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Fire and Blood

Daevys Sand
Born to Rhaegar and Unknown Dornish Woman, Illegitimate Nephew to Daenerys Targaryen.
Bastard in Sunspear in the south.

Age: 17



Allegiance to House:

Role to House:
Stable Boy, Aspiring Page.

Personality: Daevys is very a very promising youth. He has the intelligence of a highborn child, Educated, with the Hard work and determination of a lowborn. He has a inwardly respectful and kind nature. Bold and Brave. He aspires to become a Page, and from there a Squire… However he has doubts whether or not he’d like to become a Knight someday. He Loathes Violence because he’d been Orphaned and his family torn. Death is all around him and he’d rather not lift a sword. On the other hand he is plagued by dreams nightly, of battle and war where he is stuck in the midst and does not lift a finger to fight and help the dying around him. Because of his lack of trying, he is wrought with guilt. In his waking hours he works and trains diligently to make sure if he ever were to be needed in battle he would have the strength and the skill needed to save the lives around him, and prove his worst nightmares to be wrong.

Physical Description:
Daevys is built lanky and is physically stronger than he looks. He is unscarred and appears well bred. His face is thin and cheekbones are very pronounced. He has the typical platinum blonde hair of the Targaryen genes with Brown eyes. His hair is short and wildly kept on most occasions, on others it is parted neatly to one side. He wears raged sandy clothes on most days.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Strength in Agilty, Speed, nimble movements, and Hand-eye coordination. He is very lithe and light on his feet with a knack for quick combat with his weapons of choice only. (Scythe and Longsword) He cares for Horses as a stable boy but because he wishes to be a Squire for some brave knight, he lacks the skill for horseback riding in battle, and would much rather travel by foot. His weaknesses include lack of armor, he prefers not to use a shield when wielding weapons, he does not use a buckler. If unarmed he lacks enough force to fend off attackers but is very adept at dodging.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
He wears tattered and worn Greaves, Vambraces and Pauldrons that he made himself from scrap leather.
For a weapon he uses a small 4 and a half foot Scythe without stems or grips. And an Iron longsword.

Background History:
An unknown Dornish woman becomes Pregnant early 283AL of Rhaegar Targaryen before his Robert's Rebellion and the Death of his Family. Rhaegar had yet to gain knowledge of his Bastard Son. During the War of Robert's Rebellion when the remaining Targaryen family is thought to be eliminated, His Aunt and Uncle Daenerys and Viserys were smuggled away, He is Raised In Sunspear under the care of Elia Martells Midwives, Named “Daevys Sand” For if he were named Targaryen, he would be marked, and killed by those who opposed the Dragon Loyalists. He grew to the young man he is now with the knowledge that his Parents died and left him in the care of these midwives. He knows Nothing of his Siblings Aegon and Rhaenys, and little about the Surviving Targaryen Children. Daevys is particular about staying within his homelands. When he does travel, its on a horse named Theo, whom he won in a fight pit. He has seen places such as Salt Shore, Sanderstone, Starfall and even Old Town, High Garden and Summerhall. He has never been farther North than Storm’s End, but he plans to make it to King’s Landing some day to study the fall of the Targaryens. He was not educated, however he was taught to read at the very least, by the Scholars of Sunspear. From then on he taught himself by hours of reading daily. Unfortunately the only education he has is what he can get his hands on to read. Most history is vague. The archives he reads include war journals and accounts of battle, these gave him nightmares as he Studied the rise and fall of the Targaryens.

Blood of my Blood

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