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 [KISSMENEVERMORE]Myllo Locoai Tibica

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Myllo Locoai Tibica

Child of Forest Myllo Locoai Tibica; Husk of the Order of Ciccadia, this be that which his kin Druid know him by and that by which the wind whispers gentle as he enters natures arms. Druid Husk Myllo would come to be the name given by the minds, hearts and lips of all mankind.






DRUID Child of the Forest, Order of Ciccadia

Allegiance to House:

By nature his only true Allegiance is to that of the Forest and that which calls it sanctuary, to the lands of Vale place of his Hordt; Hordt being personally constructed underground monastery that all Brothers of Ciccadia must build for themselves and finally to the Ruling family of the land where is Hordt resides the House of Arryn.

Role to House:

His skills like many of his kin whose talent and lives now dwindle like the leafs of Fall slowly dropping till none shale remain, is that of a healer and a conduit of nature’s pulse and one mind. His skills of healing are in four forms which in conjunction have performed Miracles; they are spoken of and learn by those of the Order of Ciccadia by these names:

Soil’s Grace:

the uses of rare and common minerals in both external and internal applications.

Nature’s Heart:

the use of rare and common plants; both roots, bark and leaf in both external and internal applications.

Amber’s Embrace:

the uses of a unique 6 inch amber needles that Brother of the Order of Ciccadia can conjure, pared with the Order deep understanding of the flow of energy and physiology of the mortal coil, can perform a highly advance form of Acupuncture.

Ciccadia’s Blessing:

Said to be one of the 2 great secrets of the order, only taught after a Brother breaks free of his Husk and become a fully reborn Scrabi. This secret is said to be not only away to bring one back from near death but to rebirth them back into this world as they were but as something great then their own mortal coil. This teaching was believed to be lost in the Great Wars of the North where many of his kin both Druid and Ciccadia lost their lives to defend the South and building The Wall.


Like all of his kind he is devote and steadfast in his beliefs never breaking to the wills of others only curving and bending to flow through all that stands before him, like a reed open a storming beach he can and will stand alone. He seek to aid those into the emergence of themselves and understanding who they truly are by see through hidden truths and secrets that have been long forgotten, his soul can cut deep an stare long and hard into your own if give the time. A man of little to say other than short riddling answering to question unasked, saving his life song for times where words are all that are left. He comes off distant as if lost in thought or traveling to some far place where iron and flesh can’t go. The only vice he allows himself; that whish he does truly enjoy into himself, is the growing and harvesting of his many need herbs, mushrooms and small gnarled stunt trees that his Order are known for. He is like the flowing stream, he is like the rocks and the moss upon them; he is what his nature is, he is Caccadia.

Physical Description:

So like the mighty snow entrenched peaks of the Mountains of the Moon so too does his short snow stained hair rest upon the monolith of his own towering form. At 6’2” own his mountains rage is carved with deep valleys of muscle and tightly bound sewn bring his skin to sit as tight like a drum top upon his hard frame. Adorning his face with pastes made of Red Iron Ore, Gray Coal, Yellow Sulfate, White Clay he bares his ritualistic mask made to give him the image or perhaps vision of Ciccadia; or the appearances of his Orders honored animal the Cicada, ending the skin dyeing with dipping the tips of his pointer, mild and ring finger in a fine powder of amber giving then faint orange tinted. His hide bares the sacramental Druid marking of his Order, which consisted of two large scared tattoos upon his back and cheats, both of which sit as reminders and a symbol of what he is and stands for. His cheats is marked by that of the Order, a cicada trapped in midflight encased in their power stone that of Amber, the colors are bright utilizing the same paste from before only it is permanently rub into the scars of the blade that cut those tattoo’s hard fine lines. Upon his back and tracing over his shoulders and down his arms, is the other marking of his Order, known as the Path of Ciccadia, it show the journey that both the cicada and the Brothers of its Order must to travel along to reach Enlightenment. At the base of his spine right above his buttocks and dangling around and over his hips is the roots of the Orders beloved trees known as Bonkin; an artistic stunting and gnarly of trees, an amongst the roots sit the first stage, the Grubi. As you travel up his back you find the twisted gnarled trunk of the Bonkin and the broken Husk of the cicada with light pouring froth from the hard shell’s split. As you reach his shoulders you find the branches of the Bonkin, their thick arms bending and twisting as they grow over his shoulders and spiral down his arms to about his elbow. In the center top of his shoulder blades right in the heart of the branch rest a clear clean spot of flesh almost as if it is just waiting to be filled in with the last great stage of the cicada. .

Picture of Traditional Ciccadai Clothing and Husk Armor:

Powers and Abilities:

Energy In Form:

His mind has been trained to see past the physical realm and see the energy the boils like a seas of fire beneath the flesh of all living things, it seems to him to have physical form and pressure. These flowing pathways are the key to the Orders almost magical form of acupuncture, by controlling these manger gateways of the mortal coils pulsing energy one can bring the body to heal at an astonishing rate or to stop them completely, numbing that part of the body and making it like stone to its owners form. This gift came with his training, in which the body and mind are inhibited forcing it to learn to function another way, this one brought on by being use of these same needles to blind him and empty his mind. This was done upon his entry into the Order at the age of six when he became a Grubi; a grub imprisoned in blinding earth, that day this gift became his curse and blessing for twelve years till he reached the stage of Husk.

