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 [GYPSYGOTHIC]Gypsius (Gypsy)

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PostSubject: [GYPSYGOTHIC]Gypsius (Gypsy)   Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:04 pm

It began in mystery, and it will end in mystery.

Name: Gypsius (Gypsy)

Age: 76 (Appears to be in her Mid-Twenties)

Gender: Female

Species: Druid
Allegiance to House: The Wildlings

Role to House:
Healer, Spirit-Guide.


Gypsius is quiet and soft-spoken, however, she is by no means shy. She speaks only when spoken to, and When she decides to speak her words radiate experience and authority. She means not to use leverage against anyone or anything, she is humble and modest, preferring not to use authority if she had any. She means to intimidate when she sees fit, to appear menacing and cruel. She is fond of adventurers that have confidence and strength, but favors the ones with pure heart and compassion. She values things like Honesty, Knowledge, Cunning, Bravery, Vigour, Loyalty and Determination. She despises things such as Greed, Dishonesty, Hatred, Cruelty, Disrespect, Naivety, and Ignorance. Despite her rough exterior, Gypsius is kind and caring, she dedicates her life to the perseverance of wildlife beyond the wall. And will gladly help any Traveler with healing, food, shelter and inquiries, provided they have the right motivation. She seeks companionship and is highly optimistic, with a great deal of pride. She believes in Destiny and Fate, and that it is not her Responsibility to guide you to it, but it is her responsibility to make sure everyone gets a chance to know it’s there.

Physical Description:

Gypsius is 5 Foot 9 Inches, she is rather Lithe, and durably built for the northlands, has pale Porcelain skin with no signs of hardship. Long wavy copper colored hair, and Golden-Yellow eyes.

Powers and Abilities:

Gypsius has very limited powers. She is an experienced Druid with the following Abilities:
-Gypsius has the Ability to “dream-speak” ; She is able to communicate with someone through cameo in their dreams, with the exception that she has some form of knowledge about her host. Her host MUST be sleeping sound and Gypsius must be free of distraction.
-Hypnotism: Gypsy’s eyes go from a gold to a bright yellow (like a cat) When she performs magic of any kind, which makes it hard for her to cast any magic and stay hidden, anyone looking into her eyes can be temporarily hypnotized and she becomes strongly attached to your emotions to manipulate people, this may also cause temporary paralysis.
-Gypsius has the ability to Empathetically Communicate with humans and animals alike. A Master of Emotions. She can sense other life forms nearby, what they feel and all intentions residing within them. She cannot read thoughts, but she can be so in tune with emotions that she can read body language and behaviour to perfection, where she almost knows before they do. Those she can Empathetically connect with must be within sight or be in a decent range (when sight is limited). She can use this knowledge of their emotions to manipulate people and animals, she can feel what they feel, manipulate the emotions and project it back in another form. IE: She can take someone’s Fear and turn it into a neutral calm, Use someone’s anger and turn it into a positive determination ect.
-Because she can channel the emotions of People and Animals, she can also tap Physical feeling; with some difficulty she can numb sensations and prolong pain in battle, or relieve minor aches and pains by tricking the body into ignoring them. She intends to learn how to heal by Empathy means along side practical means.
-She has a great knowledge of Herbs and Fungi, and has the skill to utilize them in Healing balms and medicines for most major wounds. Most wounds to be healed must be caught before it becomes too festered, even then if her herbs can cleanse the wound it can still be healed.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths: Gypsy is very determined, strong-willed and keen of wit. She is very difficult to fool, difficult to persuade and can be very stubborn. She has a very strict way of doing things and this is where her strength lies. Se is very tough for a women, as a wildling she is physically strong and a skilled melee fighter. Her Weaknesses: Emotional involvement, Duty to nature, Duty to wildlife and Self honour. She finds herself to be extremely Loyal to her vows and her responsibilities, those seeking to sway her judgement are not on the path of an easy task. Her racial Strengths included wilderness lore, wildlife affiliation, and magical background. Her Racial weaknesses are heightened senses, hyper-awareness and Sheer Knowledge.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

“Gypsy” wears thick woollen robes in three layers as armor. The first is Green, the second is Brown and the outer robe is Black. Over the outer robe she wears two Black leather belts crossed over her shoulders, and a length of sturdy rope around her waist. The robes are all long sleeved, and the Black robe is hooded. Under the robe she wears a simple leather tunic, Brown leather greaves and worn Leather boots. She carries no weapons but has several small pouches in her robes. (contents vary)

Background History:
Gypsius was born in Karhold in the North. Mother was born with second sight, and became a Fortune Teller. Her father was a Stable boy turned Hunter who died Mysteriously beyond the Wall. Her family had a small cottage on the Grey cliffs which they lived in from birth to the age of 10. Her Mother Served the House Karstark as a Seer and Fortune Teller, her Father often hunted for them and Served as a Man-at-arms whenever they saw it fit. Karstark is sworn to House Stark, and the King in the North. Gypsius lost her father at the age of 10, and her Mother slowly lost her sight, being reduced to a whore in the taverns and was eventually sold to some Coin lord of Winterfell. Gypsius lost her cottage and family, as well as everything she owned, At the age of 17 She took what was left of her father’s Hunting gear and traveled North along the coast of the Bay of Seals, through the desolate Gift to the abandoned Queenscrown. From there she lived on, growing tall and strong. Living off what she could find in the land. She had her Mother’s beauty and upon her death, she inherited her Mother’s gift of sight and Druidic abilities, she often used these abilities as well as her Father’s innate Wilderness Lore, to capture her Prey. Gypsius Worships the Old Gods of the Forest like most Northerners, and is often found nesting in some Godswood, Or at White Tree where she maintains a permanent residence. In White Tree, She is considered a strange and motley woman, Between her 19th and 40th years, She served as a healer. The settlement was often raided by wildlings and she aided them with the best of her abilities. She Prayed to the Old Gods for guidance and development of her skills grew until the settlers began to shun her out of spite and fear.

When her old age was supposed to show, she still had the appearance of a young ripe woman, Settlers began to openly mock her and labelled her as a sorceress and a demon. For she did not appear to age or become a victim to illness or fatigue like normal people. She was no longer sought out for healing or medicinal potions, no one trusted her visions as truth, and she was ignored by the masses. She took to the Wilderness again and roams the Haunted Forests making more friends than foes in the woods filled with beasts, Wildlings and White Walkers.

There are many humorous things in the world, among them the noble man's notion that he is less savage than the other savages.

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[GYPSYGOTHIC]Gypsius (Gypsy)
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