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 [JACKOL69]Alys Taylor

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Alys Taylor




Allegiance to House:
House Arryn

Role to House:
Farmers wife

She is always sad, even when smiling and acting happy the sadness lingers in her eyes. When around people she seems happy and cheerful, though she has her down days as well.
When she becomes truly mad she will go silent, that is when you worry, because she will attack you in someway and you will get hurt one way or an other. She is best at attacking peoples lives then people themselves often holding a grudge and planing out a persons destruction slowly. She is close with her older brother, and will often seem happier when he is around, though they fight like any normal siblings. She is very protective over him though she allows his to date it often takes a long time before she accepts his girlfriend and always asks them many different questions over and over before she is friendly to the girl.

Physical Description:
Bright Hazel eyes, dark brown almost black air, pale skin and a thin frame. She has a star shaped birthmark on her back.

Powers and Abilities:
She had what's called green dreams, dreams that tell the future though almost always in symbols and code

Strengths and Weaknesses:
She is very smart and sly, often going unnoticed when she wants to.

She isn't very good at fighting at all, though she can dodge pretty well.

She has naturally amazing hearing, smell and sight, though not as good as other magical beings

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
She can't fight or use any weapon that well, so she never really needs armor.
Her best weapon is her mind.

Background History:
Her father died during the rebellion war when she was just a baby. Her mother raised them well though she was always distant, often being much to busy working all day or night on their farm and at the local tavern. As a child she always had horrible nightmares, only made more scary when they came true, so during the night when she had her nightmare she would sneak into her brothers bedroom often cuddling to him to keep her safe. Her nightmares never stopped, and nether did her brothers comfort. Her mood blood came when she was only 10, turning her into a grown women so young, though even then she slept with her brother. It wasn't until she was 13 that things happened.
Her nightmare was even more terrible then most that night, a dream of a horrible death of and elderly man with a hand tattooed to his chest. She cried into her brothers chest telling him the tell of her dream. He wiped away her tears kissing her softly on the cheek, then again softly on the lips. That night she lost her virginity to her brother, though their love didn't stop there. She feel deeply in love with her brother, though she knew their love could never be known to any other person. One night their mother came home to find her daughter sleeping in her sons room at age 15, she told the two they couldn't do that anymore, and that people would spread nasty lies if they did.
Though they could no longer sleep in the same bed she would still sneak into his room every night, only to leave before morning came. At 16 she married the neighboring farmers son, connecting the two lands as one. He loved her but Alys did not love him, she acted the part of a loving wife, but her heart still remains with her brother. Shortly after the marriage her mother died, and though the land was pushed together the little house was still owned by her brother. The two still visit each other, and always find a place to be alone. She is now with child, though still in the early stages. She is not sure who the father of her baby is, though she will always say it is her husbands part of her hopes it is her brothers.

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[JACKOL69]Alys Taylor
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