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 [JACKOL69] Krea Rivers

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Family, Duty, Honor.


Krea Rivers




Allegiance to House:

Role to House:

She is a bit awkward around others, not really understanding how to act around people, or why people do the things they do. Since she was aged by magic she still has a lot of the characteristics of a toddler, like curiosity of the world around her. She will pay attention to the things and people around her, but not always the people trying to talk to her. Her uncle spent awhile teaching her things like talking, reading, and fighting, she is still learning about interactions with others. Krea is strong willed and out going most of the time, her emotions often being over-exaggerated, which is why she is still a little awkward. She is still rather random in the way she acts and feels, so there are points where she will be stone faced, emotionless and silent. She loves to fight and loves to get dirty, almost always wanting to wrestle with her uncle or animals. Some that don't know her would almost find her to be bipolar, but many others would know that is just because of the age she started at.

Physical Description:
She has the curly red hair of her mother, the sharp jaw line of her father, and the pale blue eyes of her grandmother and uncle. He body is athletic, and due to her age she is still rather flat chested, her shoulders broad like her father. She is 5'1 and roughly 100lbs. Like her mother she has smooth pale skin, though small scars and bruises cover a lot of her body. Her eyes show her emotions very well, even when she tires hide them



Powers and Abilities:
Due to her uncle's Lycan abilities she is rather skilled at understanding animals. For some reason she is able to feel others emotions, that is the closest thing to powers she has being a human.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Strengths: Bow and Arrow(taught by uncle), skilled in hand to hand(taught by uncle), eye site and hearing are better the average, she is a hard hitter and because of her still sort of small size she is still light on her feet, she knows a good amount about magical beings(taught by her uncle), she is a very fast learner, and she is good at paying attention to her surroundings often noticing things others don't.

Weaknesses: She isn't very good at dealing with people often being a little confused by them, she doesn't have a lot of the base knowledge others might have of the world like how kings work or how war's work, she still has a toddlers curiosity which can get her in trouble, and she isn't very good at minding her own business.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Daggers, bow and arrow, and hand to hand. She has no Armour

Background History:
She is the bastard daughter of Aeditha Rivers and Talos Sovngärde, and is being taken care of by Rahier Frey. Her mother was killed while she was trying to escape from the grips of a monster going by name of Lord Frey, an old creepy man with power that wanted both Krea and her mother dead. As she was running away, a group of robbers, being led by Krea's father, attacked her, the father unaware of who they were firing at. Her father tried to save her mother, but was unable to, and she died while giving birth to Krea. Her father, who both couldn't and didn't want to take care of an infant, especially one that his lord wanted dead, handed the new born Krea off to her uncle Rahier. Rahier Frey is the half brother of her mother, the great-grandson of the evil Lord Frey, and the man that saved and raised her, teaching her the ways of life. He is considered dead in the Frey house, and is still secretly wanted dead by the Frey's, along with Krea herself.

Her uncle did his best to take care of the two of them, taking odd jobs anywhere he could with anyone he could to make extra cash. Due to his kind nature there were even times he did work for free, saying that his reward was the happiness of those he helped. One day Rahier came onto a Blood elf woman being beaten and almost raped by a group of soldiers. He could raced over, placing Krea on the ground and saving the blood elf, killing the men attacking her. During the battle Krea crawled away from her spot, disappearing into the woods near them. Rahier grew the worry, unable to find her. The blood elf said she would do her best to help him, for he was kind enough to help her, but the magic might age Krea a little. Rahier agreed, feeling that an older Krea was better then no Krea. The blood elf did her magic, which morphed Krea in front of them, but aged her to the magical number of 13.

Rahier wasn't really sure what to do or how to act, so he just thanked the woman, who also gave Krea an old dress of hers. Rahier has spent much of his time now teaching Krea things like walking, talking, her family history, and by request of her how to fight. Krea is a fast learner, and picks up on these things rather quickly, often learning a word after only hearing it and it's definition once. Krea already has a set of goals, one being to meet her father, and an other being to find and kill this Lord Frey, and maybe even take over as ruler of the Freys. Though Rahier doesn't really like the idea of her trying to take over the Frey house he still supports her and her goals, and is even willing to travel with her into Frey land in search of her father.


Oak and iron guard me well, or else I'm dead and doomed to hell.

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[JACKOL69] Krea Rivers
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