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 [ARAGNEER] Draven Baelfyre

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We Do Not Sow

Draven Baelfyre

22 years old



Allegiance to House:
House Greyjoy

Role to House:
Captain of Wind’s Warrior

Like most pirates, Draven thinks he is the Drowned God’s gift to this Realm. Draven will never admit defeat or that he is wrong since he is arrogant enough to believe that he is always in the right. This young captain has always thought himself beautiful and handsome, making sure that he nobody ever says no to him. It is very rare that he hears the word no though as he will take what he can or punish anyone who argues with him. Anybody who believes he is not perfect and great often feels the wrath of his hook slashing through them or will be forced overboard without mercy. No-one questions the captain. He is superior and believes that he is above everyone so if anybody wishes to challenge that then they can just prepare for the salty splash of the sea when they hit those murky depths.
Of course with arrogance comes narcissism and one being self-centred. Although Draven is the captain of one of the most notorious ships on the seas, he does not often look out for his crew. When signing the contract to become one of the Wind’s Warriors crew members, do not expect special treatment. Since a young age, Draven has always looked out for number one. He has made sure never to feel for anyone, including his family, and simply did what was best for him at all times. If his crew were to ever fall into danger, it is well known that Draven would scamper immediately and leave the men (and woman) to face their punishment whilst saving his own skin. If the crew were starving with only a scrap of bread left, their captain would steal it immediately without thinking twice about the others. By doing this, he cannot build relationships or get too attached when people die. It is more of a defence mechanism than anything.
Draven would not be a real pirate without traits of greed and his love of women. He is a typical pirate with a love for gold and treasures as well as whores and common women, who he can pin down and rape; not exactly a gentleman really. His love for gold and women are above most things in life. As a charming, young man, Draven is able to talk his way under any lady’s skirts and even into the noble lady’s chambers. He has stolen many a girl’s maidenhood and even stolen a few wives away from their husbands before simply dumping them at sea and leaving them stranded. Many would say this is disgusting and despicable but it is the life of a pirate and Draven would not change it for anything. Greed is just a trait that is needed to run a successful ship. Wind’s Warrior is often filled with glistening pieces of jewellery, piles of treasure, flagons of ale and a few cheap women for the crew to have their way with. In Draven’s opinion, any captain, who cannot charm a woman or be successful at their pillaging is a captain that should sink down with his ship immediately.
Finally, after a life of hardship, it is not a surprise that Draven has become cruel and almost demented. After killing his family as a child, the young man has never been the same. His life has had meaning to him but this meaning has become dangerous. Draven cares little for anyone; he will not listen to people begging for their lives and will often rip families apart if it means getting what he wants. His hook may slash through people with no problem or homes will be burned to the ground without any mercy. Things in life have made him delusional and since, Draven has shown himself to be demented, twisted and cruel as he finds new ways to torture people and spread cruelty throughout their lives. This is something that makes him happy in a sick, twisted way. Well it is true that a pirate isn’t the kindest of people.

Physical Description:
As far as pirates go, Draven is one of the most handsome ones. With a charming array of pearly teeth that rise in a cheeky, mischievous smile and glowing green eyes that match the colour of the sea, it is hard to see the pirate in him with such good looks. An array of scruffy black hair covers the top of his head, sticking up in all directions whilst stubble is peppered under his nose, around his mouth and over his jaw line, making him look unkempt but still the handsome man that most women see. Along with all of this hair, his eyebrows are rather defined and can be seen as if they are constantly furrowed, which is just the way they have grown. Black rings of liner paint circle his eyes making him look fierce and as if he is staring straight into your soul with those dazzling green eyes. From one ear dangles a feather earring that was acquired one time when they docked for shore whilst the other ear has remained untouched, only grazed by a scar that runs around his neck and over the ear slightly. He does not hold an unruly appearance but does not do much to keep up his look, he simply believes it comes natural and pays more attention to the sea and his ship than what he should look like to other men, women or pirates.
Standing at a considerable six foot one with a lean body, Draven does not really look a threat. He is about the average height of a normal man upon the Iron Islands and has no visible muscles or well-defined features upon his stomach. Although he is in good shape, he does not need to define his body like most men; he feels it won’t get him anywhere anyway. Covering his legs and groin area are some simple leather trousers that remain tucked into some folded-over dark brown, pointed boots that seem perfect for life on a ship and climbing rocky shores. Dangling from his hip is a wide, leather, brown belt with a swash-buckling sword, curved all the way down; a typical pirate weapon. However, this is concealed by the black leather coat he drapes around his body to keep off the chilly sea breeze from the red waistcoat beneath that is buckled in the middle and cuts down to show some of his chest, which has black hair sprouting from it. Large buttons and a high-defined collar top off the outfit, making him look like a fine, young captain, who has earned himself the right to wear such clothes, despite their simplicity. This simplicity is transformed by the ring on each finger of his right hand and finally the polished, silver hook that transforms his whole appearance, proving that he has no left hand and instead uses a weapon. This hook is the symbol of fear and many know that to see the hook is to see death straight in the eye. This is the main reason why Draven doesn’t see the need to dress up in a terrifying outfit when he has his hook to take advantage of.

