocked him out and ran back to the village.

When he finally came to nothing remained of his home but ashes and the corpse of those who fought. He ran back to the remains and searched for his parents, when he finally found them they were holding each other... dead. He cried for a while and then decided to bury the bodies, his parents being the last. Just as he finished burying his parents he found his fathers sword and stuck it in the ground as a marker. But then 3 noblemen trotted by on horseback and stopped right in front of him, before they could speak Vincent pulled his fathers sword from the ground and took a fighting stance against the men.

The men laughed and the older one revealed that they were the Lannisters and promised the young boy that they would allow him the opportunity for revenge if only he would vow his loyalty to the house and travel with them. Ever since then he has been raised and trained by the Lannisters to be the Lords Guardian when the time came.

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[ARCAVUS]Vincent D. Granzer
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