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PostSubject: [LIPSOFSWEETDECEIT] Fiora Ragnar   [LIPSOFSWEETDECEIT] Fiora Ragnar Icon_minitimeFri Nov 16, 2012 8:12 pm

Fiora Ragnar

Name: Fiora Ragnar

Alias: The Hunter of the Seas

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Shape Shifter / “Skin Changer” taking on the form of a Shortfin Mako Shark

House Allied to: House Greyjoy

Role to House: Quarter Master for The Wind’s Warrior

Much like most of the truly born Iron Islanders, Fiora is a fighter, with a spirit that never dies and a determination that could put even the most lethal of predators to shame, making her a formidable foe to cross along the ventures of the seas. She has been taught the ideas and ways of a pirate since she was young, taking everything about the Iron Born to heart, which depicts in her vicious temper and stubbornness, and pride, and her refusal to “purchase” anything by coin without having to pay the Iron Price. To many that would see this womanly figure sauntering about the docks, it is advisable to take extreme caution when approaching her, for much like her shifting form of the Shortfin Mako Shark, her short temper and foul mood almost always lingers behind those eerie eyes.
She cares little for the rules and regulations of other cities, taking every ounce of joy in disobeying them without looking back; she’s a person who will live in the present instead of neither lingering within the past nor worrying about what the future may bring. Her heart and soul are like the oceans, formidable if one does not know how to treat them well.

If one would think compassion would linger within her heart, it must be made clear that this ferocious predator holds no maternal instincts and cares little for the blood of others that she spills, tearing families apart in the process. She is, what some would say, a true Iron Born, never paying for the trinkets she bears but charging the Iron Price for all that she has obtained as could be expected within the crew of the tyrannous captain of the Wind’s Warrior. Being his right hand man, Fiora takes great pleasure in performing actions for her captain, whom she secretly admires but would never let it show, thereby performing many dastardly deeds at his command, turning that black heart into nothing more than a clump of coal, for, she would, most likely, be the one to hold down the women as the men raped them repeatedly, ending off with the grand feasting off of their raw flesh, which comes naturally to her Shark-changing form.

Physical Description:

There is something strange about this woman of the seas, something that is queer yet holds a unique beauty about her for she is so much more than a precious gem to be worn upon the arm of another. She possesses an outrageous appearance with flaming red hair that gleams the colour of rubies within the sunshine, while her skin stays a cool paleness, kissed slightly by the rays of the sunlight met upon her voyages across the watery wastelands of the tides of the world. Her hair as red as the ruby droplets of blood, spilled into the oceanic depths, adds to her exotic nature, being cropped shorter on her left side, than on her right, while a fringe sweeps across her forehead, often concealing part of her right eyebrow and eye.

Yet, while she screams a ruffian’s fantasies, her most distinguishing features have to be found within her eyes that are of an eerie colour of a lime green and yellow combined, accentuated by the black charcoal that she wears upon her eyelids, framing those beautiful, yet terrifying eyes that are usually the last fragments of beauty a person sees before they are gutted like some common fish.

Regarding the garments that this Iron Born lady chooses to adorn herself in, it cannot be said with honesty upon the tongue that one has seen her clad in a garment of flowing materials that would convert this cold-hearted woman into an elegant lady. Instead of wishing for such follies, Fiora keeps to her tight breeches and shirts, with a strange open necked doublet covering her shoulders and allowing one to bear witness to those intricate blue markings that cover the left side of her body, originating about her chest, and ending upon the tips of her left foot.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Fiora’s strengths come in the form of her natural ability to swim, and her strong affinity to water, which serves her line of “work” ever so well, providing the full advantage to her favour. She is a sharp tongued young girl that possesses an iron clad determination that has often been thought to be a weakness, for once she sniffs blood, and there is no telling what it would drive this feral woman of the seas to do. Her foul temper and mood has caused to be one of the most unsociable women one could ever met, preferring to rough it up with the crew instead of sit looking pretty; however, her greatest upset must be seen in the fact that she would do almost anything for Draven, taking lives without a second thought, without a hint of compassion. Her cold ruthlessness may seen as the thing that generates this ability to kill, along with her own predatory instincts, which may be good in a few situations but not when the odds have been stacked against her.

A major flaw for this young woman is the fact that she cannot live on a diet consisting of fruit and vegetables, unable to enjoy the freshness that they present; instead, she can only digest raw meat, whether it be chicken or fish, pork or mutton.

Powers and Abilities:

Fiora’s most obvious power comes in her ability to transform into a Shortfin Mako Shark, known to be the fastest shark within the seas, making her a vital asset to her captain, one that he could not do without should he still crave the success that she has offered him as his quarter master. In this form, Fiora is a force to reckon with, reaching speeds of up to 80 km/h in bursts, while possessing a cruising speed of 35km/h. Armed with an arsenal of razor-edged teeth that never seem to deplete in numbers, there is little to fear when Fiora has taken to the waters as a creature that knows how to hunt.