Powers and Abilities:
With no real supernatural abilities, Draven must rely on what he knows best to make him stand out from most people. As the captain of a ship, Draven has mastered everything there is to know about keeping a ship in great condition, riding the waves, knot-tying, boiling down sea water, etc. He feels he is the master of all of this and claims that he could even man his ship on his own if he weren’t so in debt to his crew members. There is no doubt that he is definitely skilled at sea work but Draven is also crafty and over the years has acquired the great skill of being able to pick up any lady he wants or being able to sneak in so stealthily that he can steal treasure in a heartbeat. For many, these would not seem valid as powers or abilities but to a pirate, these are all necessary tributes and if you do not possess them, then you may never be able to become a great pirate.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
  • Courageous
  • A Born Leader
  • Brave
  • Relentless
  • Cunning
  • Skilled
  • Crafty
  • Intelligent
  • Carefree
  • Loyal to some
  • Women
  • Ale
  • Gold
  • Greedy
  • Arrogant
  • Self-Centred
  • Twisted
  • Cruel
  • Crazy
  • Careless
  • Cold-hearted

    Weapons and Armour of Choice:
    Draven doesn’t wear any armour as he feels that it is not necessary. Armour would simply way him down upon the boat and so he would not be able to dance around the ship, swinging from ropes and racing around to make sure everything is done by the crew, since he is a rather active captain. Armour also puts one in danger of drowning and that is not a death that Draven wishes to suffer. He would rather be burned alive than to drown because of some foolish and heavy chain mail that is obviously not needed upon a ship, where the crew should not turn on you.
    However, Draven would not be seen without a weapon upon his wide belt. It is important to be armed at all times, which means that the captain of Wind’s Warrior is prepared for violence for whenever it appears before his crew. The sword that Draven chose as his own is a beautifully polished silver sword. This sword is called Wrath and has a large black and gold handle for Draven’s hook to either cling to or his other hand to grasp carefully. Its long curved blade is razor sharp and is a terrifying weapon for anyone. It can cut through air without a sound and could gut a human within seconds. However, this is not his only weapon. After losing his hand, Draven had it connected with a sharp, polished hook that is his most famous trademark, cutting through pirates and people without a sound and often his favourite for slitting the throats secretly of men he sneaks up on. Dangerous weapons for a dangerous man.

    Background History:
    Land is where one should feel unsteady. It is always changing, never staying the same whilst it has the most monstrous beings on earth lurking upon its surface. Many say that the sea is the most dangerous place in the world but at least you cannot see your attacker on sea. You may get a glimpse but then you are dead whilst on land, you come face to face with the predator, stare into their eyes and then you are gone. No shark or kraken can compare to the monstrosity of a human and this is the story of one monstrous human on his own. Born to a common mother and father on the island of Great Wyk, a black-haired, healthy boy came screaming into the world. No thoughts were made on how he would grow up or what monster he would eventually become but happiness filled the lives of the parents as the young boy grew up, handsome and strong with a cunning that matched intelligence. However, growing up proved terrifying at times. Often, the young boy would come home from a local reading school or from the Drowned Prophet of the village and ramble on and speak about how highly he thought of the Drowned God. As life went on, the teenage Draven became more ironborn by the day, becoming greedy, selfish and even began to sail his first boat. He admired the men who could captain a boat and often prayed to the Drowned God that they would meet one day when he would eventually travel to see. This never impressed his parents.
    On Great Wyk, families had started to look towards the ways of the Seven Kingdoms, looking towards their Seven Gods and bringing in Maesters to look after the lord’s castles and the villages that these lords owned. Draven hated this and often threw profanities at these Maesters of the foreign lands, telling them how their lives were lies and they were foolish to think that the Drowned God would not take them for their insolence. Draven’s parents had started to follow the Maester’s words though and day-by-day became less involved in the iron islands and the ironborn ways. This drove the teenage boy to madness. “How could you?!” He screamed one night as he held a polished blade in his hand; a pirate sword that he had stolen from a ship he had been exploring. “How could you turn your back on OUR way of life?!” He continued, making his mother quake and his father hold her back to protect her. “Son...We did it for you...The iron way is too harsh and cruel for you, we want you to grow up to be respectable and kind...Not cruel and twisted like these people...” With that, Draven’s blade slashed through his father’s neck, gutting him down to the hips before his intestines spilled out and he lay on the floor. His mother shrieked and screamed but nobody heard her and Draven simply smirked. “I AM Ironborn and you will never change me,” He spoke before the blade slit the woman’s throat and she fell upon her husband in a pool of blood. “Fools,” Draven scoffed before walking out of the house with his bloodied sword before hopping onto the first ship he found and asking the captain if he could work as a cabin boy. The ship was Wind’s Warrior and would one day, be his.