Crack the Husk:

Upon reach the stage of Husk the Shell of Ciccadia or the “Husk” is placed upon the Brother, this armor serves only as a crippling form of protection, for the soft bodies of once weak fleshed frames the Grubi. This Husk is made of a heavy iron ore, reach well over its wears own abilities and weight, crippling his movements and forcing the body to rebuild its self to survive. The slowed and unbalanced body adjusts and grows; to seek like the branch of the Bonkin, to finds some form of equilibrium. An in this the true power lays in wait for when the armor is removed; which is only done in times of need, the body finds itself no longer bound and slowed and the wearer feels like he is being carried by the wings of Ciccadai. Their bodies no longer held down by the shackles of their Order they find that their strength and agility explodes forward at high speed. With the combination of their own swirling twirling form of combat; based on counters, blocks and throws, they have become singular overwhelming force to be faced. Yet, as the thunderous chattering of cicada’s song dies upon the coming of Fall, so too does their new found wings fold down awaiting to be compressed once again by the Husk.


As much of the time is spent upon the studies and meditations of their Order, they lack some of the emanate gifts of control the elements. Their studies give them the gift of the Amber, the control of conjuring and hardening it as it flow from their fingers like sap from a tree. This Amber can be formed into the amber needles need for Amber’s Embrace as well as defective but brittle shields to redirect income assault for a short time. He still retains his ability to commune and influence the wills of nature but at a less degree than that of other fellow Druids.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Energy In Form:

They learn to be without sight for 12 years, overcoming the crippling state of living, learn, flourishing in the harsh unforgiving underground monastery; Hordti, where all Grubi begin their path. Through each stage of growth toward the next stage of their Order; Husk, they go without rest for six days a week; only meditatively rest one hour a day, train in hard combat and the grueling teachings of their Order completely blind to the world. In this they learn to sense the energy around them and in all living things, like the feeling of water upon the skin it ripples and gives them sight beyond sight. In that the flaw shows through from the darkness; for in its self, energy is in only that which lives. Even with in the eyes of the Scrabi; the heights stage of his Order, they have no way sense that which does not live, the undead. They also struggle to use their gifts on things of a unnatural state like the undead, the energy and physiology of these things so separated from the natural order.

Crack the Husk:

As the husk cracks free and the chattering plates upon it sing like cicadas as it crash to the ground, one finds himself move with the flight of four wings free of the mantel, your path while still true to its mark now ebbs an wanes as you move, the Flight of the Cicada. This erratic path disguises your true actions till just before the strike, giving short response as it is delivered with their strength three fold. This is due to the fact that the great weight and over cumbering of this mantle; the Husk, compress and strains the body like a spring, forcing their energy and power to boil hard the hard cold iron. In that sit the flaw, a spring while powerful is only so for a short time till once again the pressure is set down upon it an left to boil. For two days after the Brother is in a weak state and most train to retighten the springs of his wings, this is where the Husk once again gains its strength for its hard shell is a tough thing to break, maybe give the wearer; even in moment of weakness, the time he may need to escape.

Flight of the Cicada:

This erratically powerful piercing combat style; Flight of the Cicada, while its true power and speed is shortly lived only after the Husk has cracked, in its true form it is not a combat style. It is based on the flowing monition of the eternal fight of Ciccadai and the Heavens, the action of a cicadas four wings in flight. The arm blocks, holds, throws and pull as well as the strikes and position of defensive stances are all flowing and inter twining; taking the attacks and actions of their attacker and put them back against their attacker. So almost all of their combat style requires them to be attacked or to be moved on aggressively and the only true strike back is the counter strike that still requires them to be attacked, in the counter they imbed the amber needles into key flesh exposed place to slow or stop their attacker, never to kill. These needle need only to be removed by another’s hand for their energy drain and cripple power to stop.


As a Druid he holds no will to fight and will never take a life, he gives his own to save the land and that which calls it sanctuary. As a Ciccadia he lacks the commanding gifts over the raw elements as well as all floras and fauna, with the dwindling numbers of the Lost Scrabi Master falls to just three he many never reach that leave of enlightenment or learn all the secrets the Order has to hide.

Weapons and Armor of Choice:

His own two hands in the grace of the Flight of the Cicada, the small shields and needles of the gift of Amber, the power beneath the Husk, the sight of Energy in Form with the use of the knowledge in bone and muscle structure strength and weakness.

Background History:

At the age of 7 he was taken from his family; the mixture of horror and pride that sat bleakly across his family’s face that day still haunt him till now, out of the light into the darkness of the Hordti and into the arms of Ciccadia. His new brothers; 12 in all, marched like ants into that caverns monastery knowing nothing of what path sat before them or how deep the world truly was. He was made to lose his sight and forget the world he knew till then, to become born into earth as a Grubi, a child of the soil. He had become something new forged by the earth and the heat of survival in those long dark days, the world awaking before him. In the darkness he spoke without words, heard without sound, learn to see all in nothingness; all without fear, as he fought for his life in those dark tunnels. Seven of the twelve would be chosen at the end of that twelfth year, he like his Brother still at the young age of 19 would be taken to the Hordt of his Master and give the mantle of the Husk, he would learn the secret art of his order, trained in combat, farm the vast underground gardens that litter the Hordti and Hordts of his kin, never once aloud to remove the hunks of beautifully crafted armor from his back. He grew to know his Master Scrabi as a father and mentor staying by his side to learn all that he had to teach, never disappointing always fighting to overcome and please his respected elder and Master. Twelve year he lived and study under his master wise eyes, training him in all that was aloud an something not so permitted for one of the Husk to know, for 24 years he lived as Ciccadia and was as one with their life, he had come as far as his teaching could take him. That was when his Path took its last step as he was casted out as all must be, forced to take your Husk and find the place for your last stage to becoming Scrabi.

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[KISSMENEVERMORE]Myllo Locoai Tibica
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