However, as with all skin changers, aspects of her shifted form are ever present in her “mortal” skill-set. Fiora is an insanely quick runner, converting this speed into her fighting style, giving her a swift, almost elegant style of fighting. She is able to successfully lunge toward her opponent and viciously assault them with a whirlwind of slashes and slices; this is her main attack style, and her ultimately damaging blows, gaining the nickname of the Blade Dance. However, it is not just her tenacity and ferocity that have deemed her worthy of this male-dominated crew, but, instead, her abilities when it comes to handling a ship, for there is little fault seen in her work when it comes to steering and raising the sails.

She has also procured a strong sense of smell, able to pick up a scent from miles away while she is able to feel the smallest of vibrations when in the waters.

Weapons and Armour:

Like most pirate-based characters Fiora bears no steel armour upon her person, but, neither does she wear much leather due to the harsh environment the seas provide for such materials; however, strapped to the shins of her legs are leather graves, while her hands have been covered with fingerless gloves in order to protect her palms, but still allowing a good grip with fingers.

She is usually adorned in the ordinary cotton garments found upon the lands of Westeros, sometimes taking to leather made pants in the colder climates, while preferring linen during the heated months.

Weapon-wise, Fiora prefers the light weighted, one-handed long swords that make fast slashing movements much easier and more precise than those of the two handed great swords that the knights of Westeros seem to love to wield. The sword is relatively simple in appearance, being a dark grey of colour, with a point similar to the shape of a shark’s tooth, thereby, deeming the blade as The Shark’s Tooth.

And, as always, a pirate must be precarious enough to ensure that they possess another weapon hidden within the small of their backs, hooked into their leather belts; Fiora came to acquire this devilishly handsome dagger from a raid performed along the shores of the Free Cities, stealing it from one of the noble men, before jabbing her own Shark’s Tooth into his gut, leaving him to bleed out. This gorgeous little dagger is an intricate piece of work with a golden pommel of fine etchings, and a curved blade to fit snugly within the scabbard that looks as if it was a tusk to those great creatures found across the plains of Essos. This may be the only truly beautiful, yet deadly, piece that Fiora owns, causing her to gaze upon each night before she takes to her sleep.

Background History:

A Monster is Born

A blood curdling scream flooded the cabin as the pregnant woman heaved and heaved, suffering in agony as she felt as if her entire insides were being ripped out at the moment of this birthing. A proud father stood over her, holding a fierce hand to hers, whispering soothing words that would prove futile against the sheer pain that thrived within this woman’s body. A nurse coaxed the woman to push harder, harder, and harder still. The child seemed so stubborn that it would not leave the safety of the womb, ignoring the eviction notice that was constantly being handed to it at this moment in time. The woman gave a final yelp, a final push, and finally the child’s head popped from within the crevice, coated with blood and... The nurse wiped away the blood from the child’s face, she continued wiping away what she thought was the placenta that carried the child; yet, it would not budge as if it were a stubborn grass stain unmoving from the clothing. The child did not scream, nor did she cry, and many would have thought her dead, if not, while the mid wife was frantically trying to clean the babe up, for those eyes that opened wide, tainted with an eerie colour that gave the child a slightly demonic look, accompanied by a single, jagged tooth that sat snugly upon her upper lip as those eyes simply burned into the woman’s face, before a chubby hand grasped at the woman’s bloodied finger and started to suck methodically on it, as if savouring that metallic taste.
Swiftly, the babe was handed over to the parents, and the midwife abandoned them, cursing beneath her breath, uttering strange follies of sorcery and witchcraft, and the monster that had emerged from the mother’s womb. Yet, the parents could barely be bothered by the scaly appearance that hugged their daughter’s body, for at this moment in time she was their only world.

By the time Fiora had reached the age of two, her hair started to spill over her shoulders in waves of crimson red, while those eyes of dread continued to burn brighter than the beacons that lit the shores of the coastal harbours. The little girl was addicted to the waters of the sea, constantly venturing into the tumbling tides when they were upon land, or forever hanging off the edge of the large ship, watching as the waves crashed beneath the hull. On a few occasions she had tried to snatch the salt spray that licked the air on the windier days, but this still remained a mystery for the little girl. Unknowing to the true reason why the little girl seemed so enthralled by the water, the parents could only think her to be a water-loving child who knew the ventures of the sea were her calling due to the birth she was provided within a cabin of the large trading ship that constantly moved from port to port offering a fine selection of goods from the Iron Islands.
However, the questions that were raised within the back of their minds regarding their daughter’s temperament were about to be answered the day Fiora fell overboard; quickly scrambling to undress himself, her father leapt into the waters in search of the infant. He called her name tirelessly for minutes, submerging himself on several occasions, suffering the sting of the salt within his eyes, as he tried to find where his precious cherub might have gone. And that’s when he saw it, a strange juvenile shark darting about. He screamed, before the shark bumped into him and he was able to catch a glimpse of those strange eyes.