    Log one
    Keeping a log of his days upon a ship, Draven talked about everything that happened, however, his scrawl is close to illegible and so in better words, I will write his story.
    In his first few weeks, Draven became the butt of the jokes upon the stealthy pirate ship. The captain was a cruel man but had taken a shining to the young lad when he spoke of what he had done to his parents. At the young age of fourteen, the men believed this boy would turn demented but thought that he would eventually make the perfect pirate for this motley crew. Draven was delighted really but he never showed it. He simply worked his shift upon the ship before falling asleep in the cabin with the rats. It was welcoming. The gentle rock of the sea was everything he had imagined it to be and on the evenings when the sun was setting, he’d race up to deck and hang over the barriers, watching a sight he thought he would never see upon the sea. It was from then on that he promised himself he would become a pirate and would become one of the most notorious of them all. He worked hard every day for this dream, never haunted by what he had done to his parents and instead, he was always planning what he would do to become the captain of a ship. He learned knot-tying and how to rope, steer and take care of a ship from the different members of the crew and one lucky day, the captain even allowed him to steer for a solid ten minutes, making the whole crew watch in envy. This captain was the father that he should have had but instead, the nightmares began. Some nights he would toss and turn, muttering profanities in his sleep before waking up in a cold sweat to be greeted by rats. No-one heard his nightmares but inside, the man was changing. He was no longer the ambitious, young teenager wishing to become a captain. He was a demented man, hell-bent on becoming so notorious that people would always fear him and his name. This would not end well for anyone.

    Log Two
    There is one day that Draven remembers brighter than most that he would never forget. It was the day of his first blood-shed, his first encounter with a strange female and the first time he realised his prospect of captain. The day, of course, had started out normally; the crew were busy scrubbing as was he, when the captain shouted of a ship ahead. It was the first time in months, maybe a year or two, that they had bumped into a ship and Wind’s Warrior was in need of some crimson splashes upon its deck. However, there was something disturbing about this ship. Crimson leaked out from under it, showing a pool of blood-coloured water where there had been an ‘accident’. Some horrified screams were coming from the sides of the decks and before Draven knew it, the ship was at its side, slashing down the merchants on their ship, leaving it bare and a writhing, little shark was lying, wriggling on their decks. Draven had never seen a shark before and so had darted, excitedly to look into those mesmerising arms. He heard the captain’s voice too late as all of a sudden, the small beast snapped at his lingering hand and it was gone, blood spurting everywhere and a nauseating scream came from the teen. “Help!” He cried out before three crew members grabbed the fainting boy and took him quickly into the captain’s quarters, hurrying to fix up the wound and save their cabin boy’s life. Draven had blacked out by then.
    However, when piecing together the logs of the shipmates on that fateful day, it is clear to me, as the author that something else happened that day, something that Draven can never know. In the captain’s log, it says that after Draven’s departure, this odd shark was going to be harpooned when suddenly, a frightened red-haired girl with lime and gold eyes transformed from this beast, leaving the crew wailing in horror. However, the captain simply smirked. He ordered for the girl to become their next cabin boy and dressed her up, fed her and burnt the ship that they had stopped beside. The rest of the story is how Draven remembers it.
    A week or two after the incident and Draven’s hand, the young man was back on his feet and struggling with his stump. Something had changed within the teen on the day he lost his hand and he now looked up through unkempt black hair and brooding, green eyes. Puberty soon hit and he gained his deeper voice and stubble across his jaw and beneath his nose. Many joked that the accident had turned him into a man, but Draven did not appreciate the jokes. Instead, he merely worked how he had always done but this time, with a companion at his side. Something unnerved him about the new red-haired cabin ‘boy’ but she was younger than him and Draven had nothing to be scared of, apart from sharks, of course. The girl was strange but she was somewhat sister-like to him and he had a need to protect her, for whatever reason. They became good friends and Draven found it nice to have the girl, who often disappeared under captain’s orders, around when he was feeling a sudden insanity shaking him. Of course, he never knew about what really happened and how she could turn into a shark, but that just made their friendship safe from harm’s way.
    Log Three
    A few years later, when Draven and Fiora had got to know each other more than before and had both been promoted to crew members, their captain suddenly turned insane. One day his eyes were filled with madness and he started to laugh maniacally, before slicing through two members of the crew. It sent the crew into a craze but with a shout from Draven after he hopped up onto some of the ropes and swung above them, he ordered for the captain to be killed and thrown overboard. The crew listened and slashed through him before Draven jumped down, being sliced through the ear and over the head by the captain with a hook. Draven finished him with a slice to the throat with the sword that killed his parents, threw the body overboard before taking up the hook and smirking. By now, Draven’s lost hand had been covered in a leather pouch with a metal twisting mechanism that could hold something. That was when Draven gained his famous hook as he thrust it into this mechanism and held it up for the whole crew. “I am Draven Baelfyre! Captain of Wind’s Warrior!” Cheers and roars evaded and immediately, Draven took the wheel and turned them into the direction of their next village to pillage, a new light in his eyes but a brooding, cruel look was still there. From that day on, with Fiora as his Quarter Master, Draven has been the captain, pillaging, raping and making a name for his ship; the most feared ship on the sea.

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    [ARAGNEER] Draven Baelfyre
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