A Tragic Affair

Taking to the seas is often a daunting task as no one truly knows of the treacheries that await the tides; it was just an unfortunate event that occurred on that fateful day when the trading ship was attacked by hostiles, Iron Born men that sought the strangest treasures that one could ever dare dream of. The crew fought valiantly, but all fell to that gleaming steel and those dark, haughty eyes; the women were raped before being tossed into the seas to become part of the spirits that whispered upon the wind, the men were instantly killed and abandoned. But, there was one thing these pirates did not plan on finding, and that was the child of flaming red hair and eyes of lime and gold.
“She’s bewitched.” The one said, as he moved closer to pick her up so he could send her overboard with the others. “She’ll bring ill fortune upon us.”
“She’s just a babe, Ajax, you scared o’ a lil’ thing like this?” Another said from behind him, stepping forward to wave a finger in her face.
With the battle of human instinct versus that of the shark, that finger soon became mesmerizing bait, one that those eyes followed back and forth, back and forth, until finally, Fiora snatched at his finger with her chubby hands and bit off a chunk of flesh, smiling as the blood dotted her lovely white dress. She laughed as she chewed, clapping her hands as if this were nothing more than a game, unknowing of what had truly happened to her parents, and to the people who had loved her as if she were their own.
Hands roughly grasped her side, causing the smile to fade from her face; blood stained the pure white of her dress, and then, the silence of the waters consumed her small ears momentarily, suspending her in time as if she were some time traveller stuck between the past and the present. That was, until, the gill slits started to cut into her neck and her body began to transform, shifting into that little shark that had baffled so many people. She took to the surface of the water, a miniature predator still tasting the raw blood nestled between those small, sharp, jagged fangs. She started to thrash her tail, back and forth, stirring up a commotion that caught the eyes of many of the sailors who thought it would have been the infant thrashing around in the waters, before silence settled over the seas as the shark dove deeper and deeper, finding strange floating bodies lingering motionlessly with eyes wide open and white with terror. The scene was traumatic, disturbing for such a young mind to comprehend; and then, those large strangely coloured eyes fell upon her mother and her father, oozing blood from various opened wounds that were only being made bigger by the ocean life that feasted upon their flesh. She wanted to swim away, she wanted to escape this all, however, before she could dart away into the black depths, a net fell atop her form. She wrestled, and struggled, tangling herself more and more within the net, until, eventually, she could not move.

And then, everything went black...

The Life on Board

Since that day when her young eyes had been scarred by the terrors of death, an amnesia perturbed her mind, making those first few years of her life almost completely forgotten, bar the few flashes of the suspended bodies that floated within the waters; however, it cannot be said that her life afterwards was not filled with the thrill and excitement that many would yearn for. The captain had witness her strange, yet advantageous, transformation and salvaged her for his own use whether it be scouting ahead or simply as an extra hand upon deck; he taught her all that she now knows about the waters, the tides, the way the wind blows within the sails. She grew up beneath his guidance, accepting him as her father figure regardless of how ruthless and cut-throat he was. She saw bloodshed over and over again, and it still provoked those excited chills rolling down her spine; and while she served as the new cabin boy to the Wind’s Warrior, she met another whom was only two years older than herself, acting as the same position, nothing more than a lowly cabin boy, and as she grew alongside him, saw him change from boy to man, she grew ever fond of him and his dark hair and brooding eyes; yet, she knew something could never happen between them, they were pirates, after all, promised to the seas and seeking any treasures they could regardless of the lives that were the costs to the riches of the world.

It was here that Fiora learnt the true Iron Born way.

But soon a time came when their captain was plagued with insanity, his mind lost to Davey Jones’ locker, and soon to be his life as well. This is when Fiora took part in her first mutiny, that saw the rise of her “brother” like figure rise to a power greater than most, obtaining the title of captain and leaving the old man upon a plank to drift along the oceans until he sought to take his own life by drowning.

For her loyalty and assets, Fiora was promoted to Quarter master, a position of power that almost instantly latched to her head and causing the tainted child that still possessed some sort of little angel upon her shoulder to turn into the true shark that dominated the Seven Seas, forever to serve by Draven’s side until the time came when mutiny was fresh upon the minds of others once again.

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